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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Morning in the BB House

At 10:07am BBT, BB woke up the houseguests. Once the feeds come back on & the HG's start waking up, I'll begin the morning post! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

10:07am BBT:
BB wakes up HG's.

10:21am BBT:
Backyard Couch

On cam 1 & 2, the 'Meow Meow' is up...and oddly enough, meowing. lol

Enzo: "Meow meow..meow meow."

On cam 3 & 4, is Rachel & Brendon.

10:38am BBT:
Meow Meow is running laps in the backyard.

Enzo: *burrrrp* "Oh."

10:47am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Ragan is talking about homosexuality (in an educated way) and teaching the boys the history and meaning of it. (**It's very interesting! Definitley recomend listening to it on the Flashback Feeds.)

11:00am BBT:

The chatter between Enzo & Lane is HILARIOUS!! lol

Enzo: "I feel hungover, yo."
Lane: "Hungover?"
Ezno: "Yea, man! I drank a half bottle of wine and a beer!"
Lane: "My body hates's like 'you think you can skip working out for 4 days and then workout hard? You do that and expect us to be friends?'"

Lane then wants Britney to jump on his back while he does pushups.

Lane: "Hey! Come straddle my back..."
Britney does & Lane does a series of pushups. Britney was super impressed!

Enzo: "F**k this, man. I'm about throw up, yo! F**k it. At least I'll feel better. Sh*t, maybe I should always throw up. Beats the hell out of working out."
Lane: "Yea but then you wouldn't have muscle."
Enzo: "Who gives a f**k, at least I'd be skinny!"

11:06am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Kathy & Unitard are awake and outside on the backyard couch talking about Starbucks.

Britney is now working out on the elliptical.

11:10am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Talk is about politics. Ragan is not an Obama fan. Brendon said Obama made a lot of promises & then faded into the background..never "stuck to his guns" and made changes.

Brendon: "And that's why I will never be a republican or a democrat."
Ragan: "Well it's hard to tell the difference between the two parties. What the SAY, is different. But when it comes down to actions?.."
Brendon: "No difference."

Lane walks in & grabs clothes. He's done with his morning workout for now.
Ragan: "You done working out?"
Lane: "Yea, for now. Maybe I'll go swimming. I still gotta get on the elliptical (later)."

Britney is now done with the elliptical, so Lane jumps on and starts his workout on it.

Rachel/Brit/Kathy/Kristen are on the BY couch talking about shopping and hair dye.

Rachel: "Kathy, I'm gonna dye my hair tonight, if you want me to do yours?"
Kathy: "Okay."
Rachel: "My hair is like, super faded."

Current topic is how hot water fades hair color faster than washing in cold water. (**Really?? Hmm. Didn't know that.)

11:32am BBT:
Rachel is now on the elliptical. Kathy & Kristen remain on the BY couch.

11:35am BBT:
Dining Room

Lane: "When we (The Brigade) come out, I want 'them' to change our pictures to skulls."
Enzo: "I want a skull bandana on my sh*t! Gold teeth..what would Matt get? Black eyeliner maybe..."

Lane hears Ragan in the bedroom talking loud.

Lane: "Yea whatever Ragan...keep talking Ragan..."
Enzo laughs.
Enzo: "You're going home in 2 weeks Ragan."

Enzo: "Man, I'm embarrassed to be a part of this season with the people in it this year."
Lane: "At least we made it to the Jury House. That's the biggest step we've made so far."

11:56am BBT:

Enzo said he's tired and about to go take a nap right now.
Enzo: "If anyone calls for me, just take a message."

Feeds auto-switch to...

11:58am BBT:
Backyard/Backyard Couch

Brit & Kristen are talking about non-game stuff. (Subject is about candid wedding pictures at the moment.)

**I'm gonna take a break for a little bit & then I'll start the Afternoon post! :D Right now, all the HG's are either have non-game convos throughout the house, or napping. Also, Hayden (aka "the animal" according Lane & Enzo lol) will be 'released' from the Have Not's room sometime today/tonight.

Stay tuned...

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