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Monday, August 2, 2010

Morning in the BB House

My goodness!! Doing the Overnighter wore me out! lol :P Today the live feeds are gonna be insane, if everything works out the way I think they will!!

Okay, so here's the breakdown of everything that happened:

*Kristen/Hayden made a (fake) 4-person alliance with Rachel/Brendon
*Britney/Hayden made a (fake) deal, to tell Brendon/Kristen, of '2 weeks of saftey' if she uses the POV. (Britney is working with Kristen/Hayden, Britney still hates Rachel/Brendon but is acting like she likes them. Meanwhile, she's still gunning for them.)

*If Britney uses the POV, per Rachel's request only (or so Britney said, anyways), then Kathy would be the renom after Hayden comes off the block.
*Enzo wants Kathy to stay & Kristen to go home and tried to talk Britney into not using it. Britney assured that no matter if the POV is used or not, that Enzo/Lane are both safe and it won't affect their game at all. Britney also said that even if she uses the POV, it only takes 4 votes for either Kathy or Kristen to there's no gurantee that Kristen would stay even if she (Brit) used the POV on Hayden today.

*As of 3am BBT this morning, Rachel changed her mind: she doesn't trust Kristen AT ALL and said she "has to go" this week. She plans on telling Britney that today.

Currently on the live feeds...

10:25am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney told Rachel that Ragan/Matt would vote the way she (Rach) would want them to. Rachel disagrees.

Talk continues.
Rachel: "This is REALLY dangerous, Britney."
Britney: "It's a bold move!"

Rachel is scared that Kristen is gonna stay in the house & she's not sure what Kristen will do. Britney is trying to talk Rachel into letting her use the POV today.

Britney: "By having Kristen & Hayden in the house, takes the target off of you & Brendon's back. Not completely, but a little bit."

Britney is trying to scare Rachel by saying that she thinks Brendon is gonna get evicted soon and Rachel's gonna need someone to cling to, to help her get far in the game.

10:33am BBT:
Britney is now bashing Kathy (trying to get Rachel to get her out).

Britney: "And since when did Kathy start playing the game? She doesn't even deserve to go into the Jury House."
Rachel: "We have the chance to get rid of our biggest enemy..she's burned me, she's burned you." (talking about Kristen)

Rachel: "Kristen is VERY manipulative!"
Britney: "Mmm hmm."
Rachel: "And I think she's manipulating Hayden!"
Britney: "I really really think Hayden is trust worthy. I know Kristen and Hayden are a couple, but Hayden is also playing for himself."

Rachel asked Britney if her (fake) deal with Hayden (about being safe for 2 weeks) would still be valid no matter who Rachel put up. Britney said yes. As long as she pulls Hayden off the block.

Britney: "Whoever you put up, you gotta be prepared for them to go home."

Rachel is thinking of putting up Lane to ensure Kristen goes home.

Britney: "You don't wanna put a target on your back with Lane, though."
Rachel: "Yea. I don't!"
Britney: "I think your only option is Kathy."
Rachel: "How do I REALLY know I'm safe with Kristen?"

Rachel talks about everything that Kristen has done...didn't go up to her HOH room, didn't accept Rachel's apology, Kristen pinning Rach against everyone in the HOH comp this past week, etc etc.

Rachel: "The HOH room thing is personal...getting the HOH room is not about the game. At all. It's very personal that she didn't come up."
Britney: "If I use the POV and pull Hayden off, Kristen can still go home."
Rachel: "You'd vote for Kristen to go home?"
Britney: "Whatever you want. Whatever you want."

Rachel is still saying she doesn't trust Kristen/Hayden keeping their word.

Final Decision:
Rachel does NOT want Britney to use the POV today.

Britney is pissed (but hiding it very well)
Britney: "That means that Kathy is gonna be in the Jury House."
Rachel: "All you gotta do is put up Kathy if you win HOH."

Britney: "I'll tell Hayden that I'm not using the POV..."
Rachel: "It's just SO RISKY to keep them in the house."
Britney is agreeing with Rachel & surrendering.
Britney leaves to go talk to Hayden.

BB: "Britney, please go to the Diary Room."
Britney: "Oh gosh, I hope it's not time for the Veto Ceremony!" (..since she hasn't talked to Hayden yet.)

10:53am BBT:
Sunset Room

Kathy is saying that Rachel/Brendon have made nothing but stupid moves in the game and they always do the opposite of "smart", which means that the POV might be used today. (**LOL)

Kathy goes on to say that she thinks she's getting backdoored today.

10:54am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel is telling Brendon about her convo with Britney, pretty much word for word. They go on to say that they don't trust Matt and he can "be bought with the $5,000" that Rachel won.

Brendon: "It'd take Matt 30 mins after winning an HOH comp to ask you for that $5,000 in order to keep us safe that week."

Brendon is very happy with Rachel's decision for Britney to not use the POV. (**But will Britney still use it??? Hmmmm!!)

11:06am BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside & close the sliding glass door."

BRITNEY NEVER GOT TO TALK TO HAYDEN!!!!!!! Britney was on her way to tell Hayden that she wasn't gonna use the POV, but BB called her into the Diary Room and she's still in there about to start the Veto Ceremony!! WOW!!!!! This is gonna be goooooood!! (Thank you, BB!! hehe ;) )

**The live feeds are gonna be very interesting today, I believe! ;) lol

Stay tuned...

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