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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday to y'all!! :D Last night (after I went to bed, naturally lol) there was some DRAAAMMMMAA in the house! w00t w00t!! Just let me go get the details, some screenshots, and meet me back here for the full Overnighter!

The HG's went to bed around 3am BBT, so they won't be up for a few more hours yet. :P

7:37pm BBT:

(Part of the convo was not captured on the feeds, so I'm going from the moment the audio came on...)

Annie: "I don't know why people hate me.."
Rachel: "Who hates you? I don't hate you...I don't know what you're talking about, you sure you're not being sensitive at all?"
Annie: "That's..that's nice. That's great."

*Annie walks away, Rachel gives a smirk as she goes back by the Cabana room.*

Annie claims that she saw Rachel wave "bye bye" to her, if she did, it was not caught on the feeds.

7:38pm BBT:
Annie gets everyone from outside into the kitchen and tells them she's about to go off because of what Rachel just did. (The "bye bye" thing.)

7:47am BBT:
Palm Room

Annie was telling Lane everything that just happened, then Brendon came out of the Diary Room (he was in there the whole time, didn't hear or see what happened). Lane tells Annie to talk to Brendon in the Sunset bedroom. They both go in and start chatting.

7:53pm BBT:
Sunset Bedroom

Annie went off on Brendon saying that Rachel was being immature, rude, and she can't believe that he would pick her to stay over her.

Annie: "I'm about to punch her f**king face in!!"

Brendon tells Annie that both of them need to stay away from each other until Thursday (live eviction day) & that once they're out of the house, they never have to see or talk to one another ever again. Brendon also said that he will have a talk with Rachel and tell her the same thing, but that he doesn't wanna get in the middle of it. Annie tells him he already is in the middle of it because whatever she does, reflects on him as well.

*In the mist of all this, there was a little fight between Lane & Andrew. Apparently, Lane told an innocent joke and Andrew took it the wrong way.*

8:41pm BBT:

Rachel was upset. Brendon went and made her feel better. He told her she's beautiful, he likes her, to smile and be happy, etc etc.

9:15pm BBT:

Annie told the story to Hayden. Hayden listened and told Annie not to blow up.

Hayden: "If you blow up, then you're dead in the water. And you'll go home looking like something you're not."

Annie then started to add things to the "fight" that weren't actually said. It's clear that she's lying about Rachel in hopes of the HG's 2nd-guessing who they want to leave. (Ironically, I think Rachel & Annie's "fight" did nothing but seal Annie's fate in the game.)

9:40pm BBT:
Pool Table

Enzo has been noticing Kristen & Hayden "getting close" and he talked to Lane about it.

Enzo: "You know who scares me? Kristen. She's the crazy eyed killer. She's starting to get close to Hayden. We gotta kill that. He's starting to get puppy eyes for her.
Lane: "I cant read her."
Enzo: "She's a dark horse. Either she's the saboteur, or shes friends with someone in here. What if Hayden is the saboteur? I trust everyone in the brigade though."
Lane: "He doesn't trust Kristen. If someone in 'The Brigade' is the saboteur, we'll still make the final 4."
Enzo: "My object is final 4."
Lane: "Today was f**ked up! I thought he could take a joke." (talking about Andrew)
Enzo: "I'm going to keep my hands clean...keep my eye on the prize."

Speaking of Hayden & Kristen...

11:10pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Hayden: "I feel like everybody's been looking at us. I just feel weird."
Kristen: "I don't think so. I think we've been doing a good job (at keeping our alliance a secret.)"
Hayden: "I'd like to think so."
Kristen: "We should talk in your room later."

1:00am BBT:

All is still going well between the two lovebirds. They spent alot of time cuddling & making out last night.

2:01am BBT:
Cabana Room

Kathy & Monet were discussing Annie and what they think are lies that she's telling. A few days ago, Annie tried to get sympathy by saying that she wishes she could tell them all "something" but production won't let her (a story about her life). Kathy thinks its bullcrap and so does Monet.

Kathy: "She is..she is a unique individual. She just needs to calm down, and appreciate the opportunity...nobody held (Annie) down and made her (come on Big Brother). Not everybody is a winner on this show. I just hope she doesn't say stuff on Thursday night that will make a fool out of herself, that will make it a hard time for the rest of her life to (overcome her actions)."
Monet: "I think she will."
Kathy: "She's unpredictable. Gosh..she needs to not take it so personal, ya know?"

Okay, that's it for the Overnighter! :D I'll start the morning post as soon as the HG's wake up! ;)

Stay tuned...

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