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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Overnighter

Happy Tuesday morning, y'all! :D Well, from the Veto Ceremony yesterday, we learned that Britney did not use the POV to save Hayden nor Kristen. This means that Kristen is going to go home...and Kristen is having a really hard time accepting that fact. She's been talking to various HG's about how bad she wants to stay (mostly just to piss Rachel off, since Rachel wants her out so badly), and she's also pissed that Andrew ruined her game.

Note: Andrew's twitter account name has been changed:

Also, Annie is on twitter:

Let's see what happened last night! I'm gonna do a cliffnotes'ish version of the Overnighter today with some screencaps. Anything that is vital to the game, I will of course transcribe! :)

7:56pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Hadyen said he's gonna take Kristen out on a date after the BB wrap party. She said "you better".

Talk switches to about voting.

Kristen: "I don't think you're going home though. I really don't."
Hayden: "There's a chance."
Kristen: "Ragan said it's gonna be 6-1 I stay, or 6-1 you (Hay) stay."
Hayden: "I think it's gonna be a 4-3 vote."
Kristen: "I do too."

Hayden said that Kristen has: Ragan/Kathy/Britney.
Kristen: "I may not have Ragan though, cuz I think Matt is working with Brendon/Rachel, and they'll want him (Matt) to keep you (Hay)."

Hayden played it off like he wasn't sure if he (Hay) would have Matt or Enzo's vote, but obviously he does.

8:40pm BBT:
The HG's got 4 bottles of wine last night.

10:40pm BBT:

They were bashing on Brendon and how he always has a "life experience" about whatever they're talking about at the moment.

Britney: "You could be like, I had a turtle once..and he'll jump in and say "I used to have a turtle farm!"

They also bashed Rachel about how she's always bending over, doggystyle, in the yard in front of the BY camera.

Britney: "I've seen her vagina more than her gynecologist!"

**It's really a funny convo & recommend watching it on the flashback feeds. You'll get a laugh out of it. lol :P

11:10pm BBT:
HOH Room

..and the fights between these two continue.

Earlier, Rachel was going on & on about much she loves Vegas, she'll never leave Vegas, she once sold a $25,000 bottle of Crystal champagne in Vegas, guys need to throw money around to impress girls in Vegas (in which, Lane said he'd never be able to get laid in Vegas if that's the case. lol)

Brendon told Rachel that he's tired of her always saying how much she loves Vegas and that she'll never leave there.

Rachel just stared at him the whole time.

She goes to walk away, he begs her not to, she says...

Rachel: "I am Vegas!" (It's who she is, she can't change that, etc.)
Rachel: "I love where I live, and this is who I am. I'm never not gonna be Vegas."
Brendon: "But do you need to plug it 24/7?"

Brendon is scared that she loves Vegas so much that she'll never move away from it. Brendon can't move to Vegas "anytime soon" and Rachel knows that.

11:45pm BBT:
Kristen campaigned to Matt. (Kinda pointless, since he's part of the Brigade.)

12:00am BBT:
Rachel/Brendon made up & all is well again..for now. :P

12:05am BBT:
Kristen campaigned to Ragan.
She told Ragan that the guys are going to be going after the weaker guys (like Ragan) and that he'll need a strong girl like her on his side.

Kristen: "Next week if Brendon wins HOH, it will be me and Kathy up on the block and you'll be safe another week."

12:10am BBT:
Rachel is drunk.

12:40am BBT:
Ragan & Kristen are still talking. Ragan is surprised that Kristen thinks she has Lane's vote because Ragan doesn't see what's 'in it for him' to keep her over Hayden. He says he's gonna talk to him & 'feel him out'. See where his heads at. Kristen said to keep their convo (Rag/Kris) private.

Ragan told her that he will keep his mind open for the next couple of days (about who to vote out).

1:15am BBT:
Rachel & Brendon had a mini fight before they went to bed. Brendon was mad that Rachel accidently showed her boobs, so she sleeps on the floor in the HOH room, as Brendon slept in bed. He then picked her up off the floor and put her into bed, as she said no because she wanted to brush her teeth and take out her contacts. Note: Rachel was smashed from drinking so much wine. By 1:40am BBT, they were kissing in the HOH bed. All is well, again.

1:50am BBT:
It appears that Rachel/Brendon might be having sex again. (Moaning, movement under the covers, kissing, etc.)

Okie dokie, that's it for the Overnighter! Let's see what today brings. Will Kristen successfully get the 4 votes to stay in the house? Doubtful, but we'll see! She's certainly gonna try. I'll start the morning post once the HG's get up & start moving around a bit. :)

Stay tuned...

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