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Sunday, July 11, 2010

BB12: Episode #2

Big Brother is on CBS right now, so come join us in the Chat Room! :D After the show, I'll be posting my notes & thoughts from the episode and would love to hear y'alls opinion in the chat room and comment section!

No need to register to chat! Just pop on in! ;)
Enter the Chat Room

(West Coasters, I will leave the chat room open for you guys!)

Show Review:
*I thought it was a slow show, but that could easily be because the show is sooo far behind on what we already know. (They did nominations tonight on the show, and there was already a POV Comp and Veto Ceremony). So that could be why it felt slow.

*More & more, I'm starting to think that Kathy might be the sabatour. But as it was discussed in the chat room tonight, it could be CBS just playing a mind trick on us viewers. Hmm! :)

*They showed the blossoming love between Brendon & Rachel. They bonded over science.

*The Have/Have Not's comp was really fun to watch!!

That's about it. lol The show was just "ok", in my opinion. What's *your* opinion on tonight's show?? Let me know in the comment section below! :D

I'm gonna be starting an Evening post shortly.

Stay tuned...
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