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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans!! :D Today is Thursday, and you know what that's Live Show Day!!! w00t w00t!! Tonight starts a whole new week with a new HOH and new nominations (tomorrow). Ragan is still set to get the boot this week, nothing has changed in that department. So it will be Britney/Hayden/Enzo fighting for the title of HOH tonight. Who do you guys & gals want to win HOH next??

Okay, let me go gather the Overnighter. I'm gonna start it off at around 9pm BBT. :)

**While you wait, take a look at Lane's HOH Blog Post from yesterday!

7:55pm BBT:

Ragan comes in from working out and tells Britney (in a manly man voice)...

Ragan: "I told you that when I come home from work, I want my dinner ready!"

Britney tells Ragan dinner was yummy and that there's some left for him to eat.

They start talking about a little bashing. They recall the fight between Rachel/Ragan a few weeks ago: Britney told Ragan that gay guys are gonna shun her in Vegas because of her "Why are you such a bit*h? Is it because you're gay?" comment. Ragan said that they probably love Rachel because she's a great "drag queen" and that if he was watching the show, he'd hate her..but would find her hilarious.

8:52pm BBT:

Enzo told the guys that he's glad they're all on the same season together. He asked Lane/Hayden what would have they done if Enzo wasn't on their season (for entertainment & the brigade), the boys said they'd still be in the Final 4. (*lol) Enzo goes inside, leaving Hayden/Lane on the BY couch.

Hayden wonders what today's HOH comp will be. (**Since they're not on lockdown as this point, it's probably not gonna be anything highly physical.)

Lane told Hayden that the only way to ensure that Brit/Hay/Lane make it to Final 3 is by Hayden or Brit winning HOH tonight.

Lane: "And Enzo cannot win POV." (**Now that we know that Lane wants Brit in Final 2, Enzo will be his target this week.)

Hayden: "I have to win HOH."

**I'm hoping Enzo wins HOH tonight, just to screw up everyone's plans & watch'em all squirm. lol ;)

Enzo comes back out.

Lane is complaining about production not giving him his shaver so that he can shave.

Lane: "Come on! There's no suicidal people in this house! Give me my f**kin' shaver!"
Enzo: "YEA! THIS AIN'T MEDIEVAL TIMES! WE'RE IN THE...wait, what are in..the 21st century?? Like the real estate company? 21st century, right? What does that even mean?..21st century."
Lane: (laughing)

Talk turns to game. They all think it'll be a quiz.
Enzo: "I hope (production) turns to us and say 'Wear sneakers.'..I'd be like HAAA HAAA to Britney!"

Enzo then said he's gunning for Britney this week.
Enzo: "If I have anything to do with it yo, she's going home this week. That's it. I'm done with her. And she's not winning POV either. Ragan's gone, now she's the target."

9:26pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Ragan walks into the Have Not's room, look at the camera says "Hi!", sits down, and starts talking to us feed watchers.

Ragan: "Welcome to my Have Not kingdom. Tomorrow, Julie will say 'Who will get evicted? The 34 year old professor from California, or..'...that's me."

Ragan said that he knows he's getting evicted and he's okay with it now. He's accepted his fate in the game.

9:31pm BBT:
Lane got called to the Diary Room and Hayden hid & jumped out at him to scare him.

Hayden then went in the HOH room where Enzo/Brit were and told him all about it.

9:43pm BBT:

A drunk Ragan talked to us feed watchers one last time. He said that "Chen and Fox" will finally meet tomorrow, how he's been in the house for 62 days but that he wanted to make it 75 days.

11:30pm BBT:
Pool Table

Britney just got out of the Diary Room, went outside, and told Hayden that the D.R. "amped her up".

Britney: "Guess what I found out? And it's official..." (then bubbles...damn you, BB!! Did you tell her that there's gonna be a BB13 perhaps?? I wanna know!! lol)

Feeds come back.
Britney is talking about everyone on the show..then bubbles again.
Feeds come back.

Hayden: (shocked) "Best ratings ever! It's probably because of Rachel's drama."

12:45am BBT:
HOH Room

Lane tells Brit that Hayden & Enzo are scared that tomorrows HOH comp is gonna be a quiz and not a physical or skill comp like they originally thought.

Britney: "Why are they scared?"
Lane: "Because you know more than they do."
Britney: "So they don't want me to win?
Lane: "Yea."
Britney: "Why is everyone against me?"
Lane: "It's just Enzo that doesn't want you to win. Enzo knows that he has to win because he knows that nobody is taking him to Final 2."

Britney said she thinks Hayden could win the whole game because he's very smart and great at physical comps.

That's it for The Overnighter. :) Hayden/Enzo had another "we gotta win" convo in the Jumanji bedroom before they went to bed. They are both excited and nervous because tonight's HOH is huge and so is the POV this week. Everyone is fighting for their lives in the game and it's gonna be intense. I'll start the morning report once the HG's wake up for the day! :D

Stay tuned...

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