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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! Happy's *LIVE SHOW DAY*!!!! w00t w00t!! :D Today's HOH competition is gonna be HUGE!!!! No matter who wins, there's bound to be drama this week! I loved reading everyone's comments yesterday on who you would like to see win HOH today & why.

Speaking of HOH...
I'm starting to wonder if tonight's HOH comp is indeed an endurance comp. From their very long lockdown, to welding being heard by the's got all the classic Endurance Comp signs!! I was more shocked by BB going out of their normal competitions schedule and having one a couple of weeks ago. I guess BB is really living up to their "Expect the Unexpected" moto this year. lol ;) If tonight's HOH comp is indeed endurance, there's only way to watch it & that's by getting the Live Feeds!!

Voting ended last night for the new saboteur and we will find out on this Sunday's episode who had the most votes & if they accepted the offer!! According to the poll right here on the blog, it's going to be a very close race between Enzo & Ragan!

Alrighty, let me go gather up the Overnighter!! Not too much happened last night, but definitely some things worth mentioning & that's what I'll cover this morning.

9:05pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

The girls took another bath together last night..clay facial masks & all! They talked about tonight's HOH comp & live eviction.

Rachel: "I feel that whoever wins this HOH, will start to see how the tables are turned." (as far as alliances, etc)
Britney: "I think this eviction is easy, it's gonna be a 6-1 vote."
Rachel: "I think so, too."

Both of them talked about the possiblity of an endurance comp tonight. Britney said that she can't handle cold (eg: cold water) and that Matt can't either.

Brendon walks in & the talk continues. Rachel said she thinks they (Brit/Rach/Bren) will be safe if Enzo wins HOH this week. Brendon said he's confident that he can beat Matt in an endurance comp.

10:46pm BBT:

Kristen cut Matt's hair for him.

11:10pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom
Ragan/Britney/Matt...then Lane/Enzo

Britney told Ragan/Matt/Lane everything that Brendon/Rachel said up in the HOH room during her bath with Rachel.

Britney: "They are crapping their pants, afriad that Matt's gonna win HOH! Brendon was like 'he's weak, I've ran marathons...'"
Ragan: "They said that??"

Enzo & Lane then enter the bedroom & Britney tells them everything that Brendon/Rachel said upstairs during her HOH bath w/ Rachel.

Britney: "They said that you (Lane) are too big to win an endurance comp."

Matt, now that his ego is inflated even more by hearing that Brendon is scared of Matt winning tonight's HOH, is pumped up & ready to win the HOH comp. (**All part of Britney's plan? Hmmm. ;) )

12:00am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel is massaging Brendon down.

Brendon: "Can you use lotion? You're pulling the hair out of my legs and it hurts."
Rachel: "Brendon, stop being such a baby."

Rachel then asked Brendon what he thinks America thinks about them.
Rachel: "Brendon, what if America hates me? What if they think we're the Nerd Heard?"
Brendon: "They don't hate you! They don't think you're the Nerd Heard!"

Talk turns about tonight's HOH comp. Rachel told Brendon to not make any deals with anyone if it's between him one or two other HG's remaining (if it's endurance).

12:27am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Both Ragan and Britney agreed that this week is gonna be "drama filled" no matter who wins HOH. (**Oh, I agree!!! Bring on the drama!! lol)

Britney: "I think it'd be worse if you or I won HOH..but, I'm fighting for it. I don't care. If Brendon drops, I have no problem letting Matt/Lane/Enzo/Hayden win it. No problem."
Ragan: "Right."
Britney: "But as long as Brendon is up there, I'm up there!"
Ragan: "Me too."

Britney said she's ready for Brendon/Rachel to be gone because she's tired of being "in the middle".

Britney: "I'm so tired of being asked what everyone is going to do!" (going back/forth between Brendon/Rach and the rest of the house).

Britney: "I'm tired of being used as a spy for this house!"

12:32am BBT:
Dining Room Table

The boys are talking about the HOH comp. (Seemed to be the most popular topic in the house last night.)

Enzo: "Im scared of who Ragan would put up if he wins HOH!"
Matt: "If Brendon wins, it's all over. We're fu**ing done."
Enzo: "No, he'd put up Kathy! That's what he told me."
Matt: "I dunno...I don't believe it."
Enzo: "I'll tell him 'yo, we had a put up Kathy.'"

Lane & Matt leave.
Enzo talks to the camera.

Enzo: "It's getting crazy, yo! It's gettin' tight!"

12:49am BBT:

Lane asked Britney if Brendon/Rachel said who they'd put up if they won HOH.

Britney: "No, they never told me who they'd put up. They don't tell me much."

Note: Brendon/Rachel said that they'd probably put up Matt and/or Ragan. Britney is just running game. ;)

1:02am BBT:

Ragan told Matt that even thought everyone is targeting Brendon, it might be smarter to get Rachel out first because she's smarter and won two HOH comps already.

Ragan: "Rachel's the one who studies the house!"
Matt: "Yeah."

They also talked about throwing the HOH to each other. (Ragan seems like he doesn't want a target on his back, so he doesn't wanna win this weeks HOH. But Matt seems to be on the same page as Ragan, so it'll be interesting to see what happens.)

1:15am BBT:
Sunset Room

The boys were playfully giving Kathy a hard time. Kathy said she was a cancer surivor and Lane said he'd take away her stuffed monkey & see how tough she is!

Lane: "I'm gonna take that monkey away from and make you angry so that you can use that anger tomorrow (for the HOH comp)!"

Kathy laughed.

Enzo: "Do NOT accept defeat!"
Lane: "If you don't win HOH, then I won't talk to you for a week!"
Enzo: "If you don't win, you don't get a cigarette for 2 days!!"
Lane: "If you 1st, I'm taking ALL your smokes! If you drop 2nd, I'll take half the pack!" I will follow you around, and if you try to light one up, I will take it out of your mouth and stomp on it!"
Enzo: "I'll eat it!"
Lane: "He'll do it! I've seen him do it!"

It really is a funny convo & totally worth watching on the Flashback Feeds!

Okie dokie, that's it for the Overnighter!! As soon as the HG's wake up for the day, I'll start the morning post! :D

Stay tuned...

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