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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon, y'all!! BB woke up the HG's around 10am BBT. Ragan was the first & only HG to actually wake up.

Today on the live feeds, we will see Ragan pitch his campaign to Lane in hopes of saving himself this week, getting Hayden out, and thus furthering Britney/Lane's well as Ragan's. Will it work? We will see!!

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Currently on the live feeds...

10:38am BBT:
HOH Room
Ragan (..then Britney)

Ragan is practicing what he's gonna tell Lane today in hopes of keeping him in the game, and how it will further him (Lane) in the game. He goes over votes, why so-and-so would vote for each HG, and how Enzo would beat everyone with the jury votes.

Ragan: "If Enzo gets to Final 2, he will win ...when I ask you (Lane) if you're here to win the game, and you say yes, well actions speak louder than words, and so you have to take actions to ensure that victory. You have to imagine yourself on finale night and when you turn around, who are you seated next to."

Britney comes out.

Britney: "Good morning!"
Ragan: "Good morning. Wanna hear what I wanna say to Lane?"

Ragan starts all over again, telling Britney what he's gonna say to Lane today.

Britney: "They're trying to get me out next week. I'm tellin' you. Hayden would rather take Enzo, than me. I'm not kidding. They think me against them, that I'd win."
Ragan: "When push comes to shove, those boys want you in the end! They don't want Lane to catch on that if one of them wins veto, that Lane will be the one gone!"
Britney: "Yea, because whoever wins POV is the only vote next week."
Ragan: "Right."

Britney says that everything Ragan is saying, makes sense..and that he should tell Lane everything that he just told her.

11:04am BBT:
Britney/Ragan have went their separate ways in the house after their convo ended. (Ragan will talk to Lane later on today.) All 4 cams are on Ragan in the kitchen getting some cereal. Lane is in the D.R. All other HG's still snoozing. :P

11:15am BBT:
Cabana Room

Ragan is now finished eating his cereal & is going over (again) what he's gonna tell Lane today.

11:30am BBT:
Backyard Couch

The pitch begins!! Ragan is doing a GREAT job at talking to Lane..making him see/realize things that he hasn't seen before (such as how Brendon will vote for Hayden to win, because he told Brendon he was just a pawn and never voted him out..everyone else did.) That was a "Ah Ha!" moment for Lane, he never thought of it that way.

Ragan said that he knows the boys have been working together from early in the game, but that Enzo told him (Ragan) that his loyalty is with Hayden..not with Lane.

Ragan then gives his speech that he's been practicing all morning.

Ragan: "At this point in the game, the game shifts. It's not about bringing your best friend to the end. That's not PLAYING the game."

11:38am BBT:
Ragan is telling Lane that he'd better in a Final 3 scenario with Ragan/Britney, rather than Enzo/Hayden. He explains to him that Enzo in the Final 2 WILL win the game. Lane, against Britney or Ragan, would win the game.

Lane: "It'd be a huge move in the game (to get Hayden out)."

Lane: "I never thought about that...the Brendon thing. I voted him out. Everytime I talk to Hayden, he's always telling me how everyone would win against him (in Final 2)."
Ragan: "Oh yea! Of course!"

Lane: "Let's say that Hayden goes this week...he's gonna be trying to get votes against me."
Ragan: "Not exactly! Matt stabbed me in the back, repeatedly! And I.." (Bubbles)

Ragan: "When they ask you 'What have you done in this game to win $500,000', you can tell them you played the game by making this move. I think Hayden will see this (move) as a 'Wow, you got me!'"
Lane: "You really have a good argument!"
Ragan: "To give you an idea of how far in the game Enzo and Hayden are thinking, they are already trying to get my jury vote! They're already thinking ahead!"

11:49am BBT:
Ragan: "When they ask you what have you done in this game, and you have nothing to say, then you're dead in the water! This would be a move that nobody would see coming."

Ragan: "It's a big decision, but an EASY decision. The hard part is following through with it."

11:52am BBT:

Voice from CBS Lot: "HELLO RAGAN!!!"
Ragan: "Did you just hear that??"
Lane: "Wow! That was crazy!" (..then bubbles.)

11:59am BBT:
Feeds are back.

Lane is in the kitchen, cleaning.
Ragan is in bed, thinking.

12:14pm BBT:
House is on outside lockdown.

Brit/Hayden/Lane/Enzo are on the BY couch.

Enzo: "The backyard looks like a junkyard, yo!"
Britney: "It looks better than it used to."

Ragan is in the hammock.

12:24pm BBT:
Dead silence all around and then...

BB: "Ragan..thank you!"
Ragan looks puzzled (as do I lol).

Ragan: "What'I do?"
No response. Ragan lays back down.

12:29pm BBT:

There are choppers flying very close to the backyard. The HG's think that something accident, perhaps. The choppers are going really slow and hoovering at times.

12:56pm BBT:
Lockdown is over. Hg's head inside.

1:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

Lane: "Ragan did make some points!"
Britney: "Told you!"
Lane: (obstructs mic..couldn't hear.)

Britney said that Ragan told her that she'd only win $50,000. Lane said he'd never tell anyone that they can't win the game.

Britney said that she (and Ragan both) think that Enzo/Hayden are working together, no matter what Lane thinks.

Britney: "I do think that what Ragan said about Hayden getting Brendon's vote, is true."

Lane just told Britney that Hayden got the $5k and trip.
Britney: "He did? I knew that he got them."

Lane: "You said you see Enzo and Hayden workin' together..what else do you see?"
Britney: "I think you, Enzo and Hayden have been working together."

Britney keeps saying she's playing for the $50k, she won't win the $500k. It'd be stupid for anyone to get rid of her.

Britney: "Hayden is playing both sides, so that he's going to the Final 3 either way."

Britney: "Ragan did have good points, though. You'd beat Ragan in the end."
Lane: "But keeping Ragan here would make it harder for me to get to the end."

They talk about how Ragan would go after Enzo, but that it'd be easier for them (Lane/Brit) to beat Enzo in a Final 3 keeping Ragan might not be the best option for them.

1:21pm BBT:
Lane: "Ragan said that me, Matt, Enzo, Hayden have been aligned since day 1. Why would we vote out Matt, then?"

Talk turns to their dogs.
(**Doesn't seem like they're gonna go for Ragan's pitch.)

1:36pm BBT:
Lane/Brit talk about their significant others. (Well, Lane's "girlfriend" that he broke it off prior to entering the house..kinda. lol)

They're doing their usual cute banter. :P

4:38pm BBT:
All HG's are still snoozin'. :P

5:00pm BBT:
All 4 feeds are on Ragan, awake, in the Sunset Bedroom. He's counting on his fingers and talking to himself. (Mouth moving, no words though.)

**While we're waiting for the HG's to wake up & join the land of the living again, take a look at this article on Yahoo about Big Brother 12's Ratings!! (Hopefully the awesome ratings mean that BB13 is coming next summer! ;) )

Stay tuned...
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