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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, everyone! :D Hope y'all had a great night of sleep and that you're having a great morning!

I'm in the middle of gathering the Overnighter, so keep checking back as I add more info & screenshots of what went down on the feeds last night!

After sifting through last night's happenings, I found it to be pretty much the same stuff that's been going on. (Almost word-for-word the same conversations). Until the Veto Ceremony takes place (which I believe is today), then we're going to continue to get Annie complaining, Hayden asking everyone who he should put up & if he's making the right decision, Brendon telling Rachel she's safe this week because he made a deal with Hayden, and talk (again) about past BB seasons.

Ooooh, how I'm itching for the Veto Ceremony to take place already!! lol

Brief Overview of Last Night:

*Ragan is mentally breaking down because of being on slop & so is Kathy.
*Brendon & Rachel cuddled... he told her again that she's safe this week. She's still worried though.

*Annie complained about how she's worried about being the renom, asking people if they think she'll be the renom, and trying to figure out why she would be the renom. Ironically, she told all this to Ragan..for the 2nd time that day. lol

*It's now clear that Kristen & Andrew have a secret alliance together, as well as Kristen & Hayden having an alliance together (as I covered last night before logging off.)

*The have-nots plan to split teams in the next competition because if they're all together, they will be too weak and will all lose.

*Hayden & Kristen said they don't trust Britney at all.

*Hayden told Kristen last night that he plans to tell Brendon he can't make an alliance with him, but that he can agree not to put Brendon up the next time he wins HOH.

*All HG's were sleeping by 3am BBT.

Basically it all comes down to waiting for the Veto Ceremony so that the paranoia level drops down a notch or two (for a little bit anyways ;) ), and then let the campaigning start between Rachel and whoever is the renomination (which is most likely going to be Annie).

Don't forget that tonight at 8pm EST, we will get to see our 2nd Big Brother episode of the season! :D I, for one, can't wait!! I'm dying to see some Diary Room sessions so that we can see who's playing who, who's being truthful, and where everyone's mind is at. Oooooo I can't wait! ;) hehe

Alrighty, I'm gonna fire up the feeds & start the morning post here shortly!! :D

Stay tuned...

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