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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Overnighter

Good Morning & Happy Monday to all of you! :D Today the HG's have the Veto Ceremony, where we will see if Britney will use or not use the POV. Last night, there was a ton of game talk (naturally, about 10 mins after I logged off haha) but I stayed up and watched the feeds for a little bit longer before I finally crashed out.

Let me go gather up all the overnight happenings and I'll start posting them in sections!

8:44pm BBT:
HOH Room

Nothing game related happened, but I thought y'all would find this funny (and gross) nonetheless. lol

Matt & Ragan discovered some 'love aftermath' from Brendon & Rachel on the HOH bed. They both said "Ewww!!" as Britney ran over to see it.

Britney: "Where's the spoolge?" (**LOL omg so gross!!)

8:45pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Hayden told Kristen that they only have one option for both of them to stay in the game: for them to make a fake 4 person alliance with Rach/Brendon. Both say that they will still put up Brendon/Rachel if they win HOH, they'd just be lying through their teeth to get both of them to stay this week. Kristen asked Hayden if Britney would be part of the plan, and he said..

Hayden: "To a certain degree, she uses the POV."

8:51pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Brendon walks in as Hay/Kris were talking about the plan to talk to Rach/Brendon about a 4 person alliance.

Hayden: "Hey, can we talk later?"
Brendon: "Yea! Sure. We can do that."

Hayden told Brendon that they (Hay/Kris) are in the same boat as Rachel & himself and hints around to possibly pairing up in a 4 person alliance. Hayden tells him to keep an open mind and they'll talk later. Brendon said that him & Rachel always have an open mind in the game.

Brendon leaves.

Kristen/Hayden start talking in private again.

Hayden tells Kristen that they (Kris/Hay) need each other in the game and that doing the fake 4 person alliance will ensure them both to stay and then they'll just get Rach/Brendon out ASAP.

Hayden knows that Kathy will most likely be the renom.

Hayden: "I hate to do that kathy but.."
Kristen: "If that keeps us here another week.."

9:06pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Hayden tells Britney that they're gonna pitch the plan to Rachel/Brendon (4 person alliance) and he just wanted to give her a heads-up. Brit told Hayden to mention that they (Hay/Kris) talked to her yet. He agrees.

9:13pm BBT:
Breakfast Bar/Kitchen

Britney filled in her side-alliance (Lane) in on the plan to keep Hayden/Kristen this week. She asked him if he thinks it's a good idea.

Britney: "I'd have Kristen and Hayden in the game to protect me."
Lane: "Yea but, for how long?"
Britney: "How long is anybody protecting me in this game. I've felt disposable at times in here."

Lane told Britney that he's been protecting her and she said she knows he has. They both go back & forth on the pros and cons of the plan: Lane thinks it might be a good idea to keep Kathy in the game just to use a pawn. (**FYI, this is what the Brigade said yesterday as well.)

Lane goes outside a few minutes later and fills Hayden in on the convo. Lane told Hayden that Britney will use the POV if Kathy will for sure go home.

Hayden: "If this works, sh*t will hit the fan!" (***Yep!! And I love it!! :D)

11:07pm BBT:

Brendon is telling Rachel how Hayden caught him off-guard in the Sunset Room earlier and he didn't have the heart to say 'no' to talking to them later on.

Rachel: "Okay. We'll talk to them. But Brendon, there's nothing that I can do."
Brendon: "I know babe! I know. We'll just listen to what they have to say."
Rachel: "I don't think Britney would use it anyways."
Brendon: "Oh I know she wouldn't! It would be absolutely stupid (of her to do)."

11:12pm BBT:

Ragan came out wearing one of Kristen's unitards. lol

Rachel: "Hey hey hey!!!"

*Various whistles & Woo Hoo's can be heard from the HG's in the backyard.*

12:00am BBT:
HOH Room

Kristen was telling Brendon/Rachel that she would have never put up Brendon/Rachel if she won HOH, how she never intended to gun after them, and more lies to patch things up between them so that they can make the (fake) 4 person alliance.

Rachel said she'd have to put up Kathy, Hayden said that strategically, it'd be best for them put up Kathy.

Rachel: "I would love to hear more reasons why I should trust you. I feel like both of you are strong and will win haven't had to fight (yet). You're just now fighting to stay in the house!"

Brendon: "It's really hard for us to trust that you guys wouldn't turn around and put us up on the block at some point."

Kristen & Hayden make some head-way and Rachel says that Britney would have to be on board with using the POV. They talked about how they have the votes to ensure Kathy's departure from the BB house this week.

Rachel: "This could be huge! Game changing!"

