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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House (Updated)

Good afternoon, BB fans!! Today is the POV Comp and if any houseguest is pumped, it's Enzo! He's ready to win it to ensure his safety and to also make sure that Britney goes home this week..making the Final 3 himself/Hayden/Lane.

The HG's woke up and started to move around the house at around 11:30am BBT (2:30pm EST).

11:30am-12:45pm Cliffnotes:
*Hayden fed the BB house fish.
*HG's are on inside lockdown as BB builds today's POV Comp.
*Enzo still thinks the Brigade is the best alliance in BB history.
*Brit cried (around 12:30pm BBT) to Lane that she feels "shunned" just like Ragan was last week. Lane said that she is shunning herself, and that he has "shunned" her at all. Brit also said that she knows that if she doesn't win the POV, she's going home.

Currently on the live feeds...

12:48pm BBT:
HOH Room

Britney is talking about her being stressed in the house, then talk turns to non-game talk. (House decor, etc.)

Britney is talking about how her and her fiance Nick have 2 dining room tables.

Britney: "We should sell one on craigslist."

Britney said she wants to buy a house with Nick in like a year or two.

Britney: "Why are they doing some many Diary Room sessions today?"
Lane: "Don't forget to do your Diary Room voice."
Britney: (in Valley Girl voice) "..and I walked into the backyard and was like 'oh my gosh!'"

Britney exits.
All 4 feeds are on Lane alone in the HOH room.

1:26pm BBT:
Lane goes downstairs, him and Enzo yell at each other from different rooms..kinda like a bad mating call. lol :P

Enzo: "UGHGHAHH!!"
Lane: "You know what? I think y'all are right, the pov might be the faces thing after all. It's almost 2 o'clock and they're still building."

Enzo & Lane start to study the memory the most comical way. lol (It's hard to even describe those two the way they interact. lol)

Enzo touched Ragan's picture on the memory board and it turned black.

Enzo: "WHOAA!!!" (steps away) "What the..."

Enzo touched it again, and it came back on. He touched it after that, but nothing happened. (**Fluke? Or is BB trying to tell us something?)

Enzo leaves the room.
Hayden walks in.

Lane: "I can still here (BB production) out there."

Enzo come back in & starts studying the wall again, showing Hayden how hard it'll be to tell the HG's faces from one another if only eyes are shown, or only lips, etc.

Hayden then looks for something to eat.

**Blog Correction:
Ragan did indeed do the early show. Here's the video! :)

HG's took a nap.

4:00pm BBT:
HG's wonder what kind of POV Comp it's going to be.

4:38pm BBT:
General (and very little) chit-chat going on between the HG's. They're all in chill mode at the moment.

5:14pm BBT:
*Britney/Hayden/Lane are at the dining room table playing with some kind of connectors set thing that BB gave them.

Very little talk is going on between the 3..they're all concentrating really hard on their projects. lol

*Enzo is laying down in the Jumanji bedroom.

5:32pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds!!! :D It's POV Comp time!! w00t w00t!!! (Starting a new post.)

Stay tuned...

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