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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House

At 11:53am BBT, Big Brother called for an outside lockdown..which most likely means its time for the Veto Ceremony!! :D Right before the feeds went off, Andrew told Hayden that he'd vote Annie out if she was the replacement nom.

As soon as the live feeds comes back, I will post the spoiler below & then continue on with the Afternoon post!

The Replacement Nom is:


**By the way, if you don't have the live feeds yet, you might wanna get' BB senses are telling me that there just might be an explosion in the house today! The feeds are web-based this season, so y'all at work can see them! ...I'm such a bad influence, I know! hehe ;)

After the feeds came home, Brendon was hugging Rachel and telling her that she's gonna be around for next week & that she's safe. He's happy, she's still a little nervous but happy.

1:09pm BBT:
(in passing between bedrooms..)
Brendon: "You okay?"
Annie: "No, because I'm going home!" (feeds auto-switch..)

1:10pm BBT:
Palm Tree Bedroom

Annie is packing her bags. She knows she's a goner. Lane is trying to calm her down and told her to talk to Hayden, but Annie doesn't see what's the use since she's going home anyways.

Annie: "Sorry I tried to get to know people! I love you Lane and wish you success in it."

(Turn on the feeds if ya got'em!)

Annie is storming around the house, she's pissed!

Annie (to herself): "Can't wait to go with normal people. Vodka..I want vodka! Please, anyone?" (talking to production via her mic)

Britney told Enzo she's scared that Annie is gonna explode on her. Enzo said to let her explode, she's going home anyways.

Annie is making smart-ass remarks while sitting at the dinning room table (with Lane there, too..still trying to calm her down).

Annie: "Hope you're ready to lose some challanges by keeping the weak players in the game!"
Lane: "I hate when you do have days to go yet (to fight to stay)!"
Annie: "You don't think I knew I was going up? So..unless everyone goes against Hayden, then..."

Annie is losing it, mentally. (I feel that explosion coming on more & more! lol ;) )
The house is buzzing all over. She outted her alliance with Brendon in front of everyone as she walked outside but nobody seemed to have a reaction to it.

BB: "Annie, please go to the Diary Room."

1:34pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Britney: "Okay, now (that she's going to the diary room), I feel safe. What do I need to do? I need to go to the bathroom and..(laughs)"

Brendon is now saying that he never had an alliance with Annie, but was her friend and he's pissed that she would say that they had an alliance.

Kathy joins them on the couches.

Meanwhile upstairs...

1:38pm BBT:
HOH Room

Lane is proving he's smarter than what he looks. He's telling Matt & Hayden that they need to calm Annie down, give her a little bit of hope of staying, and get all the info from her that they can before she goes home.

Lane warns the boys that he's still gonna play the sympathy card with Annie, so they don't think anything of it.

Meanwhile, back downstairs...

1:42pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Ragan gave his "word" that he's voting to keep her in the house. (Ragan is voting with the house, which is to keep Rachel this week. So he's just scoring some honesty points with Rachel that he can use to his favor later on in the game.)

1:56pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon is doing damage control from Annie telling all the HG's (that were standing in the kitchen) that they had an alliance. He's telling everyone in HOH that it was a lie.

Brendon: "I feel like she's throwing ninja stars.." (trying to take out anyone she can.)

Matt: "I think she'll calm down tonight."

They all think her venting in the diary room right now will help calm her down as well.

2:08pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Enzo: "We gotta win HOH, yo. We gotta backdoor Brendon."
Matt: "Only 8 more to go..until we're in the Final 4!" (Enzo/Matt/Hayden/Lane="The Brigade")

2:12pm BBT:
HOH Landing/Chess Board

All feeds are on the two love birds are playing a game of chess.

2:16pm BBT:
Enzo (walking around)/Kristen/Matt/Britney

Enzo: "So you think she's gonna stab people?" (talking about Annie)
Everyone laughs.

Enzo: "The knives in here don't cut anyways." (all utensils are plastic in the house)

2:22pm BBT:
Everyone is chillin' out now.

Ragan & Enzo are talking over by the hot tub.

Ragan: "Do you think the next 4 days are gonna be intense?"
Enzo: "Yea. I mean, maybe not intense but..alot of throwing under the bus and stuff, which is a shame 'cuz Annie still has 4 days to plead her case."

Stay tuned...
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