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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Morning in the BB House

At 8:45am BBT, the HG's woke up. So far, nothing much has been happening. Everyone is just getting ready for the day, still yawning, and a little bit of game talk has already started!

Currently on the live feeds...

9:38am BBT:


The girls are in a laughing mood today. Perky!..except for Kathy. lol

The girls are talking about how they now know that Brendon's real job (which he has lied about to downplay his intelligence) has something to do with science.

Kathy: "I'm not a morning person."
Britney: "They woke us up pretty early today. The day goes by so much slower when they wake us up so early."

*Kathy yawns.*

Kristen joins the girls in the bathroom.

"What are your plans with that hat after the game?"
Kristen: "Sellin' it."

Kristen said she'll sell it on ebay. (I'll let y'all know when she does! :) )

Kathy: "You gonna workout Monet?"
Monet: "Yea, I'm gonna do some abs and arms."

9:54am BBT:
Palm Bedroom
Britney/Lane (laying down)

Britney was getting dressed in her workout clothes..then all of a sudden..a cricket noise. Brit looked up at the ceiling to see if she could tell where its coming from.

9:56am BBT:
Ragan/Brendon/Rachel/Britney/Kristen/Monet/Andrew (and I think Enzo? Can't see..)

Most HG's are working out & having general/funny chatter. :)

10:19am BBT:

Ragan, Britney, Monet & Brendon are talking about 'Kiddie Pageants."

Britney: "I wanna have a kiddie pageant tonight!"

10:21am BBT:

Brendon said he's gaining weight in the house.

(touches his abs) "You look pretty lean to me!" (flirty voice)

10:24am BBT:
Annie is in the hammock near Matt & Lane working out on the grass.

Annie: "You know what my workout is? Lookin' at Lane. Makes my heart beat fast." (lol)

Lane says that the grass smells. All the food comps have left the grass smelling kinda funky. :P

Lane: "You think if we sprayed it down with water, it'd help?"
Matt: "'s the same reason why the mayo won't come out of our clothes, it's oil based."
Lane: "You think maybe water & dish soap would work?"
Matt: "It might.."

10:26am BBT:


They're doing some (really cheesy) flirting, then split apart when someone walks by or walks inside the house from the backyard.

Britney is in the kitchen talking to 'Brechel'.

10:39am BBT:
Brendon leaves & heads into the backyard.
Annie & Kristen are now talking to Britney & Rachel about pageants in the kitchen/dinning room area. They're talking about Miss America, Miss USA, etc etc.

Feeds auto-switch to...


The boys are talking about tomorrows HOH comp. They think it will be a mental comp. (**I agree 100%. I'd be more shocked if it wasn't.)

Annie: "I wanna know what you're like in the Diary Room, Lane!" (because he's so relaxed all the time.)

Matt imitates what he thinks Lane is like in the D.R.

Matt: (as a BB production guy) "So Lane, you excited???!!"...(imitating Lane) "Yea." (LOL!!)

11:06am BBT:

Annie & Lane have been a fun convo...just going back & forth like good friends do. Both teasing each other & such. Annie dares him to lift her up by her hand and feet. He does & succeeds.

11:11am BBT:
Annie & Matt are now in the pool together.

Both are talking about how Lane will be a fan favorite because he's so funny.

11:51am BBT:

Ragan is talking about past seasons of BB. He says he'd love do to an All Stars with Janelle but that BB probably won't pick anyone from Seasons 1-7 to be on the next All Stars.

Britney & Kathy are on the BY couch just talking. Random topics, nothing game related at the moment.

Lane just woke up from his mid-morning nap. lol

Stay tuned...

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