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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Morning in the BB House

At 8:05am BBT, Andrew got up and did his morning prayers & then went back to bed around 8:40am BBT.

Reminder: Tonight is Episode #2 of BB12 on CBS! It's the Nominations Ceremony epsiode. CBS tweeted this pic from tonight's episode:

"Who will Hayden nominate for eviction?"
(Well, we already know it's Brendon & Rachel. Ahhh..gotta love having the live feeds! ;) )

Sidenote: If your feeds are pausing/loading here & there, you are not alone. It started happening last night and Real is on top of the problem! :)

Currently on the live feeds...

9:30am BBT:
All HG's are up & getting ready for the day.

10:12am BBT:
The feeds have been on "We'll Be Right Back" since 9:50am BBT.

10:17am BBT:
Feeds came back on.

10:17am BBT:
HOH Room

Hayden called her out on having an alliance with Brendon/Rachel & Annie is blaming Britney for "spreading rumors". She said that she's friends with Brendon, but doesn't have an alliance.

Hayden just told Annie that "there's a chance you might go up."

Annie: "I appreciate your honesty. If I don't go up, I won't put you up in return."

10:41am BBT:
Talk in the HOH between Hayden/Annie continues.

They talk about the saboteur and the night that he/she put the pad lock on the storage room door.

Annie: "I was holding Monet's hand!"
Hayden: "I don't think it's Andrew and for some reason I don't think it's Brendon..I don't know. *sigh*"

They hug & Annie exits.
Rachel (who is sitting on the couch outside the HOH room) enters.

10:47am BBT:
HOH Room

Hayden made a deal with Rachel (and Brendon as well via Rachel):
*Hayden will put up a renom that almost guarantees Rachel stays
*In return, Rachel & Brendon will not put up Hayden if they won HOH
*If Hayden wins HOH again, he will not put them either.
*This is just a DEAL, not an alliance (as made clear by Hayden to Rachel).

Hayden: "But I don't want to make an alliance (with you and Brendon) right now, I kinda want to get to know you guys first."

**So it seems that Hayden will indeed put Annie up as the renomination today, and is making a deal to keep himself safe with Brendon & Rachel.

Rachel goes on to say (a few times) that she feels that it's the house vs her & Brendon.

10:58am BBT:
Brendon enters.

Hayden tells Brendon (in so many words) that Annie is going up. Brendon & Rachel are both good with that and said that they don't trust Annie.

"If she goes up, Rachel stays."

Hayden then tells Brendon the same thing he told Rachel: that he wants to make the 'protect each other' deal but not form an alliance..but maybe they could form an alliance at some point down the road. Brendon is cool with that.

Hayden also told Brendon that Annie wants to break him & Rachel up by getting one of them out of the house.

Brendon & Hayden then talk about other HG's. Brendon said that Ragan is a floater and they can get him out at some point.

Brendon: "I hope Andrew wins HOH because he'd take out the motherf***ers that are messing with me and the blood would be on his hands, and he wouldn't go after us 3 (Rachel/Brendon/Hayden). And then he'd be a target the next week."

Hayden: "I agree. I agree."

Talk turns to the saboteur again.
Hayden: "I don't think Andrew is the saboteur, because he sticks out like a sore thumb. I think Big Brother is smarter than that."

Talk switches back to who they'd target if they won HOH.
Brendon: "I'll tell you who I'd go after: Monet, Britney and maybe Enzo."

Both Brendon & Hayden agree that Enzo is such a wild card & he's not predictable. Plus he's a physical threat for comps.

"he's the type of guy that you have no idea what he's thinking."

11:16am BBT:
Brendon & Rachel exit.
Monet enters the HOH room.

Hayden asked Monet what was her first instinct about Britney, and Monet said that she's not to be trusted. Talk turns to about Annie:

He asked Monet if he put up Annie, would she vote for Annie to get evicted. Monet says yes. Hayden & Monet then tell each other that they trust one another. Talk turns to who the saboteur could be, they both think it's Annie.

Feeds switch to...

11:23am BBT:

Orange Room

It's a total whisper-fest between the two.

They both talk about how Britney has to go. Annie is fed up with everyone "using every angle" to get her. Brendon tells her to keep her cool.

Ragan enters, whispering stops and they talk to Ragan for a minute.
Ragan leaves.

Brendon says he needs to talk to Hayden alone to try to get Monet to be the renom. Annie said he better hurry up because the Veto Ceremony could be any time now. (Brendon is making it sound like he's trying to protect Annie & keep her in the house. Not sure if he's for real or playing her.)

Annie leaves.
Andrew enters the orange room. Their chit-chat is random.

The live feeds auto-switch to...

11:30am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Annie: "Whoever goes up (as Brendon's replacement nom) is gonna be the one going home. Unless the house does the opposite of what Hayden wants."

Ragan joins them outside & says he's "worried" about who the renom will be.

11:37am BBT:
Brendon comes out to workout. General & random chit chat. Enzo said that everyone in the house is getting fat from sitting around & eating (he included himself in that category). lol

Brendon leaves Annie & Enzo alone on the couches again. Game talk continues.

Annie asked if there's any way for her to stay if she goes up against Rachel. When asked by Annie, Enzo said his vote is for Annie to stay.

Stay tuned...
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