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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Morning in the BB House

Gooood morning!! :D Today on the feeds, the HG's will play the POV Comp and possibly get a visit from Jeff & Jordo from BB11!! w00t w00t!! :D Basically, if Rachel wins POV, she's safe & if Brendon wins, Rachel is still safe (according to what he told her yesterday about him saving her from the block if he wins). If neither of them win, then it's bye bye Rachel!

We will also see Ragan being the new saboteur & creating mischief in the house and amongst the houseguests! Either way you slice it, the feeds are gonna be interesting today!!

Speaking of the new sab, while everyone thinks it might be Rachel or possibly another HG, nobody seems to think it could be Ragan! lol :P So he's doing a good job thus far of keeping his new role as the sab a secret.

And one more thing...
Ragan's Veto Pass that he won during last weeks POV comp means that he HAS TO play in this weeks POV comp. He has no choice.

Currently on the live feeds...

9:50am BBT:
Living Room
Most HG's

They just got done picking the Veto players!!

Playing for the Veto:


**There's 7 players this week because of Ragan's Veto Pass.

10:12am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney is bashing Rachel. (**What's new. lol) Her & Kathy are wondering what they can do with Rachel's hair extensions: they can burn them with Kathy's lighter, clog the pool filter with them, cut them, etc.

Kathy mentioned that she's feeling weak today from being a Have Not.

10:14am BBT:
Cabana Room

The 1st part of thier convo was hard to hear due to Enzo 'talking' with his arms and rubbing his mic on his shirt. But from what I did hear, he said he wants Ragan out of the house next week and that "Kathy won't win sh*t!". They're talking about the Final 6 and who they want to bring with the Brigade.

Enzo said that he hopes that whatever happens, that the sab doesn't mess things up this week.

Hayden enters & Enzo tells him the game plan for next week.

The Brigade's Final 6 Plan:
The next HOH comp, let Ragan/Brendon battle it out...or just let Brendon win it all together, Brendon will nominate Ragan/Matt since he's gunning for them, they'll get rid of Ragan, then the following week, Brendon can't play for HOH and they'll get Brendon out then (unless he wins POV). This would make the Final 6 be The Brigade+Britney & Kathy, which is who they want in the F6.

Hayden said that the plan sounds good.

10:44am BBT:
Cabana Room
The Brigade

The boys are telling Matt that Brendon doesn't believe that Matt won "just a $1". Matt said he doesn't know what else to say because he's telling the truth. He asks them if he should make up a believable lie and they said no.

Matt hopes that the next sab video will take the target off of him because he's not lying about the $1 thing but Brendon truly believes he is.

Matt: "I will swear on the picture of my wife!!"

Matt said that this is Brendon's only thing to use against Matt in order to get him out of the house and that he doesn't blame Brendon because he (Matt) probably would have done the same thing.

Talk turns to who's the sab.

Matt: "I'm close to Ragan, it's not him. You (Lane) are close to Britney, it's not her..."

Hayden truly believes that it's not Rachel.
Hayden: "..and I swore on my FAMILY that I'm not the saboteur."
Matt: "I will do the same thing, I mean..."
Hayden: "We just gotta keep our eyes open."

Hayden leaves, leaving Matt/Lane alone to continue their saboteur talk.

10:52am BBT:
The boys both agree that it's stupid to risk being the new sab and possibly throw away $500,000.

Matt: "Fu**in' saboteur. This is a bad week to be HOH, man."

Ragan is out of the Diary Room and joins Lane/Matt in the Cabana Room. Hayden rejoins the boys, too.

Ragan: "I'm so sick of them."
Matt: "Brendon and Rachel?"
Ragan: *nods*
Matt: "Everybody is."

11:39am BBT:
HOH Room

The two have been playing detective and trying to figure out who the new sabatour is. They don't think it's Hayden. Matt told Britney that Hayden honestly doesn't think it's Rachel. Britney said she thinks it's Brendon, but she also thought Brendon was the sab the first time so she could be wrong.

Britney said that the image of the sab is, again, someone with a smaller frame so it might be a female. But they don't know if the sabatour's blank 'image' is morphed or not, so it could mean nothing.

Matt said that BB messed up by having Annie The Sab tell the HG's that "I escaped the block this week" when she was actually on the block, so now the HG's won't believe anything the sabatour tells them. They then started to talk about the lifelong friends thing. Both Matt & Britney said that they think it could have been Hayden/Kristen, but it doesn't matter now anyways since Kristen is gone. Matt said he asked Hayden yesterday if they were a pair and Hayden said no.

11:44am BBT:
Talk turns to POV.

Matt: "I just wanna get on with this." (**Me, too!! Hurry up BB!!! :D)

They both think today's POV Comp is gonna take forever because it takes a long time to reset the pins.

Britney now turns to bashing Brendon..again.

11:532am BBT:
Sunset Room
Brendon/Hayden/(Sleeping Enzo)

Hayden told Brendon that him and Rachel have a good shot at winning today's POV Comp. Brendon is hoping him or Rach win and then have Matt put up Kathy as a renom and get Kathy out.

Rachel comes in and they talk about the POV Comp.
Rachel then starts to put in her hair extensions.

12:02pm BBT:
BB: "Ragan, please go to the Diary Room."

Stay tuned...
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