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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Okay, just got finished with watching tonight's! So Lane TRULY wants Britney in the Final 2! Interesting! What are y'alls thoughts on that??

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Currently on the live feeds...

6:21pm BBT:
A look at the feeds:

*Ragan & Hayden have been talking in the Jumanji Room for a while now (non-game).
*Enzo/Lane/Britney are in the HOH room.

6:26pm BBT:
HOH Room

Enzo: "Did you trap (Hayden) with Ragan?"
Britney: "We didn't mean to, but.."

Britney is saying that hopes there's a luxury comp tonight. (The HG's are on lockdown.) Enzo said if they have a luxury comp, it'll be on Friday but not before then.

BB: "Houseguests, the lockdown is over."

Brit/Lane/Enzo leave the HOH room. Brit goes downstairs to see if BB did anything in the backyard.

Britney: (to Hayden passing through): "Anything?"
Hayden: "No."
Enzo: "Are you serious?"
Britney: "There's a sign of life! There's a coke can that was left (by production).."
Enzo: "That's so bootleg!"
Britney: "It's empty." (...then bubbles.)

6:33pm BBT:
Lane & Enzo are on the HOH landing, in the only spot in the house that's not visable to HG's on the 1st floor.

Lane: "I'm gonna 'Just For Me' my sh*t for tomorrow and look retarded on the live show!" (**Lane said he wants to dye his beard with 'Just For Men' but he's afraid it's not gonna turn out well.)

Enzo goes outside, as Lane talks to Hayden from the HOH landing.

Hayden told Lane that production left a coke can and sunglasses. They think BB was fixing the backyard camera.

Hayden: "I was talking to Britney and she was like, 'it better not be another skill (comp)!'.."

Enzo comes in.
Enzo: "You talk about the Brigade in your blog?"
Lane said yea, he did.
Hayden goes outside.

6:40pm BBT:

Ragan is working out.

Ragan: "Hayden, can you help me?"
Hayden: "Yea."

Hayden helps Ragan put weight on the weight pole. (**I don't lift weights, is that what that thingy is called?? lol :P) BB switched out their other weight bench for a piece of crap a couple of days ago.

Ragan: "This is the biggest piece of sh*t of a weight bench that I've ever seen in my life!"
Hayden: "They definitely craigslisted this bad boy."

Hayden spots Ragan during his workout.

Enzo is grilling chicken & Lane goes to check up on the chicken (as per Britney's request) to make sure they're being cooked right.

Enzo walks over to the backyard couch where Hayden is and sits down.

Hayden: "Whatcha doin', guy?"
Enzo: "Nothin'. Cookin' this chicken. Then I'm gonna relax as I eat, shave, have you trim up my that the new coke cans?"

Hayden reads the back of the coke can that production left behind.
Hayden: "King Kong..3D.."
Enzo: "Oh sh*t!"

Dinner is done!
Enzo/Lane/Hayden/Britney go inside to eat din din. :) (Ragan is still working out in the BY.)

Enzo: "Yo, wash your plate when you're done with it, thanks!"

Enzo is wondering how he's gonna eat his dinner, since BB stole all their forks/knives/spoons for the week. lol

Enzo: "Yo, how am I gonna EAT YOU!!"
Enzo uses a big cooking utensil.

Enzo said that he likes to cut up potatoes into little pieces, boil them, don't mash'em, then put olive oil, parsley, and salt on them.

Enzo: "Bangin', yo!"

7:31pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

The HG's are done with dinner and talking about going skiing. Enzo said he'll do the bunny hill and bring wifey. Hayden and Lane warn him that skiing has a way of messing with relationships.

Hayden: "It's weird."
Enzo: "We're Jersey! Ain't no mountain coming between us! You might see us f***ing on the mountain, though! Like OH YEAAAA!! OH YEAAA!!! Shirt all off and sh*t..."

Everyone has a good laugh.

**And on that note, I'm outty for the night! ;) See y'all back here in the morning with The Overnighter! :D Until then, g'dnight & enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...

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