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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! Happy Monday!! Say it with me now..."ughhhh it's MONDAY!" lol ;) If you have the live feeds and were up last night (or super early this morning), then you saw the HG's doing their 3rd and final punishment from Lane opening up Pandora's Box. Their punishment was that they had to get up and boogie on down every time BB played a song of their choice over the loudspeaker. Ragan and Enzo were the funniest, I thought. :P Definitely worth checking out on the Flashback Feeds!! Speaking of the Flashback Feeds, always go back about 5 mins from the times that I post on pics. Flashback seems to be off by 5 mins everyday.

Times of HG's Dancing on the Flashback Feeds:
*7:26pm BBT
*7:55pm BBT
*9:20pm BBT
*11:19pm BBT
*1:36am BBT
*2:38am BBT
*3:46am BBT

Today the HG's will have the Veto Ceremony, where Enzo will take himself off the block and Lane will have to choose a replacement nominee. Who will he pick? Britney or Hayden? Well, it's look like it'll be Hayden at this point. Lane has no desire to put up his side alliance Brit on the block and tick her off, and Hayden has offered to go up as a pawn to ensure that Britney doesn't get ticked off at Lane.

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter! :D

9:20pm BBT:
Time to dance!!
Britney & Ragan were in the kitchen when the music started playing. (It was techno).

Ragan leans against the counter and starts shaking his ass.

Ragan: "Okay, my dinner is getting cold.." *continues dancing*

Lane/Hayden/Enzo were in the backyard. (FF are messed up a little bit, check the time on the pics.)

Lane: "This is called 'The Horse'!"
Enzo: "I do what the music tells me to do!" (*lol)

10:14pm BBT:
BB gave the HG's wine and beer. Britney said earlier that having alcohol would make the dancing that much more fun. BB must of heard her. :P

11:00pm BBT:
Hot Tub
Britney/Ragan/Hayden/Lane (Enzo is inside the house, taking a shower.)

The hot tub crew talked about how Brendon had like 30 jobs and how he was probably fired a lot since he claimed to have so many different jobs. They go on teasing saying that Brendon's resume is probably like 2 pages long.

They also wonder if Brendon/Rachel have broken up in the Jury House or not.

11:19pm BBT:
Time to dance, again!!

Enzo starts dancing in mid-shower. He danced hip hop style to the classical music playing.

Hayden/Britney/Lane danced in the backyard.

1:19am BBT:
Living Room

Enzo kept saying that he just hopes he never offended anyone in his Diary Room sessions and how he can't wait to see his wife and daughter on Finale night. Ragan asked Enzo if he's gonna cry when he sees them and Enzo said yea and that if he made it to Final 2, the first thing he'd do walking out of the house is he'd look for his wife and daughter.

Enzo then starts talking about life after BB. He says he'll talk to anyone who wants to talk to him after the show, but would respect anyone who didn't wanna be friends outside the game. He referenced how Jeff & Jordo said that they don't talk to anyone from their season except for Casey & Lauren. Enzo then said it's a crazy game and that he's just happy to have had the experience.

Talk turns to the upcoming HOH comp on Thursday. They both think it'll be a longevity comp. (**Ditto.)

1:36am BBT:
Time to dance HG's!! :D
Enzo/Lane/Britney were in the HOH room.

Hayden was in the shower.

2:30am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Hayden & Brit talked about how Double Eviction week last week was the best time/oppurtunity to get Brendon out. Talk then turns to how they think HG's from this season will see it was "just a game" and get over any anger that they had towards one another.

2:38am BBT:
Classic music starts playing over the loudspeaker..time to dance!!

3:46am BBT:
Time to dance...disco style!!
Lane was sleeping in his HOH room when the music started to play. He mostly danced in his room, but then opened up the door to dance for the last few seconds of the song.

Enzo/Hayden/Britney were in the Palm Bedroom (aka Jumanji), also sleeping.

(Enzo, and eventually Hayden, danced their way into the living room.)

And that's it for the Overnighter! :D Starting the morning once the HG's get up & at'em!!

Stay tuned...

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