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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Evening in the BB House

WOW!! What a live show, aye?!! :D Annie was the saboteur, Rachel won HOH (which pretty much means that Brendon is the HOH this week lol), and the feeds are gonna be insane for the next 24 hours or so!! Tomorrow are Nominations, so 'Brechel' will have to hurry up & think of who they want up on the block.

The feeds came back on at 6:06pm BBT. (By the way, the beeping devices that Annie planted in the bedrooms are still going off every few minutes. lol)

Currently on the live feeds...

6:06pm BBT:
Dinning Room Table
Rachel is loving her new title as HOH.

Brendon is pretty happy as well. (Gee I wonder why...a king size bed with his new girlfriend + he's partially the new HOH. lol)

Other HG's, not so happy...

6:26pm BBT:

Sunset Room

Rachel just told Brendon that she's putting up Britney & Monet. (**No shocker there.)

6:27pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Britney: "We're so screwed."

Monet: "At least we'll find out for sure tomorrow (if we're going up)."
Britney: "This sucks."

Andrew walks by on his way to his bedroom. Britney went off on Andrew and said that his reaction to wasn't "tactful" when Rachel won HOH. Brit said it was rude.

"I was happy she won because at least with Rachel, I have a shot at staying this week!"

Britney: "Whatever."
Andrew: "Fine." (goes into his bedroom)

Andrew goes into his bedroom.
A few minutes later, Monet goes into the bedroom to tell Andrew she had no part in Britney being mean to him.

Andrew & Monet are both cool with each other and they leave the convo very happy. No bridges burned. (Monet truly had nothing to do with Britney's rant.)

6:37pm BBT:
Have Not's Room
Monet then tells Matt about the Andrew/Britney fight that just went down.

Matt: "What is she thinking???! She's a dummy!"

6:41pm BBT:
Dinning Room Table
Rachel, Ragan, and Hayden are saying they all miss their sisters and say "hi" and "I love you" to them individually.

Hayden: "I miss my sister. And love her."

6:43pm BBT:
Dinning Room Table

It seems that some HG's are a little nervous about who Rachel might put up.

6:58pm BBT:
Backyard Couch Area
All HG's

The houseguests are on outside lockdown. They're all eating dinner by/on the backyard couch.

They all do a "Cheers!" to surviving the 1st eviction week.

Talk turns to how the saboteur set off a stink bomb (I believe this happened during the live show at the very end.)

7:02pm BBT:

Outside lockdown is now ovahhh!

7:02pm BBT:

Kitchen Area
Britney just told Lane about her going off on Andrew.

Britney: "I probably shouldn't have done that."

Britney is so pissed that she didn't win HOH.
Lane: "They (Brendon/Rachel) can't win every HOH."

Britney told Lane that she knows Monet is going up & that if she (Britney) won POV, she'd save Monet. She "needs her" in the game with her.

Lane: "Do you?" (hinting for her to play her own game.)

7:20pm BBT:
Pool Table

Brit & Lane are shooting pool together, and bantering back & forth (nothing game related..just in good fun. lol)

**Hey guys & gals, I just added (above) a little bit about the very brief Andrew/Britney fight. I had blogged it but blogger for some reason must have not "saved" it and posted it. :/

7:32pm BBT:
Rachel said that she wants to get Monet out this week. She thinks Monet is smart and a physical threat. She's gonna use the fact that Monet won $10,000 as her "reason".

Brendon: "Just don't tell anyone (that you want Monet out)."

Ragan joins them on the hammock. Ragan said he's happy she won. Rachel said she would have been happy if he won.

Ragan told Rachel that America loves her because there was a "gasp" from the audience when she won HOH. (**Umm..wrong. lol)

Rachel: "They love our showmance!"
Brendon: "They love us because we're happy and.."
Rachel: "We're like Jeff & Jordan, but better!" (giggles)

The cuddling & kissing start.

They keep comparing themselves to Jeff & Jordan and even want to do the 'Amazing Race' like they did.

7:55pm BBT:
Britney apologized to Andrew for her going off on him. He accepts. They hug. All is well again. (Brit knew, after the fact, that it was a dumb thing to start a fight when she knows she's probably going on the block. This was just her doing damage control.)

Andrew & Britney agree to not tell anyone about it. Problem is, someone will find out. Matt, Monet, and Lane already know about it.

8:07pm BBT:


Monet: "Everyone is worried about who Rachel is gonna put up..except for 2 people: Hayden & Kristen. I think a deal was struck (between Hayden/Kristen and Brendon/Rachel).
Britney: "I agree!"

Britney then tells Monet that if push comes to shove, they can make up a lie...

Britney: "We could tell (Brendon & Rachel) that Andrew told us that Hayden & Kristen are in an alliance together & that he told us everything. I mean, if our backs are against the wall.."

**Alright ladies & gents, I'm going to bed for the night. Meet me back here early in the morning for the Overnighter to see what happend on the live feeds while we slept! :D Until then, g'dnight, y'all!!

Stay tuned...

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