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Friday, September 3, 2010

Afternoon: Luxury Comp

At 1:50pm BBT, the live feeds came back from trivia and showed the HG's playing a luxury comp!!

Currently on the live feeds...

1:50pm BBT:
THE FEEDS ARE BACK!! The HG's are looking high & low in the house for...something??!! lol

Lane: "Hey yo, get out of my spot!"

Enzo said the "bedrooms are done" and Lane said that "only rooms not done" are the living room and kitchen.

I think they're looking for the HOH key because Hayden is missing. lol (Pandora's Box?? Or Luxury Comp? Not sure just yet!)

Enzo: "COME ONNNNN!!!" (He's getting frustrated.)

2:04pm BBT:
Lane/Britney/Enzo are tearing the house apart looking for SOMETHING!!

Lane: "Can we have another hint? Is the living off limits? Or is it still on?"

Enzo said he found "his". (What? I have no clue. lol They're not saying anything yet.)

BB apparently told them that "it" is in the kitchen. (Whatever they're looking for.)

Lane: "I suck at investigating."
Enzo: "I found one already, so..."

The camera just zoomed in on the recycling bins.

The HG's are still tearing the kitchen apart, searching.

The camera man is still zooming in on the recycling bins.
The HG's continue to look in the kitchen. (The only room that is not off-limits.)

Britney looks in the recycling bin, still doesn't find "it."

2:22pm BBT:
BB said that "it" is not in the kitchen cabinets.

Enzo: "Come on, I found Hayden's so you guys gotta find one now!"

Lane: "So are all 3 of ours in the kitchen?"
Enzo says again that he found Hayden's (??) earlier.

The camera man zooms in on the wall decor.

Enzo: "I'm getting frustrated!"
Britney: (to Enzo) "Then just tell me where yours is at!"

**Sounds like they each hid something and need to find each others (whatever they hid).

Lane: (to BB) "Can we do Hot/Cold?"

Lane: "Okay, who wants to split $10,000?"
Enzo: "I don't think you can do that."
Britney: (to BB) "Can we just split the $10G's?"
Enzo: "I'm getting fatigued."

Enzo: "Hayden's like 'yo, what happened?'"
Britney: "How can there be THREE COINS and we can't find them."

Britney: "This is impossible."

2:44pm BBT:
Hg's still looking for each others' coins.

Enzo: "I'm so tired, you."
Lane: "Ughh!"

**It seems that Hayden has been eliminated because Enzo found his coin. The last person to find a coin, wins the $10,000. (Example: Enzo found Hayden's coin, so Hayden is out. If Lane finds Britney's coin, then Brit would be out, etc...until the last coin is found.)

HG's are still searching, getting frustrated. lol

**This comp has been going on for 3 hrs now and there's still 3 coin to be found! If you wanna watch this live, ya gotta get the live feeds!!

2:55pm BBT:
Brit/Lane/Enzo all are asking each other for clues of where they hid their coins, but nobody is offering up any hints. lol

Britney: "I am so fatigued."
Enzo: "Come on, someone's gotta come clean!"

3:01pm BBT:
Feeds came back from bubbles and Britney talking to Hayden outside (he's on the BY couch).

Hayden: "You should see our kitchen, Hayden! It's a MESS!"

Britney then goes back inside.

3:13pm BBT:
Brit/Lane/Enzo are still searching!!! lol

Enzo: "I'm tired!"
Lane: "My feet hurt."
Britney: "I'm cold but I don't wanna get my jacket and miss the action."
Enzo: "We only had 90 seconds to hid this sh*t, yo!"

3:15pm BBT:
Britney: "ENZO!!!!!"
Britney found Enzo's coin.
BB: "Enzo, you've been eliminated from the competition."
Enzo: "FINALLY!"

Brit & Lane are frantically searching for each others' coin.
(Don't mind the wrong time stamp, typo.)

(Whoever finds the others coins, wins the $10,000!!)

Britney looks where one of the coins is hidden. (She's looked in the recycling bins about 6 times already and keeps missing it. lol)

Lane: "Am I hot or cold?"
Britney: "Where'd ya put it?"

3:24pm BBT:
The kitchen is torn apart!!! lol

Britney & Lane are getting reallllly frustrated now. They both try to get hints from each other.

Britney: "Big Brother thought this would only take 30 mins. We're cutting into Nominations now."
Lane: "I know." (laughs)

3:37pm BBT:
Feeds come back from bubbles and Britney is yelling "YES!! YES!!" while outside in the backyard with Hayden/Enzo. Britney won the $10,000!!

Britney: "I finally won money!"

**Okay guys, I'm taking a short blogging break. Be back shortly. :)

Stay tuned...

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