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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, everybody! Happy Wednesday to y'all! :D Tomorrow is finally the live show, yayyy!!! Can't wait to get this week over with. Ragan's campaigning didn't do much to sway Lane or Britney, though they did agree that Ragan brought up a ton of great points. Lane's only problem, and the only thing Ragan did not mention to Lane, is that Ragan will be tougher to get out than Hayden. Ragan's very smart and he's proven himself to be great at endurance comps. So, as Enzo would say, "That's it." Ragan will be going home tomorrow (unless some kind of miracle happens today).

The HG's (and myself) think that tomorrow's Final 4 HOH Comp will be a longevity/skill comp.

Okay, time for the Overnighter! Let's see what the HG's were up to last night! :D

9:23pm BBT:

Lane was working on the elitpical, Hayden just got done doing abs, and Enzo started to scream...

Hayden: "Get out of town!"

(Ragan is sleeping in the cabana room at the time.)

Enzo starts screaming noises VERY loudly!
Hayden: "He's crackin'!"

10:24pm BBT:
Around the House
Ragan & his bottle of wine

Ragan walked around the house, aimlessly, feeling sad that he's going home Thursday.

Ragan: "I'm sad."
He goes into the Have Not's room.

Ragan: "I'm ssaaaad. I don't wanna go. Live feed, where did I go wrong. If I would have just won one of those two competitions, then I wouldn't be going home."

Ragan said that he had a great experience and that production was awesome, even when he was a nightmare to deal with.

Ragan: "If I could have 1 wish come true, it would be that my dad could have seen it..that he was still alive and could have seen it. He would have loved it."

11:15pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

BB gave the HG's some toys to play with last night. They got moonsand (moldable clay kind of stuff) & foam paddles w/ balls.

Britney joined in on the fun.

Enzo & Lane were like 2 little kids. lol :P

Ragan then comes out and joins Brit/Lane/Enzo at the dining room table.

Ragan & Enzo start playing with the foam paddles.

11:50pm-2:30am BBT:
The HG's didn't do any game talking. Lots of talk about making it to Final 2, winning at least the $50k 2nd prize, Brit/Ragan did some Brendon/Rachel bashing, talk about the Final 4 (minus Ragan in that equation, of course), etc etc.

All HG's were in bed by 2:45am BBT.

And that's it for The Overnighter! :D As of 8:53am BBT, the HG's are still sleeping.

As soon as they wake up & get moving, I'll start the morning post!

Stay tuned...

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