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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Wednesday to all of you! :D Hope your morning is starting off on the right foot! Tonight at 8pm EST on CBS, we will see the POV Comp & Veto Ceremony episode. I'll open up the Chat Room around 7pm EST as usual! :)

I have about 10 hours of the Overnighter to cover since Hayden & Kristen didn't go to bed until 5am BBT (ughh!), so it might take a while, or I might skip over some not-so-importatant happenings in the house, otherwise I'd be here doing the Overnighter for several hours. lol :P

Let me go gather up everything & I'll start posting in sections!

6:59pm BBT:
Kitchen/Breakfast Bar

Ragan told Hayden that he's safe this week, Kristen's going home. Ragan also told him that he's gonna offer his (Ragan's) place up to Kristen to stay (since Kristen said she has no home, no job, no money, etc) before she leaves the house.

After Ragan leaves, Hayden roams around the kitchen for a few seconds and mumbles to himself...

Hayden: "I'm gonna win this whoooole thing."

7:25pm BBT:

Enzo told Lane that he doesn't trust Ragan. He also talked about how he hopes Britney wins HOH and puts up Brendon/Rachel so that the Brigade can keep their hands clean.

7:50pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Hayden offers to be there for Kathy after Kristen leaves. Kathy chokes up with tears and says...

Kathy: "I am gonna miss bad."
Hayden: "Me too."

Kathy starts talking about how if Brendon/Rachel don't get out of the house soon, they're gonna make it the whole way to the end of the game. Kathy then said she's been hiding her abilities (to win comps) but they're gonna come out.

Kathy said that she doesn't think that Ragan would put up Brendon/Rachel if he won HOH. Hayden said that Ragan told him that he would. So they made a bet: whoever is right, has to the other persons laundry for a week.

8:50pm BBT:
Sunset Bedroom

Kristen there's an alliance in the house that they don't know about it. She thinks it's weird how the girls are being targeted. Ragan said that even though the boys always hang out together (The Brigade), he doesn't think they're in an alliance. Kristen also said that it's weird that Hayden isn't campaigning. Ragan told Kristen that Hayden has actually come to him twice to talk about his vote.

Kristen told Ragan that she's been telling people that she's campaigning to that she has 3 votes and just needs the 4th, in hopes of all of them (thinking that) they'd be the 4th vote. Ragan was honest with her and told her that as of that minute, he thinks that Hayden will stay over her.

9:00pm BBT:
BB gave the HG's 8 beers and 2 bottles of wine.

10:50pm BBT:

This is a *MUST SEE* on the Flashback Feeds!! Start at 10:50pm BBT.

Enzo came out and said that he's not going back "in there" (where Brendon/Rachel) are until he's drunk. lol

"Do they still have those peanuts out?"
Enzo: "Man, they got a whole fu**ing equation goin' on in there! There's 4 canisters of nuts and..."
Britney: "Nobody wants to eat those nuts because Brendon's crusty fingers have been all in them!"
Enzo: "Tequila fingers, all over everything."
Britney: "Tequila fingers? Where do you think Brendon's fingers have been!!"
Ragan: "Why do these peanuts taste like pu**y?"

Britney: "Why do these nuts taste like a liquor favored vagina?"

Ragan asked what's going on inside the house.
Enzo: "Everyone avoiding the Taj." (aka avoiding Kris in the Sunset Room).

Enzo: "Yo, I dont' wanna go in there!"
Britney: "Just tell her that you're still weighing your options."
Enzo: "I said that LAST NIGHT!!" (**LOL)

Enzo: "I should be like, look..we'll talk about this Thursday night. Or Friday morning."

They all laugh.

Matt comes out & Enzo yells at him across the backyard...

Enzo: "I'm not going in there, bro!!!"
Matt: "Oh, come on! She said she wants to talk to you or Lane."
Enzo: "Then go get LANE!!"

Matt: "Come on, you're gonna make me look bad! I told her you'd come talk to her."

Enzo: "Tell her I'm playing pool or something!"

Talk turns to about votes.

Matt: "We should all just go in the DR and just vote for Kathy and see what happens tomorrow." (*LMAO :D)

11:00pm BBT:
Enzo sees Kristen starting to come out & Enzo freaks out. lol

Enzo: "F**K!! Here comes Kristen!!"

Enzo runs away to hide.

Enzo: "Should I just jump in the pool and act like I'm swimming???"
Britney & Ragan are laughing their butts off!!

Enzo runs towards the hot tub and undresses really quick & hops in.

Enzo: "I gotta get away from you (Matt) and tell her that you never told me that she wanted to talk to me."
Matt: "I should get you a straw so that you can hide under water, Enzo."

11:10pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon/Rachel told Hayden that Kristen is campaigning against him. Hayden thinks the only vote Kristen will get is Kathy's.

11:15pm BBT:
Kristen campaigns to Lane. (Enzo dodged the bullet. lol)
Lane told Kristen that he's voting for her stay. (**He's lying.)

11:30pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Kristen said she wants to talk to Enzo later.

11:30pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon/Rachel told Hayden that he was only up on the block to ensure that Kristen went home this week, which is better for Rachel's game play to have her out of the house. All 3 of them made a deal: if anyone of them wins HOH, they won't put any of them 3 up. If none of them win HOH, then they can next week about making another deal or an alliance (though the word "alliance" was never actually was implied.)

They express how important this HOH is tomorrow and it's gonna be interesting to see who wins and what happens.

12:31am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Enzo couldn't outrun Kristen. lol :P They finally have a talk.
Kristen said that her lease is up in 2 weeks..she has nothing.
Kristen: "I gave up EVERYTHING for this. So, I don't wanna leave."

Enzo: "I'm not gonna bullsh*t you. I'm on the fence with this one. I dunno what I'm gonna do." (**He's voting for Hayden, fellow Brigade member of course.)

1:00am BBT:
Cabana Room

Enzo joins the Cabana Room crew and tells them that he just got done with his appointment with Kristen and that she's playing "mad game". Britney asked what he told her, and he said "I told her I was on the fence." Britney said she has an "appointment" with Kristen tomorrow.

Talk turns to about how Brendon/Rachel think they have an alliance with everyone in the house for safety next week. Enzo jokes around and says...

Enzo: "Wait..I think I have an alliance with them, too!"
Everyone laughs.

Enzo & Lane leave.
Hayden whispers to Britney that Bren/Rach are desperate and tried to make a deal with him. Talk turns to about Ragan: they both agree he needs to go soon because they can't beat Ragan in the finals.

2:50am BBT:
Britney asked Enzo who he's voting for. Enzo said he's voting Kristen out.

That's about it for the Overnighter! :) Kristen & Hayden stayed up pretty late chatting, non-game stuff mostly. Lots of cute flirty stuff..they both don't want each other to forget about each other, they want whichever of them stays, to win the game. Hayden said that if he stays, he has to win the game because he has to help so many people out. They're just glad that BB brought them together and that they found each other. Real cute stuff. They talked until around 5am BBT.

I'll start the morning post shortly once the HG's wake up! :D

Stay tuned...

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