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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Overnighter (Updated)

UPDATED @ 8:40pm EST (5:40pm BBT):
**I'm taking the rest of the day off, guys. Meet me back here tomorrow morning with The Overnighter! :) The HG's got up at 1pm BBT and hven't been doing much of anything all day today. Lots of chilling out and lounging, sleeping, playing with a nerf football..good times. lol :P See y'all in the morning!!

The Overnighter:
Good morning, y'all!! Happy Friday!! :D Well, the season is coming to an end...I probably should provide some sort of "detox" program, but I don't have one. lol I will, however, keep the chat room open for about a week after BB ends so that we can all keep in touch and talk about various BB topics. :) Hopefully that will help us with BB withdrawal symptoms. lol

Let's do some game talk...
Last night, I was thinking about Enzo and how he's a goner in the game since he lost Part 1 and Part 2 of the Final HOH comps...but then I started thinking, I don't think he's totally out of the game just yet and I'll tell ya why: if Lane wins Part 3 of the Final HOH Comp (which is a mental comp..not Lane's strongest area lol), I can see him taking Enzo to the Final 2 with him. As Lane has been saying all along, he thinks he's playing for only $50, matter if he's up against Hayden or Enzo. The only difference is, he has a better shot at winning against Enzo in a F2 scenario, than with Hayden..who will definitely win against Lane. So don't count Enzo out just yet, though his fate in the game looks to be sealed already at this point. Hey, it is Big Brother and anything can happen. ;)

Okay, it's time for the Overnighter! I'm gonna start at around 9:15pm BBT when the feeds came back on from the Final 3 Dinner that BB gave them.

9:08pm BBT:

Enzo spent a lot of time thinking about how he lost BB12 (or at least it seems that way). He talked to himself at various time during the night, verbally beating himself up for not winning Part 1 or Part 2 of the Final HOH.

Enzo: "F**k. Aww man. Wifey's gotta go back to work now."

Lane comes out a minute later, wearing his homemade Bra-gade tshirt that the boys all made (courtesy of BB).

Lane: "Whatcha thinkin'? You upset?"
Enzo: "Yea. Man, I had a golden opportunity to win $500,000. I just lost it today."
Lane: "Ehh. Don't be upset."
Enzo: "You got a good shot! If you beat Hayden (in Part 3), you got a good shot."
Lane: "I think I'm still only playing for $50,000."

Enzo: "This sucks, man."

9:24pm BBT:
Pool Table

Hayden told Lane that Enzo will win if they take him to Final 2. (This is Hayden's way of making sure that Lane takes F2 if Lane wins Part 3 of the Final HOH.)

9:35pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room Area
Lane/Hayden (Enzo is outside, looking depressed on a BY lounger.)

Hayden: "If you win and take me to Final 2, (you can) throw me under the bus as much as you want."
Lane: "You can't be pissed (if I do). There's not a lot that I can say (bad) about you anyways."
Hayden: "Even if I win and take YOU to final 2, you can STILL throw me under the bus."
Lane: "Naww..if I don't win this last one, there's no point (to throw you under the bus)."

Enzo's mic bleeds into Lane/Hayden's audio from the BY.

Enzo: "Perfect chance to win $500 G's, man."

Lane and Hayden get up and heads toward the storage room. BB gives us a good shot of the Final 3 dinner set-up.

They had steak, lobster, and champagne.

10:34pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Lane & Hayden have been talking by the hot tub for some time now. When Lane went into the house to grab more beers, Hayden talked to the cameras.

Hayden: "WOW!! We made it!! I'm in the Final 2!..hopefully. (Lane) says he's gonna take me, is he gonna take me? I dunno! I think trust the guy. So..what I gotta do is, I gotta win the quiz and I gotta take (Lane). God, it's nerve-racking. I believe him, but do i really believe him?!"

Hayden the gives shout-outs to his family and says he loves them.

12:23am BBT:
Pool Table

The guys played another game of pool and talked about how they at least won $50,000. (They kept saying $50,000 plus their stipend of $750/week for the season, but 1st & 2nd place does not get the stipend.)

Lane makes an awesome shot (or as Hayden called it, "bada**") and they joke about how Julie Chen should bring it up as a question for Lane.

Hayden: "She could ask 'Lane, did you REALLY call that shot? 9 to the 8, 8 to the 14?'"
Lane: "And I'd be like 'DUHHH, Julie!'"

1:26am BBT:

Lane "celebrated", solo-style, during his shower last night. lol ;)

Note to Lane: Ya might wanna hide your face and rapidly moving arm behind the yellow curtain to make it a little bit less obvious. :P

Meanwhile, outside...

1:27am BBT:

Enzo is running/jogging, as he talks to himself about letting $500,000 slip through his fingers.

Enzo: "Aww f**k."

Enzo continues to jog.

1:28am BBT:
Enzo: "Like those 2 don't got a f**kin' deal already. Ahh man. The only way I go to the finals, is if I win. (Because) Lane doesn't care if he wins $50,000 or $500,000! So it's a wrap, no matter what. Ehh it's my fault. It's my fault. My fault. It's alright. There's nothin' that I would've done different. I got to the Final 3, and that's what I wanted to do. And then I had the three competitions. I couldn't win one (of them), so that's it. It's a wrap. It's a f**kin' wrap."

Hayden comes outside for a second.

Enzo & Hayden do a fist-bump as Enzo passed by him. Hayden said him and Lane drank a lot of beer. Enzo said that they deserve it.

Enzo: "Got a nice lil buzz?"
Hayden: "Yea!"
Enzo: "You deserve it, man."
Hayden: "How long you drinkin'' tonight?"
Enzo: "Until I get a nice sweat. Then I'm doing situps, pushups, and then I'm probably gonna shower. I napped for like 2 hours already."
Hayden: "Don't beat yourself up, dude."
Enzo: "Naww, it's my fault, man. I had a golden opportunity today. I f**ked it up, that's all. It is what it is, man."
Hayden: "Don't be hard on yourself. You know I love ya."
Enzo: "Me too, bro. You guys deserve it."
Hayden: "Goodnight, man."
Enzo: "Alright, man."

And that's it for the Overnighter! Enzo did some more talking to himself later on in the night, nothing that he hasn't been telling himself already. He knows he muffed up and he feels horrible about it, but knows that "it is what it is", as he would say. As of 9:45am BBT, the HG's are still snoozing in their beds.

Stay tuned...

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