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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Sunday to all you BB addicts out there!! :D Last night, I stayed up until 2:30am EST watching the live feeds. I was watching the Brigade tell Britney that they've been in a 4 person alliance all season and that she's going home this week. It was actually very comical at a lot of times. lol Kinda weird. I did feel bad for Britney when she finally "got it" that she was going home (it took her awhile). But before and after that (with the boys) was hilarious...even though it wasn't supposed to be. I'll try to do the meeting justice here in The Overnighter.

If you already have the live feeds, and you have about 1 1/2 hrs to spare today, then you really gotta watch the whole Brigade meeting with Britney. Start at 10:01pm BBT on the Flashback Feeds (I was on Camera 1 for more of the meeting, which was mostly Enzo since he did most of the talking.)

Okay, let's get started on The Overnighter, shall we? ;)

10:01pm BBT:
HOH Room

The boys are about to tell Britney about the Brigade and how they're going to Final 3..and that she's going home. Hayden suggests he goes downstairs to ask BB for more alcohol. lol (He ended up being in the Diary Room for a while and missed the first half hour of the Brigade outing.)

Enzo: (to Hayden) "Why you gonna go request (alcohol)? We already requested it like 4 times!" (Enzo & Lane are laughing.)

Enzo: "Tell'em we want a BRIGADE of f**king beers!"

Enzo starts off by talking about how they studied the Memory Wall all day, thinking the POV Comp would be the Morph o Matic comp and it wasn't. Enzo tries to get Lane to spill the beans first.

Enzo: "Lane, whatta gonna do?"
Lane: (nervous laughing) "What??"

Enzo: "Whatta gonna do?"
Lane: "Probably drink some beers." (*lol)

The boys start talking about Hayden winning the first HOH of the season.
Enzo: "I don't think he really won that, though. It was a group effort."
Britney: "So you don't count that as him winning the HOH?"
Enzo: "No..well maybe like 1/2 of an HOH. It was a group effort."
Lane: "There's been A LOT of group help in this game." (**Hinting to the Brigade.)

Enzo starts off by asking Britney who she thinks was the best ever at playing Big Brother. Britney goes over past HG's: Dr. Will..Janelle..etc. Britney said that Hayden has been great at his social game AND at being a competitor.

Enzo: "Do you think there was an alliance in this house?"
Britney: "Uh yea! Brendon & Rachel..Matt and Ragan."
Enzo: "I was in an alliance. With a couple of people."
Britney: "Yea with Matty."
Lane: "Definitely Matty."
Enzo: "Since, what..Day 2?" (asking Lane.)

Enzo: "There were 2 other people, too."
Britney: "With Matty, too?"
Enzo: "Yea!"
Britney: "What was it?"
Enzo: "I dunno..who was it, Lane?" (laughing)
Britney: "With Lane??"
Enzo: "It was with Lane and Hayden. And me and Matty."

Enzo: "4 person alliance."
Lane: "From day 2."
Enzo: (nods) "From day 2. We gave it a name, and nicknames for everybody."
Britney: "What was the name of it?"
Lane: "The Brigade."

Enzo starts laughing.

Britney said that they got Matty out though. Enzo said that they had to get Matt out because he flipped on them. They tell her the nicknames for everybody:

"The Beast" (Lane), "The Animal" (Hayden), "The Meow Meow" (Enzo), and "The Brains" (Matt).

Enzo said he thinks the Brigade is "greatness" and that it never mattered who won HOH because they had the votes. Britney said that Matt told her already that he was working with Enzo/Hay/Lane, but never said "The Brigade". Enzo said that's why Matt had to go..because he turned on them. Enzo goes over other alliances in BB history, but how their Brigade alliance was the best the game has ever seen. Britney's reaction wasn't what Enzo thought it'd be..she wasn't surprised.

Britney: "No it makes sense why y'all wanted Matty gone so bad."

Britney is chewing her fingernails, still not "getting it" that she's going home, despite Enzo telling her that The Brigade made side alliances in case they needed extra votes.

10:28pm BBT:
Hayden is now back in the HOH room.

Enzo: "Yo, we told Britney everything. She already knows."
Hayden: "Oh, she knows?"
Britney: "Yea I know everything."

At this point, Hayden doesn't know exactly what Lane/Enzo told Britney..just that the knows about the Brigade. The boys never told her that they're voting her out..yet. But Hayden didn't know that.

