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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, everyone!! Well, after some nudging (..we'll call it that lol) from production, Ragan campaigned to Britney, then to Lane. Ragan made some awesome points of why Brit/Lane should vote out Hayden this week, but Lane isn't buying it. The deal breaker for Lane is that Ragan would be harder to get out than Hayden (mainly due to Ragan winning endurance comps and being so knowledgeable of the season facts.) So, it looks like Ragan will indeed be going home after all.

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Currently on the live feeds...

5:36pm BBT:

Lane/Enzo are teasing Hayden about how Hayden is better than Ragan at comps and maybe he needs to go. (They truly are joking.)

Hayden: "I knew I should have told you to put up Britney!"

Lane is telling the boys everything Ragan told him.

Lane: "He told me that I need to make a bold move and that by getting Hayden out and keeping him (Ragan), that'd win me the $500,000."
Enzo: "Holy sh*t!"

They go over how Matt screwed up by getting Kathy out, instead of Britney..which makes this weeks HOH comp that much harder.

Enzo: "It should be Kathy in here, not Britney! This week would have been a f**kin' cake walk if Kathy was here!"

Lane: "I think he (campaigned) because..he was told to. He'd also look like a dodo if he didn't."
Enzo: "Yea, he had to do what he had to do."

The boys continue teasing Hayden. They're saying that he's leaving this Thursday and that Ragan made some good points.

Hayden: "Can I throw this at you?"

Britney comes out and starts hitting Hayden with pillows.

Britney: "You're so BORING, Hayden!! Why are you so boring?!?"
Enzo/Hayden/Britney then have a pillow fight all over the backyard. lol

6:06pm BBT:

Hayden and Britney are doing dishes together.

6:36pm BBT:
Pool Table

The boys are playing a game of pool. Enzo asked Lane if it sucks that he can't compete in this HOH comp coming up. He said yea and that he (jokingly) doesn't trust anyone.

6:45pm BBT:
Enzo: "If Britney wins this HOH and she gets to Final 2, she's winning this whole thing. She'd have 2 HOH's and 3 POV's, yo."

Enzo said that him (Enzo) and Hayden have been studying together. Lane gets a little curious as to why they're studying without him. Enzo said the're studying without Lane because he (Lane) can't win HOH this week. Enzo assures Lane that Britney is next weeks target.

Hayden joins.

BB: "Houseguests, please pull down the awnings adjacent to the southwest."

Enzo looks confused. lol

Enzo: "Where's the Southwest? I dun...I dunno where that's at..??" (walks aimlessly)

Lane: "Who's a Jason?"
Enzo: "I'm just gonna pull of'em down. F**k it."
BB: "Thank you!"
Enzo: "You're welcome. Stop using big words! adjacent."

7:14pm BBT:

Britney is cooking dinner, Hayden is helping. Lane is watching from a chair at the dining room table.

Lane's HOH room is locked. Brit thinks BB is replacing the CD player batteries.

Hayden looks deep in thought.

The HG's are now eating dinner, using cooking utensils as spoons. lol

Britney & Ragan are sharing some funny drunk stories and about cab rides.

Ragan grabs nail polish from the nail caddy.

Ragan: "Is this Rachel's whore polish?"
Britney: "I think so."
Ragan: (deep tone) "Hey Brendon, I can make you 'Hard as Nails'."

Ragan said the purple nail polish will probably be the color of Rachel's wedding dress. Lots of (rather funny lol) Rachel bashing between Ragan & Britney go on. They mock her saying "Ooey gooey cookies" and "Floaters, grab a life vest! KRRRSSSTIN!"

Ragan: (to Brit) "Look, Rachel foot shavings."

Britney: "GROSS!"

Ragan starts to make fun of Kathy next, with Britney imitating Kathy's D.R. sessions. (Ragan is using his hands as Kathy's eyelashes.)

Enzo is joining in now.

Britney said that Kathy was always in a bad mood every time someone would try to talk to her.

Ragan imitates how Kathy would always get so pissed that the ice cube try would be put back in the freezer empty.

Britney then imitates Kathy during the Veto Comp where she "fell" off the spinning turn table because she was "dizzy".

Britney: "She turned to me and Matt was like "Is my sweet tea down there?"

**Okay guys & dolls, I'm outty for the night!! See y'all back here in the morning with The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...

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