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Monday, July 12, 2010

Morning in the BB House

BB woke up the HG's at 9:10am BBT. They didn't seem to wanna wake up, though. lol Could it be from the beer & wine they all had last night? Probably. ;) Tends to make a person groggy in the morning.

The HG's were on a very brief lockdown & that ended at 9:50am BBT.

9:56am BBT:
Hayden & Brendon had a convo this morning. Brendon told Hayden that when Annie told him yesterday that she thought she had him as a friend in the house, that really hurt him. Hayden said she's gonna try hard to get the votes she needs to stay this week.

Currently on the live feeds...

10:21am BBT:

*Enzo is running laps.
*Andrew is working out on the elliptical.
*Annie is running back & forth in the yard, working out.
*Brendon/Monet/Britney are talking non-game chit chat on the BY couch.
*Lane & Matt are lifting weights.
*Rachel is walking around the backyard.

Hayden & Kristen are in the kitchen area.

Kathy has now joined Kristen at the breakfast bar. Talk is about banana bread. (**Mmmm that sounds good right about now!! lol)

10:40am BBT:
HOH Room

Hayden & Kristen talked about various different things: from who's gonna vote for Annie to leave, to how Britney & Annie are still talking bad about each other behind each others backs. Hayden is worried about how Matt & Lane will vote. Kristen told Hayden that she doesn't trust Matt. They both say they trust each other the most in the house (Hay/Kris).

Both Hay/Kris agreed that they trust Andrew, but mostly because Andrew doesn't have anyone else in the house on his side at the moment.

Kristen told Hayden that if she on HOH, that one of her nominations would be Britney. Kristen & Hayden agree to keep their alliance hidden.

11:01am BBT:

The backyard is still looking like a taping for an exercise video. lol :P Most HG's are working out.

11:19am BBT:
Kitchen/Dinning Room Area

They're talking about what the Have Not's can & cannot eat when they're on slop. They think it's weird that you can have pickles (its considered a condiment) but you can't have butter.

Talk turns to if they're still having a Trash Bag Fashion Show today or not.

Meanwhile, back outside...

Ragan is telling Monet & Brendon his workout routine. He spends an incredible amount of time on his abs (2 days a week, he does an hour of abs before even hitting the gym).

11:53am BBT:
Backyard Couch

The group started off by talking about Annie and how she's trying to use sympothy to stay in the game to not let it work. Kathy said Annie has a lot of lies. Then talk turns into next week's plan: Britney suggested that next week they put up Rachel & a pawn, in hopes of backdooring Brendon. If they can't backdoor Brendon, then they'll get rid of Rachel. All 4 of them sounded like they were cool with that idea.

Stay tuned...

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