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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! Happy Sunday to y'all!! :D Tonight we will get to see the 2nd HOH Comp from Thursday's Double Eviction, where Lane won the title of HOH. The show begins at 8pm EST tonight.

In other news...
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Okay, let me get my coffee & I'll be right back with The Overnighter.

9:25pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room Area

The HG's were given their 2nd punishment from Lane opening up Pandora's Box. (The 1st punishment was BB removing all cups and silverware from the house.) This punishment brought the HG's sock puppets! The rules of the sock puppets are that they have to have to wear them AND move the puppets mouths every time they talk. They can take of the sock puppets (to cook, etc) anytime they want, but they're not allowed to talk during the time(s) that the sock puppet is removed. Any slip up of the rules will result in the HG's being a Have Not for the week.

*Enzo's Puppet has a fedora hat (like Enzo always wears) and whiskers because his nickname is "The Meow Meow".
*Ragan's puppet has a bow tie.
*Hayden's puppet has shaggy hair like he has.
*Lane's puppet has an identical mini hat just like the hat that Lane always wears.
*Britney's puppet has long blonde hair and "sexy eyes" (as Brit called them).

Enzo walked over to his picture on the Memory Wall and said..

Enzo: "Final 4! You're going to the Final 4, yo! But we want Final no talk about Final 4 anymore."

Enzo: "This is ain't even a punishment! I got someone to talk to! About my problems!" (*lol)

Enzo: "Take a sip of wine..take it easy! Take it easy.."
Britney: *laughing*

Britney & Enzo teased about how Ragan cried yesterday (after Enzo won the POV) and that Ragan needs to "accept death" and just deal with him going home this week.

Enzo continued to talk to "Mini Meow Meow". He said Mini Meow Meow is the only one in the house he can trust.
Enzo: "I don't even trust MYSELF!"

Lane walks in, follows Britney (who is walking towards the living room) and...well..a picture is worth a thousand words. :P

Enzo is watching from the Breakfast Bar.
Enzo: "F**k her up, yo! F**k her UP!"

11:38pm BBT:
HOH Room

Lane talked about Britney's fiance (jokingly/playfully).

Lane: "I think he did break up with you."
Britney: "Why would he break up with me right now? I might win a half a million dollars! Why would he break up with me right now?"
Britney: "This would be the worst time (for Nick) to break up with me."
Lane: "So he's just with you for money & fame?"
Britney: "No, but..if he was considering breaking up with me, (the money) would be something he'd consider."

Enzo joins Lane/Brit in the HOH room.

Lane/Britney bicker over who is a better golfer: Nick or Lane. Britney said that Nick is better, Lane argues with her that she doesn't even know what kind of clubs Nick plays with. This is ongoing. (Start at 9:45-9:55pm on the Flashback Feeds.)

1:00am BBT:

Ragan talked to us live feed watchers last night. He was going over all the comps he played in, telling us what he threw, didn't throw, etc etc. He then said he was gonna give us all some tips for being on the show, but then the feeds switched to bubbles. Ragan spent most of the night on the hammock, sulking.

2:10am BBT:
HOH Room

Lane was trying to make a "snow angel" in the white rug on the floor of the HOH room, but it wasn't working.

Enzo was listening to Lane's CD and rapping with his puppet. Fun chit-chat all night long in the HOH room between all the HG's (except for Ragan).

At 2:39am BBT, Britney gave Lane a hug & said goodnight.

Lane: "Goodnight."

As soon as she leaves, Hayden/Lane talked about being in the Final 3 (minus Britney).

2:53am BBT:
The boys talk about how they think this weeks HOH comp is gonna be a longevity comp. (Like the hot chocolate comp, the soda can stacking in tubes, etc.) Enzo said he hopes it is because he's just gonna wild out on it and win the comp.

Enzo said he's gonna scream at Britney and scare her to throw her off her game. (*lol)

Hayden: "Do it!"
Enzo: "I'm pullin' all of my tricks out of my hat!"

*That's it for The Overnighter! Most of the night was fun convos and very little game talk. The boys have an easy week this week. They're anxious for Ragan to go home, Lane is trying to warn Britney via jokes that she's gonna be the replacement nom once Enzo comes off the block tomorrow during the Veto Ceremony. I'll start the Morning/Afternoon post when the HG's get up and moving! :D

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Stay tuned...
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