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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Afternoon/Early Evening in the BB House

Good afternoon, fellow BB addicts! The early afternoon has got off to a slow start. Most HG's have been lounging, napping, or just relaxing. The house is starting to come alive though! :D

Before Brendon/Rachel's convo ended up in the HOH room, they decided that they wanna tell Hayden that Kristen is campagining against him, something she claimed she'd never do. Around 1pm BBT, Brendon saw Hayden in the kitchen area and told him that they could talk later and Hayden said okay. So I'll be anxious to see that convo later on.

Currently on the live feeds...

1:05pm BBT:

Hayden & Kristen did some Brendon/Rachel bashing together...awww, bonding time! ;) lol They both agreed that Brendon is too good for Rachel and Brendon knows it. They don't think that they'll stay together once the show is over. (**Anyone else agree? lol)

2:01pm BBT:

All 4 feeds are on Hayden & Enzo in the backyard by the pool. They're talking about sports. Enzo said that him and "wifey" always order wings and pizza when they watch games together.

They're talking about individual sport players at the moment. (**To me, it's like a foreign language. lol :P)

2:17pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Kristen is telling Kathy that she thinks she has 2 votes (Kathy/Ragan) and she needs a total of 4. She's trying to get those other 2 votes. (Lane has also been hinting to Kristen that he'll vote for her, but I highly doubt he'd go against the Brigade.)

Kristen is telling Kathy about her convo earlier with Brendon/Rachel/Ragan.

Kristen: "I can't believe how stupid they (Rach/Bren) are to think that I'm more lethal than 4 strong guys."

2:26pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kristen is saying that if Hayden stays, he's probably gonna align with Lane and Enzo.

Kristen: "If I were to win HOH next week, my intentions is to NOT put you up! I don't know about Rachel, but you..yourself..I wouldn't put up. And at some point, you and Rachel are probably gonna be split up just like me and Hayden."

Kristen tells Brendon that he has to look what's more beneficial for HIM in the game, not necessarily what's best for him & Rachel as a couple. Brendon said that he appreciates the talk.

Kristen thanks him for the talk & heads back downstairs...

... to the Cabana Room to fill Kathy in on the details of her talk with Brendon.

3:08pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Kristen told Ragan that she wants to try to get Enzo & Lane's vote. Ragan told her that she doesn't think it's gonna be a split vote..he's thinking 6-1.

3:40pm BBT:

Brendon is telling Enzo to watch for who's hanging out with Kristen and who will vote for her, because that means there's a reason why they still want her in the house.

Talk turns to about the surf board HOH comp and how people threw it so that they could let someone else win and (as Enzo said) "hide behind them" and not get blood on their hands.

Brendon: "I like Hayden & Kristen, but they didn't start fighting until they had to."
Enzo: "They still keep their showmance hidden!"
Brendon: "What I don't get, is that she's campaigning against him!"
Enzo: "I know, man!"

Brendon, again, encourages Enzo to keep an eye on who talks to and votes for Kristen to stay.

Enzo: "Kristen is a loose cannon! She put Rachel up against Kathy, when Rachel is a strong competitor! Kathy was like 'huh? I have to hit a button?'" (**LOL)

Enzo is telling Brendon that he's nervous because Kristen is 'doing her thing' and trying to get the votes.

Brendon: "Kristen told me that she has 3 votes..."
Enzo: "She keeps coming at me (for a vote) and I really wanna tell her that I know she's talking sh*t behind my back! I told her to come at me on Wednesday night or something."

Both of the boys agree that Britney made a good decision by not using the POV.
Enzo: "Why would she get her hands dirty if she didn't have to, ya know? She did the right thing."

Enzo is telling Brendon that if he wins HOH, he'd put up Kathy & "one of them who jumped off the surf board".

Brendon tells Enzo that the 2 people that are voting for Kristen to stay, means that they're trying to form a 3 person alliance.

