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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House

So far, the day in the BB house has been uneventful, but with only 3 days left to try to save herself from going home & already being on edge, Annie could self-destruct (again) at any moment. The tension between her and Rachel is still very high, and it's only a matter of time before the calm before the storm turns into a full blown hurricane.

Currently on the live feeds...

12:27pm BBT:

Rachel is telling Brendon how Annie keeps giving her "dirty looks" and Brendon tells her to stay cool because Annie is for sure going home and to not let Annie get to her (emotionally).

12:38pm BBT:

Sunset Room
They moved their convo into a more private area in the house.

Rachel is telling Brendon that they have to win HOH this week, otherwise she knows that they'll be up on the block. They think if Andrew, Hayden or Kristen wins HOH, then both of them are safe. (**Hmm...not so sure about that one. :P)

Rachel: "If Monet wins, we are on the block again. Enzo will put us up, too."

They go on to say that if either of them (Rach/Brend) win HOH, they're going after Monet. They'd put up Britney & Monet, with Monet as their target.

(It's a total whisper-fest and hard to hear their full convo at times.)

1:04pm BBT

Nothing much going on at the moment. Annie is talking about non-game related stuff to Hayden & Lane.

Feeds auto-switch to...

1:09pm BBT:

All 3 of them are tanning & complaining about how hot it is.

Kristen: "How hot do you think it is right now?"
Ragan: "I think triple digits."

Brendon has now joined them.
Talk turns to battle wounds from cooking. Ragan burned his neck one time from carrying a sizzling skillet, and Brendon has had multiple cuts on his fingers from cooking.

1:38pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Talk is about evicting Annie this week. While Britney thinks that Brendon needs to go soon, she doesn't see Rachel as a threat. Britney said that Annie's word is no good.

Britney: "It's nothing personal (re: evicting Annie). I mean, I hope we're friends outside the house."

Britney said that there's a few people she "needs" to get out. Lane had the most perfect response...

Lane: "Why do you have to get them out?"

3:01pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom
The group are playing a "Would you.." sex game & they've been playing it since 2:25pm BBT. lol

Britney: "Okay Monet. On camera but under the covers, for Final 3 placement would you have a 3-some with Ollie and April?"

3:07pm BBT:

Annie is like a broken record...again.

Annie: "I don't understand why people want (Rachel) here over me! She's in an obvious alliance!"
Kathy: "I know. And I agree!"

Annie: "I mean, she (Rachel) is in an alliance with the strongest person in the house! I don't get it!"

Stay tuned...

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