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Friday, August 6, 2010

Morning in the BB House

Good morning (or afternoon, depending on where in the country you are)! Today on the feeds, we will see the reaction from Brendon & Rachel getting put up on the block after the Nomination Ceremony this afternoon. Rachel has already offered Matt her $5,000 to stay off the block, but like Matt said last night, he never even heard her offer it. So, will she offer the bribe again? Will Matt take it & still plan on evicting her?

BB12's Sabatour Info:

There's a lot of confusion on this whole saboteur/pandoras box thing, so I went and transcribed Thursday night's episode when Julie Chen talked about it.

"Whoever wins this competition, will be tempted by pandoras box. Inside it, awaits a game changing power!

If he or she accepts this power, they will unknowingly unleash the new saboteur! Will the new HOH become the houseguests' worst nightmare?"

-Julie Chen-

The Fine Print of the Sab Info:
"If the person with the most votes is evicted, the person with the next most votes will be given the offer to become the saboteur. If the Houseguest declines the offer, or if the Head of Household doesn't open Pandora's Box, there will not be a saboteur from this vote."

Also, don't forget that BB11's Jeff & Jordan will be entering the BB house sometime soon, as we learned from last night's live show!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

8:45am BBT:
BB wakes up the HG's.

9:17am BBT:
Cabana Room

The HG's are trying to wake up for the day. The endurance comp kicked their butts a little bit.

Britney: "My arms are sooo sore, I don't even know if I can put clothes on today."

9:43am BBT:
Cabana Room

BB: "Ragan, please go to the Diary Room."
Lane: "Why do you get to go??"
Ragan: "Because I'm bringing sexy back."

9:46am BBT:
Britney told Rachel that her "shorts" look like panties. lol :P

Rachel goes into the bathroom and asked Kathy if they're too short.
Kathy: "To wear for the day?"
Rachel: "No, I was gonna make pancakes wearing them though."

9:49am BBT:
Sunset Room

Enzo is pitching his (fake) alliance plan to Brendon.

Enzo: "Since Kristen is gone, Hayden is a free agent now!"

Brendon said that he wants to leave the house before Rachel. Enzo said that's probably why "they" want her (Rach) out before him.

Brendon: "Rachel deserves to be here more than me."

Enzo starts talking about how he (Enzo) can't trust Matt and how you can't talk to him without Ragan or Britney being with him. (**Enzo is actually being truthful with Brendon. He told Hayden the same things last night.)

9:56am BBT:
Brendon told Enzo that Kristen told him that Enzo/Lane/Hayden are in an alliance.

Enzo: "Just because I like to play pool with the boys, doesn't mean I'm in an alliance with them."
Brendon: "She was just using Hayden anyways."

Rachel comes in & says "I'm awesome!"

Rachel is bitching about (how Britney said) her shorts were too short. (Though she didn't mention Britney's name).

Rachel: "I'm sorry that I have a cute butt and that I'm curvy!"

Brendon & Enzo are totally lost! lol They have no clue what the hell she's talking about. They start laughing.

Brendon: "I hope she (Rach) talks to me like a normal person when we get outta here!"

So Rachel changes into this instead:


10:20am BBT:
Storage Room

Rachel trapped Matt and asked if they could talk later. Matt said yea, after BB gives him back his room.

As he walked away, he said quietly that he'd rather be shot in the face and begged BB to not give him his room back. lol

11:27am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Britney is telling the boys how Rachel is pissed off at her comments that her shorts were too short.

Britney: "Those things were boy shorts! Panties. Did you see them?"

Britney then said she heard Rachel say that Brit is jealous of her body.

Britney: "If I wanted her body, I'd go into the storage room and eat everything in it."

Speaking of Rachel...

It seems that she put some tights on under her dress.

Stay tuned...

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