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Friday, September 3, 2010

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Good morning/early afternoon, BB addicts!! Today the HG's will have their Nominations Ceremony...which really won't mean crap since this week it's all about who wins POV. Hayden has already secured himself a spot in the Final 3 by winning HOH. This week, we will see who will be sitting in the other two Final 3 spots next to Hayden. Also, there's rumored to be a luxury comp today on the live feeds and if BB is keeping with past seasons, then they'll show it on the feeds! :D

Let's see what the HG's are up to this morning.

Currently on the live feeds...

10:35am BBT:
A look at the feeds...(the HG's are on outside lockdown.)

*Lane & Enzo are working out.
*Britney and Hayden are on the BY couch.
(No talking going on at the moment.)

Lane & Enzo are laying on the ground, talking.

Enzo: "If Britney wins that POV, I'm done. I'm going to the jury house." (**Pretty much.)

Enzo: "Come on, BB. Let's see this small a** (Final 4) table. Ooo..4 chairs, ooo."

Talk turns to the ants in the BY. (There's a lot of them.)

11:19am BBT:
The HG's got their Final 4 table.

Britney/Enzo are sitting down talking. Enzo said he hope that wifey doesn't bring up him being on BB and not winning during a future fight.

Enzo: "She'll be like 'You couldn't even decorate a christmas tree!'."
Britney: *laughs*
Enzo: "I just hope being gone these past 3 months hasn't been that bad on her."
Britney: "I'm sure she's had a lot of help from her family."

Lane joins.
Enzo said he's not going back to work right away after BB is over. He wants to spend time with his family.

11:35am BBT:
Enzo is talking about his job. (Real estate.)

11:51am BBT:
Lane/Brit/Enzo are now talking about reality shows. (The HG's are on inside comp being built outside, perhaps?)

Hayden is upstairs in his HOH room, sleeping.

12:07pm BBT:
Feeds are on trivia!! :D (Possible luxury comp!!!! BB, hurry up and give the HG's the directions then turn the feeds back on so that we can see it!!)

12:30pm BBT:
Feeds still on trivia...

1:39pm BBT:
Still trivia. :/ *mumbles & grumbles*

Stay tuned...

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