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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Overnighter

Gooooood morning, everyone!!! Happy Sunday! :D I am back & refreshed, got my 'blogging battery' all charged up & I'm ready to do another month of non-stop blogging again!! Thank you for being so understanding & for all the out pouring of support from all of you while I was gone! Y'all rock!! :D

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter and cover everything that we missed while I was catching up some much needed sleep! ;)

Sidenote: Matt claimed that yesterday was his birthday and that he turned 30, this is not true. He was 32 when he entered the house and his birthday is in (I believe) March.

Yesterday's POV Comp Prizes were:
*Rachel won $5k
*Kristen got the unitard
*Hayden got 24 hour confinement to the Have Not's Room
*Enzo won a $5,000 TV
*Ragan won a pov pass
*Britney won the POV

At 7:59pm BBT, Kristen came out of the Diary Room & showed off her unitard. Ragan got a big laugh out of it! (Look at the expression on his face...priceless!! lol)

Rachel: "Do you have to wear the wig the whole time, too?"
Kristen: "yeah, as soon as i wake up in the morning, i have to put it back on. So in the middle of the night
when I'm going to the bathroom, i have to put this on."
Ragan: "OH.MY.GOSH!!"

Kristen kept Hayden, who is on a 24 hour Have Not's room confinement, company last night by talking to him through the door.

She told him about her unitard and that it's see-thru (which it slighty is, actually).

11:20pm BBT:
Sunset Room
Kristen's only hope of staying was to talk to Britney and form an alliance with her.

Kristen told Britney that Andrew "fu**ed her game" (**More like destroyed. it. lol) Kristen told Britney that she's in a financial bind and "needs" to get to the jury house. She asked Britney to take her or Hayden off the block. She told Britney that if she (Brit) won HOH, then she (Kris) would volunteer to go on the block...not as a pawn, to be put "straight up".

Kristen: "You'd be doing me a big life favor! You're my last hope."

Britney asked if she was in Final 2, up against anyone but Hayden, if Brit would have Kris's vote. Kris said yes and
swore on her mothers life. Kris said that if hayden was on the jury, then brit would have his vote as well.

Britney told Kristen that she's consider it and think about it, then talk to her & Hayden both.

1:00am BBT:
HOH Room

The girls talked about Double Eviction (which Rachel has been talking about daily for a few days now, she wants to get Kathy/Kristen both out this week). They also talked about America's Player, and Coupe De Tat and how all of those would totally flip the house upside down and it'd be "crazy". (**Ironically, they didn't talk about Pandora's box yet, and with Ragan being obsessed with BB11's Natalie, I'm surprised he hasn't really brought it up either.)

The girls talked about the POV Pass that Ragan won. Rachel thinks that next week, something is gonna happen to wear it's gonna be important to play for the POV, otherwise BB would have never gave them the option to win the POV pass.

Talk turns to about Kathy. The girls say she's bad luck because she was best friends with Monet, then Monet went she's best friends with Kristen, and Kristen is going home.

Rachel: "Then she was best friends with Andrew out of nowhere!"

Meanwhile, downstairs...

1:00am BBT:
Have Not's Room Door
Kristen is still keeping Hayden company.

She played "20 Questions" with him. (It's the game where you have 20 questions to guess what the other person is it an animal, is it a car, is it a city, is it brown, etc etc.)

**The rest of the night, the HG's talked about the usual stuff they talk about during late night: Kathy should go home soon, Brendon/Rachel still think that nobody will put them up (**Boy is that gonna be a shock to them when they're nom'ed. lol), that Brendon should go before Rachel because Rachel will mentally lose it and fall apart or quit the game, who would nominate who if they won HOH, etc etc. The only thing new is that Enzo thinks it might be smarter to get Rachel out before Brendon since she's won 2 HOH's so far. He thinks she's a better player than Brendon and more of a threat.

Okie dokie, that's it for the Overnighter! :D As of 7:22am BBT, the HG's are still sleeping.

I will start the morning post once the HG's wake up (or get woken up by BB) & start moving around the house! :D

Stay tuned...

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