Hayden: "Are you glad that you now know?"

Britney: "It wasn't a big secret. Everybody knew that y'all were tight!"

The boys go over, again, about how Matt flipped and why they wanted him gone.
Enzo goes into the bathroom.

Hayden: "I'm sorry, Brit."
Britney looks up at Hayden, confused.

Hayden: "At least you won $10g's, though."

Britney looks to Lane for a reaction to confirm what she's thinking.

It finally sinks in to Brit that she's going home.

Lane: "Are you pissed?"
Britney: (no response)
Hayden: "Everything else, I've been truthful about..except for The Brigade."

Enzo is in the bathroom, having no clue to what's going on in the HOH room and that Hayden just told Britney that she's going home.

Enzo: (faintly in the background) "..tissue, yo!"

Hayden laughs.

Britney: "I'm going home, is that what you're saying?"
Hayden: "Well...I'm not using the veto."

Enzo: (faintly in the background) "Best alliance ever!"

Hayden starts to smile but quickly covers it up.

Bathroom toliet flushes. Enzo comes out talking...

Enzo: "..people may not wanna admit it, but it's the best alliance ever made!"

The boys & Britney are dead silent in their serious moment. Enzo is dumbfounded by why they look so sad and why they're so quiet.

Enzo: "..what happened? What's goin' on?" (*LOL)

Lane starts laughing.

Enzo: "Seriously, what happened?"
Hayden is now laughing, too. lol

Enzo: "This is history! I'm pretty sure this kid (Hayden) is gonna win this whole f**king thing! Bro, he's an animal!"
Hayden: "I dunno if I'd go that far, I don't know if I got the votes."
Enzo: "What are you talkin' about, bro?!?!"
Britney: "I guess I'll find out when I get to jury!"

Enzo just now realizes that the boys told her she's going home.

Enzo: "Well..when we..yea..yea.."

Hayden: "I mean, would you have rather us be honest with you or..."

(This part was hard to watch. :( )

Enzo: "We owe it to you, to tell you (that you're going home)."
Hayden: "If I didn't like you, I're awesome."
Enzo: "I think so, too! That's why I was like let's just tell her. You and Matt are the only 2 that know (about the Brigade)."

Britney starts tearing up.

Enzo starts explaining again how the Brigade aligned day 2 of the season, as Britney is getting more and more emotional..but not saying a word.

Enzo is saying that they're all "dodo's" and that the Brigade is the best alliance ever, even though all 3 of them haven't watched Big Brother that much...but that they're still in the Final 3.

Enzo: "We owe it to you to tell you.."
Hayden: "Would you have rather us not have told you?"
Britney: "No. I'd rather you have told me than not."
Hayden: "All 3 of talked about (telling you).."
Britney: "But it doesn't mean that it doesn't suck!"
Enzo: "Of course! Of course!"
Hayden: "The last thing I ever wanted to do was make you cry. Last thing I would want (to do to you)."
Enzo: (to Hayden) "That's why I was HAPPY when she won the $10,000!"

Britney is crying.
Enzo: "We're being honest with you, ya know? You deserve that, man! You're an awesome player!"

Hayden gets up to go give Britney (who is crying) a hug.

She denies him and gets up to leave the HOH room.

Enzo: "Aww come on! Where ya goin'?"
Britney: (crying) "I just need know.."
Enzo: "You're gonna make me cry now."

Britney: "I mean, how would you feel to know that you just wasted 3 months and you have no shot at $500,000 and it's the only reason you came here! Ya know? And it's like a guaranteed 100% that you're goin' home, but you came all this way for no reason! I left my fiance, my family.."
Enzo: "YOU'RE AWESOME! You're an AWESOME player! You made the (Final 4).."
Britney: "I'm not mad! I get it! I got it! I didn't win the veto, I got it! It's just hard!"

Enzo: "We just had an Final 4 alliance from the begining and.."
Britney: "I know! I get it! I just need to (go downstairs and cry)."

Enzo: "I understand."

Britney leaves the HOH room.

Enzo: (to Hayden) "That went the way I thought it'd go."
Hayden: (laughs)
Lane: "She's definitely pissed at me. There goes my vote."

Hayden: "Aw man, she's gonna hate us know."
Enzo: "Should we have told her?"
Hayden: (laughing) "I don't know now!"
Enzo: "We shouldn't have told her!"
Hayden: "I didn't know that you guys didn't tell her that she wasn't going home! So I told her and..."
Enzo: "She knew. bro. She knew." (**No she didn't. lol She didn't "get it" until Hayden told her she's going home.)

