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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House

The morning post was super short due to BB waking up the HG's late today. Nothing really happened, as far as game play, so far in the BB house. Let's see what the afternoon has in store!

Also, I loved everyones comments on who they want to see win HOH tomorrow and the reasoning behind the HG's you'd like to see win it!! Some very interesting thoughts!! If you haven't checked out the comment section from the Morning post, go check it out and chime on in!

Currently on the live feeds...

12:11pm BBT:
All 4 feeds are on Kristen & Kathy doing their makeup in the bathroom at the moment.

12:17pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Enzo: "When Kristen was talking game to me, I was falling asleep, so I was oh shit, I gotta say I was like 'Yea, I'm gonna do it.' and she was like 'do what?'" (*LOL)

Enzo, again, said that he doesn't trust Ragan. They also both agree that they feel safe if Kathy wins HOH.

12:51pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Enzo is complaining that it's HOH picture day & the others don't feel like taking pics today either.

BB: "Rachel, please go to the Diary Room." (..and get your HOH camera.)

Everyone mumbles & grumbles in the Cabana Room. lol They plan to act like they're asleep.

*Everyone grumbles again but then acts excited when Rachel goes into the Cabana Room.*

Ragan & Matt put on Rachel's hair extensions and Ragan did a WONDERFUL job at mocking/imitdating was SPOT ON!!! lol :D


Rachel took video of the whole 'Ragan as Rachel' skit, I'm hoping CBS uploads it!! It's HILARIOUS!!! lol You can always go back & watch it on the Flashback Feeds, start at 1:00pm BBT!

1:09pm BBT:
The HG's took their weekly Cabana Room pic of all the HG's.

All the HG's then replayed the video of Ragan mocking Rachel & cracked up at it.

Enzo: "WOWWWWW!!"

Kathy said she wants a copy of that video.

1:42pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Britney is talking to us live feeders.

Britney: "We all dreaded the HOH pictures. If Brendon doesn't stop with that wizard voice, then he wins by default because we're all walking out. He thinks he's a wizard! Rachel is wearing super tight leggins today. She looks naked. I do my best to trap Enzo to talk to Kristen because he hates talking to her the most. Matt is cracking because he's missing his wife. I miss Nick..I miss everybody."

3:31pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

After the HG's took naps (..they're bored because they're on inside lockdown lol)...the house started to come back alive! :)

Britney & Matt talked about what BB is building outside for tomorrow's HOH comp. They think it could be phsyical or endurance, or something for a Double Eviction, though they think it might be too early in the game for a Double Eviction.

(**Like I said before, it *should* be a physical HOH comp if BB is following the same schedule as past seasons.)

Brendon then joined Britney/Matt in the Palm Bedroom and they're talking about food. They wonder how much BB spends per week on groceries. They then start talking about how much they spend on their own groceries. Britney said that her & her man Nick eat at home every night to save money.

3:50pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Spider lashes is telling Kristen that she knows what she's feeling: being on the block and not knowing if she's staying or going.

Kathy: "And even if people did tell you 'you're okay!', you still can't believe'em..ya know?"
Kristen: "Rachel is probably using her $5,000 on...(inaudible)."
Kathy: "She might have already used it..on that POV."

Kathy: "Who's in the shower?"
Kristen: "In the shower, I think."
Kathy: "How's he doin'?"
Kristen: "I think he knows that he has the votes. Because he hasn't talked to anybody the way that I have. Or maybe we just handle things different."

(Kristen is talking VERY quietly. Hard to hear.)

Kathy is "appalled" at Ragan for not giving Kristen a vote, after him always saying "I love Kristen!".
Kristen: "It should be a no-brainer for (Ragan). It'd benefit him to keep me in the game."
Kathy: "I know it."

Kristen starts crying all of a sudden.

Kristen: "I don't wanna go home."
Kathy: "I know you don't. I need you here!"

4:10pm BBT:
All 4 feeds are still on Kristen/Kathy in the Cabana Room. They're wondering if Lane's vote that he promised Kristen is real or not. (**Nope.)

Stay tuned...

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