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Monday, August 2, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House + Veto Ceremony Spoiler

Rachel told Britney to *NOT* use the POV on anyone today. Britney went to go tell Hayden, but on her way, BB called her into the Diary Room...stopping her from telling Hayden. Then BB called for the lockdown and the Veto Ceremony has now started!! So one of two things is gonna happen:

1) Britney won't use the POV and Hayden is gonna wonder why & be pissed that Kristen will go be going home.
2) Britney is gonna use the POV and piss off Rachel/Brendon.

12:07pm BBT:

12:07pm BBT:
HOH Room

Hayden: "I'm not mad at you, I'm gonna need you (after Kristen goes home)."
Britney: "100%, I have your back Hayden. 100%! This sucks. I feel bad for Kristen. I can't believe that Kathy is down there with Kristen right now, when Kathy begged me to not use the POV today."

Britney said it was nothing personal (not taking him down off the block), she just couldn't risk Lane being put up as a renom.

Britney: "I'm REALLY, really sorry Hayden!!! At least it takes a target off your back (with Kristen going home now)".

Hayden seems really sad and irritated.

12:17pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Hayden is saying "no hard feelings" and is talking about working with Rach/Brendon because now Hayden "has nobody" (except the Brigade lol). Brendon said they can give it a few days to talk and whatnot. Brendon also said no hard feelings.

12:30pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Hayden: "This sucks. You okay?"
Kristen: "Mmm hmm."
Hayden: "Britney had to do what was best for her game."

12:35pm BBT:

Britney is telling Enzo that he has to win HOH and that Brendon/Rachel have to go.

Lane joins.

Enzo is telling Lane that Rachel wanted to put up Lane. Lane said yea, but that's just to ensure that Kristen was gonna go home.

Lane: "What, you think you can backdoor-pawn a Brigade member?" (*LOL)

Kathy comes out to smoke on the backyard couch. Enzo & Lane start teasing her in good fun.

Enzo: "At least you put your shades on this time (while you smoke), makes ya look cooler..."

Kathy has never played her life! So she's asking Lane about "putting balls in the pyramid" thing.

Kathy: "Do you just put all the balls in there?"

Lane: (overacting..) "You've been here for 40 DAYS!!!! 40 DAYS!!!!! And you don't KNOW?!?!??!"

They go on to making fun of Kathy & have a few laughs in the process.

12:51pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Kristen is softly crying. Hayden said it sucks that he won't be able to see her for 2 months.

12:54pm BBT:

Talk & laughter all around. Britney said she did what she had to do. Ragan said she made a smart move in the game.

1:01pm BBT:
HOH Room

They're saying that they REALLY trust Britney and Rachel said she hopes either Brendon or Britney wins HOH this week.

1:03pm BBT:
Storage Room

Ragan doesn't believe that Britney would have ever "entertained the thought" of Rachel wanting to use Lane as the renom. Matt is saying he doesn't believe some of what Britney is saying to them.

Matt: "As long as the house is back on the same page, I don't really care. Try again next week. It'll be another failure!" (re: getting Bren/Rach out.)

1:10pm BBT:

Britney is saying that she's gonna text Lane all the time when they get out of the house. lol :P

Britney: "I'm a big fan of the 1-10 scale. So like, if you did a girl, I'd ask you to rate it."
Lane: "On my performance? Or the whole thing in general?" (**LOL!!)

Here's some eye-candy for you fella's out there...

Lane & Britney are talking about catching a (football?) game when they get out of the house and where they'd sleep for the night. Lane said they can stay with his sister.

1:39pm BBT:
The 'Meow Meow' is taking a cat nap.

Kristen/Hayden are spending some cute time alone together in the Sunset Room. Rachel is working out on the elliptical. Matt is chillin' on the backyard couches where Enzo is. All others are off-camera.

Stay tuned...

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