Enzo & Lane tell Hayden about their convo with Britney when Hay was in the Diary Room. Enzo said that she made $10,000 and that all of them gave up their family to be there, not just her. They think Brit hates them now. Lane thinks that he just lost her jury vote for sure.

Meanwhile, downstairs..
Britney went into the Diary Room to vent.

Back upstairs...

Enzo: "You need to win the last HOH and pick either me or Lane to go to Final 2. If you win, pick whoever you want and that's it!"
Hayden: "I have to win the last HOH because none of you dodo's are gonna take me (to Final 2)." (*lol)

10:55pm BBT:
Hayden told Enzo about how Britney told him (Hay) that Enzo has the best social game in BB history. Enzo loves hearing this and keeps asking Hayden to tell him over and over again to pump his ego.

Enzo: "See, now I'm feeling confident! Say it again..tell me what Britney said."

**This is a very funny convo and totally recommend you watch it on the Flashback Feeds!! I have to keep moving on with The Overnighter.

The boys continue to talk for a long while. They all think that all 3 of them will win money: $500,000 for 1st, $50,000 for 2nd, and $25,000 for America's Favorite.

Enzo hopes that if he doesn't win 1st or 2nd prize, that he will at least win the $25,000 for his wife and 6 month old baby. (**I do, too!!! Brendon would blow the money on trips to Vegas to see Rachel and getting Rachel drunk. lol Or he'll use the money to move in with Rachel in Vegas and they'll break up someday anyways. Either way, the $$$ would be wasted on Brendon. Enzo has plans to start a college fund for his baby. Enzo, you got my vote for the $25k!!)

12:20am BBT:
Britney finally comes out of the Diary Room. She passes through the kitchen where the boys are.

Enzo: "Whatta ya doin', yo?"
Britney: "Brushin' my teeth."

Britney goes into the bathroom and brushes her teeth. She then heads to the Jumanji bedroom, grabs things off of her bed, and moves it into the Sunset bedroom. She wants to sleep in the room alone tonight.

12:26am BBT:
Sunset Room

Lane went to check on Britney.

Britney: (semi-crying) "I just wanna go to bed. I don't wanna talk to anybody right now."
Lane: "Well I wanna talk to you."
Britney: "It's not a good idea right now. I just wanna go to bed."
Lane: "I never lied to you."
Britney: "Okay."
Lane: "You'll see my D.R. sessions when you get out."
Britney: "It's just a game.

Lane: "You were my chance at Final 2. And you'll see that when you see the D.R.'s."
Britney: "Well, it doesn't matter. I just wanna go to bed."

Lane: "I know. I'm just sayin', I never wanted any of this (Final 3 with the boys). And I never played you. I have a lot of feelings for you, you're a cool girl. I want nothing to change after this."
Britney: (nods) "Ok."

Lane leaves the bedroom. Britney reads her letter from home.

**Since I spent so much time on The Overnighter already, the rest of the night are gonna be cliffnotes. (I have to start the morning/afternoon post soon.)

1:00am BBT:
Lane admits throwing this past POV to Hayden. Hayden told Lane that he's taking him (Lane) to Final 2 if he wins the Final HOH's.

1:20am BBT:
Lane/Hayden still talking. They said they need to beat Enzo in the Final HOH Endurance Comp, then at the skill comp.

2:10am BBT:
Lane/Enzo/Hayden were talking on the BY couch. Hayden said that if he would have thrown this last POV comp, then Britney would have won it. (Hayden came in 1st, Britney in 2nd.)

2:30am-4:00am BBT:
The boys talked about the POV comp, the brigade alliance, telling Britney about the brigade, etc etc.

4:15am BBT:
Lane/Enzo were talking in the Jumanji bedroom. (Hayden's upstairs in the HOH room sleeping.) Enzo said that him & Lane cannot beat Hayden in the Final HOH's, Lane thinks that they can.

Enzo: "Would you take Hayden to the Final 2?"
Lane: "And give away $500,000 Gs?!"

5:00am BBT:
All HG's finally sleeping.

11:09am BBT:
HG's are up.
Britney is in the HOH room listening to music.
Enzo is on the BY on a lounger.

BB: "Lane, have you changed your batteries?"

Stay tuned...

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