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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Evening in the BB House + POV Comp Spoiler

Well BB fans, the time has come!! It's POV Comp time!! :D The live feeds went to trivia at 5:32pm BBT. As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the winner of the POV Comp below!!

This is the most important and most exciting POV Comp of the season and I can't wait to see who wins it and who takes the 2nd guaranteed spot in the Final 3 next to Hayden!! Who do y'all wanna see win it tonight? Let me know in the comment section below!

5:42pm BBT:
Feeds still on trivia...
(**Expect about 2+ hrs until the feeds come back on.)

8:03pm BBT:
Feeds still on trivia...

**FYI: Tuesday (in the BB house) will be the eviction, bringing the Final 4 to the Final 3. That will be taped & then shown on Wednesday nights episode, along with the *LIVE* Final HOH Endurance Comp!

Feeds are back!!!

Enzo: "That was fun, man."

Enzo is not looking happy.

Winner of the POV Comp is:


8:10pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

The HG's are talking about the POV comp. Sounds like some sort of a puzzle? Lane never got "it" right and didn't finish. Hayden got it right on his first try. Enzo hit his bell but his answer wasn't correct.

Enzo: "I was thinking 'Was she a Have Not twice? Yea!' ..and I just went with it."

Update: The comp involved sheets, babies, house trivia, blocks and a grid. (Thanks!)

**The question is, will Hayden use the POV to change the noms? Or leave Lane/Brit up there and get Britney out. My guess is that Hayden will vote Britney out & keep Enzo.

Enzo is talking about how every answer, he knew he had a 50/50 chance on every answer..but apparently still did really bad.

The HG's are playing with the building set thing that BB gave them earlier, as they continue to talk about the comp.

8:29pm BBT:
Storage Room

Enzo said that maybe he should call Lane "The Animal" and Hayden "The Beast" because Hayden is doing awesome in the game by winning comps. Enzo said he has a lot of respoect "for that kid" and that he did awesome. Lane said that "they" (Enzo/Lane/Hayden) still have the 3 Final HOH comps to do and to not be "Debbie Downer".

Enzo: "I'm not! I'm happy for him, yo! He did awesome!"

8:34pm BBT:
Kitchen Area
Enzo/Lane (Brit/Hay are at dining room table.)

Enzo is about to the dishes.

Enzo: "Yo, we should start cleaning our own dishes."
Britney: "We've been saying that for 3 months! BB gave us paper plates after Captain Kosher left..." (**Andrew always kept the house clean. lol)

Enzo starts washing dishes, as Lane is munching on snacks in the kitchen. No talking going on at the moment. All is calm in BB land. :)

Hayden just went up to the HOH room to talk to us feed watchers in private....


Hayden: "No one's gonna take me to final 2, so I'm gonna have to get myself there. Brigade, Final 3."

**Bye bye, Britney!

Hayden then goes downstairs and joins the others.

Enzo: "Cheers..congratulations!"
Hayden: "Thanks!"

Enzo is cooking burgers on the stove as Lane/Hayden stand around talking to him. Britney still at the dining room table.

**Okay guys & gals, I'm outta here for the night! See y'all back here in the morning with The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!

Stay tuned...
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