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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Feeds came back & Hayden is the new HOH for the week. What will Hayden do this week? Tomorrow are nominations, let's see what happens!

**If you got the live feeds to view tonight's HOH comp, don't'll get to see tomorrows (rumored) luxury comp on the feeds and next weeks Final HOH Endurance Comp!! Totally worth it!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

6:24pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

Enzo: (to Hayden) "You're in the Final 3, man!"

Enzo: "What a f**kin' challenge, man! I thought that'd last all day!" (**Me too. lol)

Lane said he's glad it didn't take too long because he didn't wanna sit in the sled all night. lol :P Enzo said he tried and that Hayden did great. :)

Britney: "He smoked us."

The Final 4 are talking about tonights HOH comp. Britney said she kept dropping hers. Hayden said he dropped one when it was really close to the hole.

6:38pm BBT:

BB: "Lane, please go to the Diary Room."

The other 3 HG's are talking about Ragan leaving the BB house tonight. Talk then turns back to the HOH comp.

Enzo: "Hayden did his thing, yo!"
Enzo said he put up 11 xmas bulbs & that production was laughing at them.

They laugh at how they were shown dancing on national tv.

Enzo: "Whatever happens, this (experience) has been a trip. It's been a trip, man."
Lane: "This is the last full week." (**Yep. :( )

Brit/Enzo/Lane are still talking about the HOH comp.

Enzo said he wants to BB to put them in a ring with someone and fight, not do xmas bulbs on a tree. (*lol)

Enzo said he hopes his wife is happy for him being on the show because she had to take care of their daughter by herself for 3 months.

Enzo said that he's happy for Hayden and how cool it is that he's guaranteed to play in the Final 3.

Hayden is now out of the Diary Room.

Enzo/Brit are teasing Hayden about his speech tonight. They're saying that Hayden praised Ragan and just said "and I like you 3, too". lol :P

The Fab 4 are talking about everything from Britney's fiance, to going on the snowboarding trip (Steamboat) together.

Enzo said that he doesn't wanna snowboard, he wants to go tubing.

7:55pm BBT:
Britney is in the Diary Room.

Enzo said to let Britney talk to him (Hayden) first to see what she says, but to put Enzo/Lane up on the block, make Brit feel safe, then have one of them 3 win the POV, take either Enzo or Lane off the block, and then put up Britney. They wanna backdoor her this week.

BB: "Enzo, please go to the Diary Room."

Brit/Lane/Hayden are at the breakfast bar talking. (Non-game at the moment.)

Hayden is making turkey burgers. They can hear production outside breaking down the HOH comp.

**Okay, y'all..I'm outty for the night. I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter! :D Just as a reminder, the live feeds special ($10 for the rest of BB12) ends tomorrow morning at 10am BBT (1pm EST), so if you haven't yet, snag up the live feeds special!!! (Remember, you'll be able to watch the Final 3 HOH Endurance Comp next week on the feeds!! Soooo worth it!)

Stay tuned...

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