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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts!! Today is Tuesday, which means that the live show is in 2 days. Will Ragan try to save his life in the game? Or continue to feel defeated and give up. Well...that's the same question the Diary Room (production) had last night, and apparently the way they told Ragan to start fighting, was not in a nice way.

Ragan was in the Diary Room and when he came out, he was clearly pissed off. Details of the reason was not clear for a while (I was watching the feeds last night as all of this unfolded), but the details eventually came out. Production is pissed because they're not gonna have any footage of Ragan trying to stay in the game this week. All they have is footage of him sleeping and laying around, not really mingling with the others. So last night, he did what production wanted him to do...campaign.

Let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll post it sections as always! :D

7:24pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

Ragan sits down, visibly upset from his Diary Room session.

Hayden: "Was it that bad?"
Ragan: "Yea."
BB: "Ragan, please put on your microphone." (He does.)

Ragan: (to Hayden) "I'm sure you can put 2 & 2 together...just think about it."

Ragan tries his best to not say exactly what happened in the D.R., but then...
Enzo: "Did they want you to re-hash somethin'?
Ragan: "They need an episode." (..then bubbles.)

Feeds come back. Ragan goes outside.
Enzo: "What was he talkin' about?"
Hayden: "I dunno! He said to put 2 and 2 together..think about it..he can't talk about it..and that 'they' need an episode for Thursday." (..then bubbles, again.)

Feeds come back.
Enzo: "Ragan already fu**ed up by not talking to (Lane) before the (Nominations)."
Hayden: "Yea...I feel bad for him."

Meanwhile, upstairs...

7:29pm BBT:
HOH Room

Britney was complaining about how she's won nothing in the money, no prizes, nothing...and that she KNOWS if she doesn't win HOH or POV next week, she's going home for sure. Lane tried to talk her off the edge a bit and tell her that she still has a fighting chance, blew some smoke up her a** about wanting her with him in Final 2, and made her laugh, etc etc.

Lane: "Chill out, woman!"

Britney said she'd be happy with just the $50,000 prize. She goes on to say that only Lane or Hayden deserve the money, and that Enzo doesn't.

Meanwhile, back downstairs...

7:53pm BBT:
Dining Room/Kitchen Area

Enzo said he can't wait until Thursday's HOH comp. Ragan is still fuming from the D.R.

Ragan: "I am still sooo mad. I just think it's a really shitty thing to say to somebody (**talking about the D.R.).." (..then bubbles.)

Feeds back.
Ragan: "..don't my story line to be me laying in bed all week."
Enzo: "You'll do you, for 3 days.."

9:08pm BBT:

Ragan decides to humor production and campaign to Britney.

Ragan: "Can we have a conversation?"
Britney: "Sure!"
Ragan: "So I'm sure you know where this is headed.."
Britney: "Are 'they' pressuring you?" (bubbles)

Ragan: "The reason why I've been isolating myself is because I don't even know how to move forward. I've been fighting & fighting, and if I felt that I had a legitimate opening anywhere, I'd f**king take it!
Britney: "Right."
Ragan: "Umm..the only opening I have is with you. But the one problem is (with you being with Lane)."
Britney: "Right."
Ragan: "If I don't say the things I've been thinking about since even before Veto, then I think I might leave this house feeling like I haven't even tried & I'll regret it."
Britney: "I know I'll be in your situation next week. I know that."
Ragan: "With me gone, you're going to win HOH or Veto. You're knowledge against those boys.."

Britney said she knows she has to fight for her life but she thinks the boys are as stupid as what Ragan thinks they are. Ragan makes his pitch to Britney.

Ragan: "I think you're gonna be in the Final matter what. I think you ARE gonna win at least one of the two next comps. So I have a couple of things to say to you. I know you're friends with everyone in the house, but realistically, if you go up against any of those boys in Final 2, you're gonna lose the game. A girl up against a guy in the Final 2, never wins."

They go inside so that Britney can make some coffee.

Ragan: "So the question is, how can you go to the Final 2 and win."
Britney: "I'll be honest, I think I'm playing for $50,000..that's it. If they had to vote right now, Enzo would win."
Ragan: "The boys need to think about this too..who they'd win against in the Final 2. So here's my thing...Lane is very loyal and will be a tough nut to crack because of that."

They now move to the Cabana Room.

Ragan: "So you realize with Enzo or Hayden, you're last on the ladder."
Britney: "Hayden wants to get rid of me and Enzo, but not each other."

