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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Afternoon/Early Evening in the BB House

Good afternoon, everyone!! Well, today we can expect yet another slooooow moving day with the Final 3 in the good ol' BB house. lol :P I'm gonna update here & there throughout the day, this way I don't become a zombie sitting in front of the computer watching the boys lay around taking naps, eating, and having barely any kind of conversation. It'd be like watching paint dry. lol

Currently on the live feeds...

1:19pm BBT:

*Enzo is sleeping on the BY couch.
*Hayden is sleeping in his bed.
*Lane is sleeping in his bed.

2:47pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

There's life in the house!! YAYY!! :D

Enzo woke up from his nap (of how many hours??? lol) on the backyard couch. Hayden went outside and they started talking.

Enzo, who already worked on Lane last night by planting the seed that he (Lane) needs to take him (Enzo) to Final 2 over Hayden, is now planting the same seed into Hayden's head about taking him to Final 2 over Lane.

Hayden: "I'm glad I didn't play in that last comp. The faces. You would've beat me."
Enzo: "I wasn't good at it at all, man. Took forever, then I got the end. (Lane) beat me by half a f**kin' minute! That's crazy!"

Enzo: "There's no way I can win with just 1 POV. If I do go to the Final 2, it's only for $50,000. That's what sucks, man."
Hayden: "See, I don't think so though. I think if you go to Final 2, you're (inaudible) to win it."
Enzo: "With 1 POV?"
Hayden: "Yea! And best social game in Big Brother history? Yea!"
Enzo: "I think Britney just (told you that I had the best social game ever) because she was tryin' to get herself off the f**kin' block."
Hayden: "I think she said that before she was even on the block!"
Enzo: "Well she was smart! She did that just in case. I just can't see them giving me (the $500,000) because of a f**kin' POV. They can SAY that I had a great social game and ya ya ya, but...what qualifies me to win BB12?"

Enzo then goes through comps he did horrible in and lost in. (Eg: The ropes comp)

Enzo: "They're gonna chew me up! They'll chew me up."

Hayden sat there in silence for a while longer. Enzo got up and played pool by himself, as the camera looked at a deep-in-thought Hayden.

3:28pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room

Hayden is making turkey burgers for dinner, as Lane is talking to him from a chair in the dining room. They both wanna go on The Amazing Race together and Survivor.

Lane: "Let's just do all 3 shows!" (Survivor, BB, Amazing Race)

**What I find interesting is that Hayden has not told Lane about Enzo's convo he just had outside. Hmmm.

3:49pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room

(I came into this mid-convo).

Enzo is telling Lane to be smart about his decision and that it doesn't make any sense at all to take Hayden to the Final 2...Lane would definitely lose. Enzo said that he loves Hayden and he's a "great kid", but that he (Lane) has to think about his family at this point...go for the $500,000...not $50,000.

Enzo: "You don't wanna be that dodo that loses against Hayden!"

Lane agrees that it'd be better to take Enzo, but not without a little bit of doubt that Enzo could actually beat him in the Final 2.

Enzo: "You beat me by half a minute bro!" (re: Part 2 Final HOH Comp)

Lane is talking with Enzo, seemingly very interested in what Enzo is saying. (**Did Enzo's talk work? We'll find out on Finale Night if Lane wins Part 3 of the Final HOH!)

5:56pm BBT:

The boys are talking up a storm! They talked about Matt being the sab (or so they think lol) and how Dan was America's Player and won his season. Topics keep changing every couple of minutes.

**Alright guys & dolls, I'm heading out for the night. Anything we missed, I will surely cover it in tomorrow's Overnighter! Until then, g'dnight! :D

Stay tuned...

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