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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Details about BB12's Saboteur + HG That Dropped Out (UPDATED!!)

This just in: More details have emerged about BB12's Saboteur! released an article today about more details of the BB12's saboteur. Here are the cliffnotes:

*Producers picked the person who they thought would have the best chance of keeping their identity a secret and pull off the twist.
*The twist will only last for 5 weeks.
*If the Saboteur makes it all the way to the halfway point in the game then he/she will win $50,000.
*Producers have not yet decided if The Saboteur will be eligible to continue playing the game for the $500,000. (Their current stance is they are not eligible, but are leaving the door open to change their minds in the future.)

(You can read the full article here.)

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UPDATED @ 6:52pm EST:
The houseguest who dropped out of BB12 has been revealed by!!

Her name is Paolo Aviles, a 30 yr old out of work real estate agent. She was supposed to be the 14th houseguest for BB12 but dropped out while in sequester. As previously reported, she got "cold feet".

Stay tuned...

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