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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans! It's Thursday which means it's Live Eviction day!! :D Who will go? Rachel or Annie? At this point, looks like Annie is still going home.

The HG's went to bed around 2am BBT last night, which is a little early for them but they knew that they'd be woken up early today and have a long day ahead of them with it being their first live show.

As of 6:47am BBT, all HG's are still sleeping, with the exception of Andrew who is just now getting started on his morning prayers.

I'm gonna go gather up The Overnighter, so keep checking back as I post it in sections! :D

8:56pm BBT:
HOH Room

Hayden & Brendon start off talking about Annie.

Hayden: "I know people have told Annie that they're gonna give her their vote..
Brendon: "Oh yea?"
Hayden: "But they're not going to."
Brendon: "Okay."

Hayden says that Britney & Monet are the 2 that Hayden believes are telling Annie that they're voting for her to stay, but they're not going to.

Brendon then switches the convo topic to what to do next week. He said that Andrew winning HOH is best case scenario.

Brendon: "If (Andrew) wins HOH, then you'll start to see everyones true colors in here and people will be squirming, dude!"
Hayden: "I have a feeling that Andrew would put Britney & Monet."
Brendon: "I do, too."

Talk turns to about Enzo. Brendon thinks if Enzo wins HOH, he'd be right back up on the block again. Brendon compares Enzo to the "male version of Annie"..funny but unpredictable.

Brendon then tells Hayden that he wants Britney out the most because (1) he doesn't trust her & (2) her & Lane are getting close because Lane seems to have a crush on Britney. Hayden agreed.

Brendon: "What bothers is me the most is that (Britney & Monet) don't do shit, they don't say thank you, they're fake..."

Hayden said he'll talk to Lane one on one to see where his heads at, so if he wins HOH, they'll have an idea of what will happen.

Brendon: "I just don't wanna be caught off-guard."

9:19pm BBT:
HOH Room

During the Hayden/Brendon convo, Annie went up to the HOH room but then saw Hayden was busy talking with Brendon. So after their convo was over, Hayden went and got Annie so that they could talk.

Annie: "I will do anything to stay in this game!!"

Hayden said that Rachel has not come up to the HOH room once to talk to him to try to stay in the house.

Annie: "I'm fighting for my life and all Rachel is doing is sitting down there laughing, making out with Brendon!

Hayden's purpose for this convo was nothing more than keeping Annie calm until she leaves the house. The whole convo is kinda B.S. because of that fact alone. Hayden, more or less, was just a listening ear as Annie told her story for the millionth time this week.

Annie's purpose for the convo was to get Hayden to change his mind because if she could change Hayden's mind, then Hayden could/would tell others to keep her there (since Annie's one-on-one sessions with the HG's was a huge failure.)

Hayden told Annie that he truly loves her as a person, she's amazing, and he really hopes they can hang out in Chicago after the show is over.

10:40pm BBT:

Brendon's convo with Ragan is *very* similar to his convo with Hayden: he tells Ragan that he wants Monet & Britney out. Ragan also agreed that it'd be best for Andrew to win HOH this week.

(** I foresee HG's throwing this HOH comp to Andrew if they can? ;) )

11:20pm BBT:
Ragan told Matt & Enzo that if he (Ragan) won HOH, he doesn't know who he'd put up, but that it wouldn't be them. (Matt/Enzo).

11:25pm BBT:

Hayden told Kristen that Annie made alot of good points (on why she should stay over Rachel).

Hayden: "But at the same time, it's like..can I believe her?"
Kristen: "Well you can't go back now."
Hayden: "I know, it's too late."

11:30pm BBT:
Lane/Hayden say that they might wanna backdoor Enzo when it gets down to Jury. They don't trust him because he's a "loose cannon".

11:35pm BBT:

Britney asked Annie: what if Rachel were to go home this week, she (Britney) wins HOH, and then uses Annie as a pawn to backdoor Brendon. Britney said she would put Annie/Andrew up on the block, and then whoever wins POV can save either Annie or Andrew, & then get Brendon up on the block to backdoor him. If Brendon won POV, then Andrew would go home. This would also be a way for Annie to gain trust with the house (by being a pawn next week).

Britney also wanted a deal from Annie that Annie wouldn't put up Britney before Jury (the next 4 evictions).

Britney said that she's worried that Annie will always wanna target her. Annie swears that Brit is *not* her target, and that there's other targets in the house (including Brendon) on her list.

Britney made an potential offer to Annie:
Britney says if she votes for Annie to stay, she'll have a favor in the bank with Annie that she can cash in at any time. Monet and Britney both say that if it comes down to one of them, and Annie in the HOH, then Annie has to throw it to them.

**Now the question is...will Monet & Britney actually vote to keep Annie in the game? Or just playing with options? Time will tell!!

1:30am BBT:
Backyard Couch

These two have been flirty all night...well, half game/half flirty. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on these two. ;) I'm not sure if it's genuine liking of each other, or if it's a tactic to get closer for more info or something.

Kristen said that if she won HOH, she'd also put up Monet & Britney and she thinks a lot of people in the house would do the same. Hayden agreed.

And this (finally!! lol) concludes the Overnighter. Wow..what a doozy of info I had go throw from last night! :P Okay, once the HG's get up for the day, I'll start the morning post! :D

Stay tuned...

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