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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Afternoon: Part 2

If you haven't yet seen the post below this one, make sure that you do. Today the HG's received yet another message from the saboteur! Other than that, and some HOH pics being taken, it's been a rather calm day.

The HG's are still on inside lockdown & have been for hours now.

Currently on the live feeds...

4:30pm BBT:
It's HOH Picture Time!!! :D Hayden just got the HOH camera & is now going around the house taking pictures.

1:55pm BBT:
...and some more:

..and the last few pics:

As HOH, Hayden also has to do a blog & tweet on Twitter.

2:22pm BBT:
Lane is downstairs on the couch by himself. Up on the HOH Landing is Enzo, Matt, Britney, Monet, and Annie. (Hayden is in the HOH room doing his blog.)

2:50pm BBT:
Matt & Lane got in trouble for taking green tape and putting it on various faces on the Memory Wall. lol

3:02pm BBT:

Cabana Room

They're all talking about tomorrows HOH comp. Ragan is almost positive that it's going to be a quiz comp, and by judging from past BB seasons, I'd have to concur.

REMINDER: BB is on at 8pm EST tonight!! :D

(Keep refreshing periodically...)

Stay tuned...

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