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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Morning in the BB House

At 9:24am BBT, Andrew & Brendon were the only 2 houseguests that were up & moving around.

Every Live Show Day (Thurs), the HG's are told to clean the BB house. Andrew got a jump-start on the cleaning by vacuuming the whole house.

At 10:00am BBT, Big Brother woke the rest of the HG's up.

Around 10:15am BBT, Rachel & Annie (and a few other HG's) were in the kitchen area. Rachel yelled to Ragan (who was either in the bathroom or cabanna room..he was off camera) about both of them "partying tonight" and laughed. It was a clear slap in the face to Annie who was 2 feet in front of her about how confident she is to be staying in the BB house after tonight's eviction.

Currently on the live feeds...

The HG's are finishing up their morning routines (for now) because HOH lockdown is about to happen.

Most HG's are already in the HOH room waiting for the HOH lockdown to begin.

This morning for one of the wake up songs played in the BB house was "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard. Britney said she never heard that song before. Enzo couldn't believe it. lol

10:48am BBT:
HOH Lockdown has begun! :)

Britney was reading the instructions in the HOH room for what's going on this week. She read it to the other HG's: everyone is stunned that tomorrow are Nominations.

Enzo: "A lot of scheming is gonna be goin' on tonight, yo!"

Hayden is in the bathroom packing up his stuff since he moves out of the HOH room today. All HG's are in a good mood, joking around.

Conversation is light & fun in the HOH room.

Enzo: "I'm gonna backdoor myself. I'm gonna win HOH tonight, put myself on the block, win the POV, take myself off the block, then backdoor myself." (lol)

10:55am BBT:
Britney is pretending to be Julie Chen & is asking everyone questions. lol

Britney: " was your week as HOH?"
Hayden: "STRESSFUL!!"
Britney: "You're famous for your trademarked one-liners, what do you think is your most signature?"
Enzo: "My grenades."
Britney: "And what does that mean?"
Enzo: "To bust ass."

Britney: "Brendon, do you think your relationship with Rachel will ever change?"
Brendon: "It won't ever change. We go through rough patches like every other couple." (**It's been a week. Y'all have "rough patches" already?? lol)

11:04am BBT:
Everyone still laughing/joking.

11:22am BBT:

Looks like the HG's are starting to wind down a bit.

They were just talking about Julie Chen and what time they think she shows up before the show. They think since the show goes live at 5pm, that she gets there at 3pm if not earlier.

12:19pm BBT:
HOH Lockdown is now ovvahhh. ;)

Stay tuned...

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