12:35am BBT:
Talk continues. They agree to do the 4 person alliance, even though Brendon/Rachel don't really trust Kris/Hayden. They talk about how to get Britney involved to use the POV.

12:36am BBT:
It's a done deal!! Ladies & gents, meet your newest fake alliance! lol :P

Rachel: "Wanna shake on it? Let's shake on it!"
Kristen: "Yea, let's shake on it."

**The game is about be get flipped! ;)

12:57am BBT:
Rachel is almost done dyeing her hair now.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

12:58am BBT:
Cabana Room

Britney: "What's up?"
Hayden: "They're gonna do it!"
Britney: "NO WAY!!! No. way!"
Hayden: "Yep! They're gonna do it!!


Hayden tells Britney that they have to seem like there's a deal between only Brit/Hayden...even though the deal really involves Britney/Hayden/Kristen. They have to play it up for Rachel. So they make up a deal that they can individually tell Rachel so that their "deal" is the same when they talk about it. The (fake) deal is that Hayden offered Britney 2 weeks of being safe from being nominated & if he wins POV, that he'll pull her (Brit) off the block.

Britney went and told Rachel their (fake) "deal". Rachel said "That's huge!".

Britney is gonna take Hayden off the block, and the renom is gonna be Kathy.

Rachel starts to question if Kathy/Hayden are lying to her.

Rachel: "You think that Kristen would gun after us (Rach/Bren) if she stayed this week?" (**Ummm...yes!!! lol)

Britney said that she trusts Hayden, and Rachel agreed that Hayden is trustworthy, but that she's wondering if Kristen is being Hayden's puppet master and calling the shots to screw her (Rach) over.

Britney said that Kathy needs to go because she's just floating through the game anyways.

Britney told Rachel that she won't use the POV unless Rachel tells her to. She doesn't wanna go against her HOH wishes.

1:28am BBT:
HOH Landing

Rachel is still having doubts about trusting that Kristen won't gun after her if she stays this week. Britney asked if Kristen seemed geniune...

Rachel: "Yea but she acted genuine she was my best friend, and then tried to gun after me a week later." (**This past HOH comp when Kristen kept putting Rachel up against everyone to try to knock her out of the HOH comp.)

1:28am BBT:
Hot Tub

Enzo: "But if Hayden wins HOH, he's putting them both up (Rach/Bren) though, right?"
Lane: "I think so."
Enzo: "He has to!"
Lane: "I know HE would, but I dunno about Kristen!"

Enzo: "I don't trust Kristen at all! He's trying SO HARD to keep Kristen, yo!"
Lane: (talking about Kris) "There's other f**king girls out there (in the world)! ...than in the BB house."
Enzo: "That's what I'm tryin' to say..."

Lane: "My thing is..I guarantee (Hayden's) gonna tell (Kristen) about the Brigade!"
Enzo: "Yea! That's what I'm sayin'."

Enzo wants to talk to Britney to get her to *NOT* use the POV so that they can get rid of Kristen. Enzo doesn't understand how Kristen/Rachel were at each others throats, now they wanna keep Kristen. Enzo thinks that Hay/Kris/Rach/Bren made a deal with each other. Enzo also wants Kathy around so that they can use her as a pawn when they need to.

Britney comes out & joins the boys.

Enzo: "People fillin' your head with a bunch of stuff?"
Britney: "Definitely. Don't woryr, I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize y'all. They want me to use the POV to backdoor Kathy."
Enzo: "Backdoor KATHY?!??!?! What the f**k is goin' on??" (Hinting that Kathy is weak and no need to backdoor her.)
Enzo: "Just put the poor girl (Kathy) in the Jury house and be done with it!"

Enzo continues.

Enzo: "Kristen...nobody knows what she's about! With Kathy, at least you know she ain't gonna win sh*t, you can use her as a pawn..if Kristen stays, and teams up with (Rach/Bren), then who the f**k know what's gonna happen, man!"
Britney: "Yeah."

Britney: "Even if the POV is used, Kristen could still go home! All she needs is 4 votes to go. Here's 3 votes right here." (**Including Britney, which she'd vote Kathy out.)

Britney: "All you would need is Matty or somebody. Then Kristen could still go home."
Enzo: "That's true."

Okay, I fast forwarded the Flashback Feeds to 3:00am BBT so I could see where Rachel stood as far as what to do with having Britney use or not use the POV. She said that Kristen "HAS TO GO" this week, she doesn't trust her & they plan on telling Britney that Hayden/Kristen cannot be trusted. Let's see what happens today!! :D

Stay tuned...

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