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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB fans!! :D Between 12pm BBT-2pm BBT, nothing much happened. Let's see what did happen, though:

*Rachel said she dyed her hair red because she was tied of it being brown, but didn't want to go blonde since she's always saying "like". (**lol)

*Lane/Enzo went into the Diary Room together while nobody was looking.
*Hayden is a free man!! :D He was let out of the Have Not's Room around 1pm.

Currently on the live feeds...

1:55pm BBT:
Cabana Room
Hayden/Hippie..err, Kristen :P

Kristen told Hayden about her talk with Britney, about Britney using the Veto to save Kristen and being in an alliances with her. She also told Hayden that she said she'd offer herself up as a nom if Britney won HOH so that "blood wouldn't be on her hands" with at least 1 nominated HG.

Kristen: "Everything that I offered her, included you."

Kristen was whispering a lot and her mic was acting up, like someone shaking it, so it was hard to hear her convo. BB told her to reattach her mic and she said it was looked fine to her.

2pm BBT-2:40pm BBT, for some reason, the feeds have been on "We'll Be Right Back". (Movie set up for Rachel/Brendon/Enzo?)

3:04pm BBT:
Feeds are back. Enzo/Rachel/Brendon are missing. They must be up in the HOH room watching their Will Ferrell movie. :)

Here's the trailer for "The Other Guys" (the movie Bren/Rach/Enzo are watching.)

3:11pm BBT:
A look at all 4 feeds:

Kathy is sleeping on Cam 1.
Ragan is sleeping on Cam 2.
Britney/Matt/Kristen/Lane are by the pool on Cams 3 & 4.

Poolside chatter is light & fun. Kristen said she wants her profile pic (for Facebook?) to be of her in the unitard.

Britney is talking about how her & Matt had Rachel's hair extensions on and they Rachel walked in and her mouth dropped to the floor & tried to play it off as being funny.

Talk turns to how they miss Enzo describing ways that he was gonna break out of the house. (Pole vaulting over the backyard wall, digging out with a spoon, etc).

Britney: "He said that he likes it here so much now that his family can come here and visit. But I miss hearing him tell us how he wanted to escape."

3:42pm BBT:
Poolside chatter contiues. Current topic is about past BB houseguests. Britney thinks Jace & Evel Dick were "douches", event though she loved watching Evel Dick...he was her favorite houseguest to watch that season. Britney goes on to say that she doesn't like showmances, but that Jeff/Jordan were different because they weren't saying "I Love You".

Matt is lounging with his hand down his pants..again. :/

3:56pm BBT:
Hot Tube

Lane told Matt that Britney said there's no way she's using the POV this week: she wants Kristen gone for sure. Talk turns to about a Double Eviction and getting Brendon out ASAP.

Lane said that as soon as Kristen is gone, he's gonna be in a (fake) alliance with Rachel/Brendon so that he has some influence on nominations.

Matt: "But if Hayden wins HOH, he'll put (Brendon/Rachel) up, right?"
Lane: "Oh yea!"

Lane said that they need to keep Ragan and Kathy, because that ensures the Brigade safe each week that they're in the they can be used as pawns against any Brigade member and then vote them (the pawn) out.

Lane: "I'd loooooove to be that guy that puts Brendon & Rachel up on the block!"
Matt: "Do it! Fight for (HOH)!"
Lane: "But it'd be better for someone like Britney to do it. But man, I'd love to do it!"

Matt said that they'll get Brendon & Rachel out, then start picking off their side-alliances (Ragan/Britney).

Stay tuned...
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