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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning everyone! :D Happy Monday to you! there such a thing as a "happy" Monday? lol :P

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The Overnighter:
Annie worked her butt off last night talking to people to try to get their votes to stay this week. Her #1 weapon? "Brendon & Rachel are an obvious alliance, they need to be broken up!"

10:34pm BBT:
Annie told Andrew that she would not put him next week because she has other targets. Andrew told her to get 5 other votes and then he'll give her his vote.

10:40pm BBT:
Monet, Kathy, Britney were counting votes in the storage room. They're all for Annie to leave this week. Britney said that Annie has to go because she feels that Annie would come after her. The girls said that the 3 of them plus Brendan's vote (for Annie to go) is already 4 votes, and that all they need is 6...which Matt and Ragan would go with the house majority, making it a total of 6 votes to send Annie packing.

11:29pm BBT:
Annie told Brendon how she felt that it's crappy that he is choosing Rachel over her, when she thought he had her back.

12:00am BBT:
The Have Not's finally got off of slop! Ragan and Kathy were the happiest.

12:39am BBT:
The HG's had wine & beer last night. Andrew supposidly had only 1 beer and got drunk off of it. (..unless he was just faking it.)

Andrew ended up eating a non-kosher chocolate chip cookie last night. Britney tried to stop him but he ate it anyways.

Kathy tucked in a seemingly-drunk Andrew into bed. He was spilling his glass of water on his bed and talking as if he was drunk.

1:20am BBT:

Annie tried to get Kathy's vote. She gave her the same exact speech she's been giving everyone else (like Hayden yesterday), which is "I never did anything, I never said any of those lies, and I'm the one going home when it's obvious that Brendon & Rachel are in an alliance together."

Britney came out & joined them on the backyard couch.

Annie admitted she has had an anger problem most of her life.
Britney told Annie that she always liked her as a person & that they only lie she told, was to Annie when Annie had asked her if she knew anything about who would be the renom.

Annie opened up & confessed to both Kathy & Britney that she has a girlfriend named Jen, not a boyfriend & that they've been together for 1 1/2 yrs.

2:01am BBT:
HOH room

The guys were talking about how they don't trust Brendon. Matt is worried about Monet, Kristen & Andrew when either of them wins HOH.

Britney & Annie join the boys in the HOH room. Annie does her sale pitch, but it falls on deaf ears.

A little while later, it's just Hayden & Annie in the HOH room. They talk until 4:30am BBT. Annie goes over everything she's already said before: she'd target Brendon if she won HOH, it's smarter to get rid of Rachel because her & Brendon are in an alliance and it needs to be broken up, etc. Hayden tells her to keep fighting to stay because she does have a chance. (**I believe he's just blowing smoke up her a** at this point.)

2:07am BBT:
Cabana Room

Brendon was upset that Annie told him she thought it was crappy that he would pick Rachel over her. Well then Rachel got upset that Brendon was feeling bad that Annie will be going home this week. Rachel didn't understand why he would be so concerned with a "friendship" that wouldn't last outside the house, when they have something "real" that will last outside the house. (**Anyone else think this is funny? Or is it just me? lol)

Rachel told Brendon that she's scared that she's going to lose him. Anyways, they hugged it out, kissed & made up.

All is well again in Love'ville. lol ;)

Alright, that's it for the Overnighter! :D The morning post will be starting very shortly.

Stay tuned...

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