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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! Happy Friday to y'all! So yesterday, we got a new HOH for the week, and that new HOH is Matt. (By the way, Kathy is the only Have Not for the week since she was the 1st one to drop in last nights endurance comp.) Nominations are today and we will find out who Matt will put up on the block...although we already pretty much know it's going to be Brendon/Rachel. Matt told Ragan last night that he's not gonna try another backdoor plan, so that means he's just going to put them together and hope for the best. I'm more anxious to see who wins POV tomorrow than the Nomination Ceremony today.

In other news...
The 3rd article from Drew, the "Big Brother Cynic", is done! I will be posting it today when the feeds go off for the Nomination Ceremony for about 45 minutes. I think this latest article is the best one yet & I think you guys will love it, too! :D

Alrighty, let me go gather up the Overnighter. I'll be posting it in sections as always, so keep refreshing every 20 minutes or so.

7:32pm BBT:
Kitchen/Breakfast Bar

As I reported last night, Lane mentioned to Matt that Rachel was already trying to make a deal with Matt to keep her & Brendon off the block. Matt had no idea because he never heard her, but apparently she offered him the $5,000 she won during the POV Comp last week to keep her & Brendon off the block.

Lane: "It was like, 5 seconds, before she started to try to make a deal with you."
Matt: "When was this??"
Lane: "When we were walking over by the pool.."
Matt: "When (the HOH comp) was all done? Did I ignore her?..I didn't hear her."
Lane: "Yea, you didn't say anything."
Matt: "Oh, I didn't hear her. I'll take it!...and then vote her outta the house!"

8:50pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Rachel told Ragan (with crocodile tears) that she feels like there's been distance between them (Ragan/Rach).

Ragan totally disagreed and told her that Kristen was his friend, and she (Rach) is his friend. He has no hard feelings towards her for getting Kristen out, it's just hard for Ragan because this is the first HG to leave that felt like a friend was leaving.

9:05pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Ragan told Matt about his convo he just had with Ragan. Ragan said he thinks it was an attempt by Rachel to reconnect with Ragan. Matt thinks it might have been a way for her to get close to him, so that she could get close to Matt and hopefully save her & Brendon from getting nom'ed this week.

Ragan: "They're gonna..."
Matt: *rolls eyes* "..offer me $5,000..."
Ragan: "They're gonna work every angle..they're gonna work me SOOO HARDDD, I can already tell."

Ragan then tells Matt to keep his Nomination Ceremony speech "exclusively about sportsmanship". Matt said he's going to be objective and tell them they've been winning something (HOH/POV) every single week and that's scary and that they're the strongest in the house.

12:34am BBT:
Matt comes out of the Diary Room...


All HG's make their way up to the HOH room.

Matt read his letter from home. The letter was from his mom & dad. They even wished him a "Happy Belated Birthday". (**Way to cover up his tracks, Matt's parents. lol)

Britney comments that they (the HG's) have never seen a clear picture of his wife yet.

Matt: "You guys will see soon, I promise she's not like a burn victim or something."

Matt rummages through his HOH basket. He said that he thinks the stuff in the HOH basket is from his mom & dad this time.

12:51am BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room

Britney used her mic pack and pretended she 'got a call' on her cell phone, talking smack about Lane dropping so early in the comp last night.

Britney: "Uh huh..yea, he didn't eat any slow-burning carbs. That was his problem."

Britney looks at Lane and says..

Britney: "Oh, not you! Not you...I'm talking about another Lane."
**Totally worth it to check this out on the Flashback Feeds! lol

2:10am BBT:
HOH Room

After Brendon/Rachel left the HOH room, Ragan entered. Matt & Britney told Ragan that the convo they had with Brechel was "horrible". The convo was about how girls in Vegas are more likely to be bisexual. (The convo started with about Annie being bisexual but not a lesbian.) Rachel told them that she's (Rach) is not bisexual and that she wouldn't like doing the 'downtown' thing.

Ragan enters.

Britney: "Oh my gosh, Ragan. That (convo) was horrible!"
Matt: "Britney totally just took one for the team."

Ragan: "I'm sorry, I just couldn't (come up here)."

Ragan thinks there's gonna be tons of drama after Rachel & Brendon get nominated today.

Ragan: "So tomorrow, is when the theatrics will start!"

Britney said that they're gonna hang around Matt as much as possible so that Brendon/Rachel can't have a chance to talk to him before today's Nomination Ceremony (which they think will be around 5pm BBT).

As talk progressed, Matt said he wants to get Rachel out this week..not Brendon. He said that Rachel is better at the comps than Brendon.

2:49am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Enzo starts off the convo by saying...

Enzo: "I think Rachel should go home."
Kathy: "I think so, too."

Lane agreed.

The Brigade (and Ragan & Kathy) are all on the same page to vote Rachel out this week it seems.

3:10am BBT:
Cabana Room

Enzo told Hayden that he's tired of Ragan always hanging around the Brigade and he's worried to who Matt is truly aligned with: The Brigade or Ragan. Enzo thinks Matt/Ragan are "getting too close" and everyone in the house likes him (Ragan), which is a dangerous thing. Hayden agreed.

Enzo then said that if "they" (the brigade) win HOH for the next couple of weeks, then they're golden. They talk about them (Hay/Enzo) offering Brendon a secret & fake alliance to protect them in case he (Bren) wins HOH next week. But if the boys win HOH next week, they'll put Brendon up.

Enzo said that Matt told him he wants the Final 6 to be:
The Brigade + Ragan/Britney

Enzo is afraid that Matt will use Ragan to get to the Final 2, so he wants the Final 6 to be:
The Brigade + Kathy/Britney

Enzo said that Kathy can't win anything anyways, she's not a threat.
(**And that's exactly how floaters win this game.)

4:09am BBT:
HOH Room

The boys talked about how they think Rachel would use the POV (if she won it) to save Brendon instead of herself because they (Brendon/Rachel) will think Brendon is this weeks target.

Enzo: "Rachel's gotta go..she was supposed to go Week f**kin' 1, anyways."
Matt: "Keeping Kathy till Final 5 might be smart. We need The Brigade + 1 weak person so we can beat them."
Enzo: "Exactly!!!"

Okie dokie, that's it for the Overnighter!! :D There were a couple of things that I didn't touch on in the Overnighter, so let me do some cliffnotes real quick:

*Rachel bashed BB11's winner Jordan. (**Which is funny since Jordo & Jeff will be in the house soon. lol)

*The Brigade + Britney + Ragan are playing this game called "Trapping": it's where people will leave a room, leaving that person with someone they don't wanna talk to. lol (Example: Everyone would leave Matt to talk to Brendon & Rachel alone, or leaving Enzo to talk to Kathy alone.)

*Brendon is getting more & more upset with Rachel talking about guys she's made out with, her life in Vegas, etc etc. He doesn't think that she'll ever move from Vegas to be with him and that he's just gonna get hurt in the long run.

I'll be starting the morning post shortly!! :D

Stay tuned...

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