Enzo said that if he hears anyone saying they're gunning for Brendon, he'll come & tell him. (**lol) And he wants Brendon to do the same for him.

Their convo ends at 4:16pm BBT. Enzo goes inside. Brendon stays poolside.

4:17pm BBT:
Cabana Room
Lane is watching Britney give herself a pedicure.

Lane: "Now you missed your middle toe!"

Britney: "I did? I'll do it again.."

Britney is painting her toenails yellow.

Lane: "It looks like you peed on your feet and it stained your toenails."

4:31pm BBT:
HOH Room

After his talk with Enzo, Brendon is now convinced that Enzo likes him. (He has no idea that Enzo is gunning hardcore for him and will put Rach/Brendon up on the block if/when he wins HOH.)

Brendon told Rachel about his convo with Enzo..that he told him to watch who Kristen is hanging out with and campaigning to. Brendon told Rachel about his private convo with Kristen when Rachel was sleeping. She got pissed that Kristen waited until she wasn't around to talk to Brendon alone and said "Ohhh!!! I hate her!!" (re: Kris).

5:32pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Kristen is telling Kathy about how Ragan came into the Cabana Room and told her that he thinks the vote isn't going to be split like Kristen thinks it will be..he thinks it'll be a 6-1 vote. Kristen is upset because she thinks that Ragan is trying to bring her down.

Kristen: "Maybe (Ragan) is just trying to make me fight harder. I don't know."

5:46pm BBT:
All other HG's are in the dining room/kitchen area. They just ate turkey meat tacos. All 4 feeds are currently on Kristen/Kathy and have been for some time now.

5:49pm BBT:

Dinner is now done & the HG's have started to roam around the house again. Ragan said he plans on working on his abs after his taco's settle.

5:51pm BBT:
Most HG's are now outside in the backyard.

5:53pm BBT:

Rachel: "Kristen cannot stay this week, Britney!"
Britney: "NOOOOO. WAYYYY. She's gone."
Rachel: "She pulled Brendon aside while I was sleeping out here earlier to talk to him! She told him that she has 3 votes already...I'm scared that Matt will vote for her."
Britney: "Matt's not voting for her. No way."

**Just a thought: I hope Britney wins HOH on Thursday because once she puts up Rachel/Brendon, Rachel is gonna flip shit on her for acting like her best friend all this time. lol :P

Britney is telling Rachel how Kristen said she wants to talk to her (Brit) again tonight. Britney said she hates "talking" to Kristen because Kristen never shuts up and it's impossible to leave her conversations. Rachel agrees.

Britney leaves the hammock because it's her turn in the pool tournament.
Brendon takes Britney's place.

Rachel fills Brendon in on her convo with Britney & how Brit said that she doesn't think Matt will vote for Kristen to stay.

6:21pm BBT:

Rachel & Ragan had a talk. Rachel told Ragan she doesn't think that Kristen has the votes. Ragan was really hard to hear because of his super-stealthy whispering and a plane flying overhead.

Ragan walks over to the weights and uses it as a balance beam.

6:30pm BBT:

Time for abs class!!

Ragan is the teacher of abs class today. 10 crunches to the break...10 to the break...10 to the other break. Repeat.

Ragan: *farttt*

Rachel: "RAGAN!!"
Ragan: "Ohh and that one stinks, too!!"
Rachel laughs, as Matt pulls his shirt up to his face. lol :P
Ragan: "Damn tacos."

Ragan starts talking about his all-time favorite subject again: BB11's Gnat. lol :P

Ragan: "You think BB would ever bring her in to host a comp??"

Abs class continues.

During a mini-break, Ragan said he thinks as the game moves on, the more drama there's gonna be. Then the 3 of them get back to doing abs again.

**Alrighty guys & dolls, I'm outty!! Meet me back here at 9am EST for The Overnighter! G'dnight, addicts! ;) Enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...

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