Ragan: "Going into the Final 4, there's two pairs: you and Lane, Hayden & Enzo. But Lane can't play in the Head of Household. So then it becomes Hayden/Enzo VS you. So if Hayden or Enzo win HOH, then you & Lane are going up. But all that matters is who wins Veto. Then it becomes a 50/50 shot you going home (Lane/Brit vs Hayden/Enzo in the Veto Comp). If you or Lane win POV, you're safe. If Hayden or Enzo wins POV, you (Brit) are gone. "

Ragan says if they keep him (Ragan) here this week, he'd be on Britney's team..and thus having 1 more player in the HOH and Veto comp this week fighting for her (especially since Lane can't play in the HOH comp this week, bettering her odds of being safe), and that he (Ragan) wants to take Britney to the Final 2 because (1) he adores her and (2) she's the only one that he would even have a shot at winning the $500,000 against in F2.

This convo goes on & on for a while. I gotta get the rest of the Overnighter finished, so I'm moving on. By the end of the convo, Brit tells Ragan to talk to Lane about all of things they just went over.

12:24am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney: "Did Ragan talk to you yet?"
Lane: "No. Why? What did he say?"
Britney: "He said that Hayden & Enzo are a pair and if they win HOH, then you (Lane) and me will be up on the block. And if I win veto, then you'll leave..because they will keep each other."
Lane: "Yea."
Britney: "So if Ragan stays, and Hayden leaves this week instead, then.."

Britney: "His points made a lot of sense for ME, but for're in a different situation. You and Hayden are close and you have a better shot of making it to Final 3 than I do. It makes sense for me (to keep Ragan), but it doesn't make sense for you (to keep Ragan). So that's for you to decide. And Ragan was right..jury vote wise? I won't win. So for me to leave, would be stupid for y'all. And YOU won't beat Hayden..or Enzo!"
Lane: "You don't know (that)."
Britney: "Why you getting mad about it? I'm just telling you what he's gonna tell you."
Lane: "And I'll tell him to leave!"
Britney: "You get mad about it, but think about it, Lane!"
Lane: "I don't wanna think about it! Don't downgrade me!"
Britney: "I'm not! I'm saying, I'm playing for $50k, you're playing for $500k! Hayden would win (again you). You have to think about that!"
Lane: "Hayden just backdoored Brendon."
Britney: "It's not gonna matter."

1:26am BBT:
HOH Room
Hayden/Britney/Lane/Enzo (listening to music)

Hayden: "So what's coming up next, Brit?"
Britney: "Whatta mean?"
Hayden: "What's next in this game?"
Britney: "Uhhmm..someone gets evicted on Thursday."
Hayden: "What do you mean SOMEBODY gets evicted on Thursday?
Britney: "One of you's two."

Britney: "Look at Hayden gettin' so nervous!"
Lane: "Damn."
Britney: "So, listen to this tidbit of information from when I was talking to Ragan in the Cabana...he said that the Jury House will want to see someone (win) that made powers, and I was like yea yea yea, and umm that you (Hayden) and Enzo are a pair & that he knew that you guys wanted him (Ragan) out! I told him that the only reason why you became a target is because Matt told them (Hayden/Enzo) that you were after them."
Hayden: "Yea."
Britney: "And he goes, 'he did?', and I go 'yea!'...and he goes 'thanks a lot Matt'.." (**All of that actually did happen, word for word, in the cabana room.)

Britney: "Then Ragan said that it's true. If I won veto, I was gonna save Brendon from the block and put Hayden and Enzo up, and break'em up. Matt was actually telling the TRUTH!"
Hayden: "Wowww. Good thing we won and got him out."
Britney: "Crazy, huh? But don't tell (Ragan) that I told y'all. I don't think he's gonna try to talk to y'all anyways."

Talk turns to non-game convo for a while, then Britney reassures Hayden that he is indeed safe this week.

3:00am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Enzo told Hayden that they gotta get Britney out next week. Same old convo that they've had all week. Talk turns to how Enzo only had 1 "girlfriend", and the rest were just bed partners..then he met his wife.

They go over how crazy it is that they're still in the house, how many days they've been there, etc etc.

And that's it for The Overnighter! As of 9:29am BBT, BB is waking up the HG's. Once they get up & at'em, I'll start the Morning post & we'll see what the rest of the day brings! :D

Stay tuned...

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