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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Afternoon/Early Evening in the BB House + POV Spoiler

The feeds went to bubbles (as I last reported) around 1pm BBT, the feeds never went to trivia to signify that the POV Comp was being held. The feeds came back at 2:54pm BBT.

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Winner of the POV is:


**Bye bye, Ragan!

Ragan is not taking it well. He's in the Cabana Room crying.

Enzo on the other hand, is very happy.

Enzo: (to Lane in the HOH Room @ 3:04pm BBT) "I'm in the f**kin' Final 4, yo!"

Enzo is not happy with Ragan for a comment he made (details have not come out, stay tuned) about how Enzo won the POV Comp. Enzo said that Ragan is a "sore f**kin loser".

3:08pm BBT:
Bubbles on the feeds...

3:12pm BBT:
HOH Room

Lane is reading his letter and talking about the people in it that his mom mentioned. (No POV Comp talk at the moment).

Britney said she went into the cabana room (where Ragan was) to get nail clippers and Ragan asked her if she could "give him a minute" and he stood at the door and waited for her to leave, then closed the door.

Lane: "I'm gonna go crazy in the Diary Room!" (re: being in the Final 4 as planned.)
Hayden: "It could have not have been more dramatic!"
Britney: "Nope!"
Hayden: "Wifey is gonna be PROUD, yo!!"
Enzo: "Now I feel confident that I won something, man!"
Britney: "Ragan is gonna be in the Diary Room forever talking about how it was unfair how you won and.."
Enzo: "The one f**kin' time that I win something and he thinks it's 'unfair'."

The comp involved running, grabbing, and CD's. Britney/Lane/Hayden were the first 3 out of the POV Comp. They keep saying how dramatic it was.

Enzo said he's gonna "rip up" Ragan and "shun" him.
Lane: "Matt is gonna lose it when he sees Ragan go to the Jury House."

They look at the spy screen in the HOH room to see where Ragan is.

Britney: "He's gonna be in the Cabana Room for dayyyys!"

Then they see Ragan in the kitchen.

BB: "Britney, please go to the Diary Room."
Britney: "First one, huh?"
Britney leaves.

The boys are talking about how the Brigade is the best alliance ever. They talk about how Hayden or Enzo need to win HOH, then one of them 3 (Hay/Lane/Enzo) have to win POV, putting the boys in the Final 3. They think that this weeks HOH comp will be endurance. (**Yep! Most likely!) They think back to other Final 4 HOH Comps and how they've all been endurance.

The boys confirm that Ragan is gone this week & that Britney is their target next week.

Enzo goes into the bathroom, giving Lane/Hayden a moment to whisper-talk.

Lane: "I'm 100% not taking Britney to the Final 3, I want her gone next week and I don't wanna put her up."
Hayden: "Yea, I can put her up."

Hayden: "We gotta get to the Final 2."
Enzo comes out of the bathroom.
Enzo: "Yoooo! Brigade! Final 3!"

3:38pm BBT:
Hayden told Lane that he could put him (Hay) up instead of Britney if he wants. Lane said he he'll think about it..he has a day to sit on the idea.

Enzo is pacing the HOH room, pumped up that he won the POV.

Ragan is looking depressed.

Enzo is still pacing the HOH room, excited that he won.

4:07pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Ragan is talking to himself, trying to figure out how to stay this week.


4:15pm BBT:
Breakfast Bar/Kitchen Area

Hayden is telling Britney that "they" have to win HOH & POV next week. (**Hayden is just covering his own butt with Britney in case she wins HOH next week.)

4:19pm BBT:
Ragan is thinking of his pitch to Britney: he's gonna tell her that it's gonna be her up against the 3 boys and her best shot of staying in the house is to team up with him (Ragan) & get one of the boys out (whoever is the replacement nom this week), so that it's 2 against 2..and not 3 against 1. (**Good idea, Ragan!! Do it!!)

4:37pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

*Lane/Hayden/Britney are in the Kitchen Area, chit-chatting about non-game stuff.
*Enzo is semi-sleeping in the HOH room, listening to music.
*Last time I saw Ragan, he was in the Cabana Room.

5:08pm BBT:
Hayden/Lane/Britney are having non-game convos in the kitchen/dining room.

*Enzo is still in the HOH room, listening to Lane's CD.

5:34pm BBT:

Brit/Hayden/Lane are playing dominos. Ragan is in the cabana room, looking sad and defeated.

7:15pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

*Britney is in the HOH room listening to Lane's CD.
*Lane is showering in the HOH bathroom.
*Lane asked Britney if she wants him to shower with the shower door open or closed, Brit said "I don't care". (*lol) Cute flirting between the two. :P
*Ragan is alone at the Dining Room table.

8:23pm BBT:
If you have the feeds, turn'em on!! The HG's have to wear sock puppets on their hands and they have to make the puppets "talk" every time they talk, otherwise they will be Have Not's. lol It's hilarious!! :D They're allowed to take off the sock puppets (to make food, go to the bathroom, sleep, etc) but if the puppet is off, then they can't talk at all. (**Very creative, BB!! Kudos on this punishment!! lol)

**Alright, boys & girls..I'm outty for the night!! I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter as usual. Until then, enjoy the feeds!! :D G'dnight!!

Stay tuned...
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