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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning/afternoon BB fans!! :D Happy 1-day before the Live Eviction day!! I had to run some errands this morning before starting the Overnighter (and contrary to popular belief, I am not a robot..I am indeed human lol :P I have offline things that I need to tend to once in awhile just like everybody else), so that's why I'm starting the Overnighter a little bit later today.

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter real quick!! (As of 9:18am BBT, the HG's are still sleeping).

12:22am BBT:

Ragan told Matt that Hayden came and laid down in the hammock with him (Ragan) earlier and asked if the plan was to still get out Brendon next.

Matt: "Yea, (Hayden) is paranoid. Did you tell him yeah?"
Ragan: "Yea! Because well, it is (the plan to get Brendon out next)!"
Matt: "I wonder if it's he still wants to get out Brendon next week."
Ragan: "Well, he claims yes."
Matt: "He told me the same thing, maybe it's true."
Ragan: "I told him that Brendon is coming after me and Brit, so it makes no sense for me to keep (Brendon)."

Ragan said the point of the convo (for Hayden) was to just make sure that Ragan isn't gunning after him (Hay), which Ragan isn't.

Matt said that he'd put up Brit/Brendon but that Ragan has to decide what's best for his own game play.

Ragan: "Well, what's my incentive for putting up Britney? I don't think anybody actually has my back in this game, but out of everybody, she's..."
Matt: "The best bet, kind of?"
Ragan: "Yeah."

They both agree it'd be best for Ragan to put up Brendon right away to piss off less people. Ragan said he originally thought of putting up Hayden/Enzo, with the intent of "backdooring" Brendon. Ragan thinks that if Brendon isn't up on the block, then he won't fight as hard to win the POV.

Their convo goes on for a while, and as it continues, it seems that Matt is wanting Ragan to put up 2 of his Brigade brothers up on the chopping block.

1:11am BBT:

Talk continues.

Matt told Ragan that he's in a great position and Ragan agrees because nobody knows where Ragan is "gonna fall" after Matt leaves on Thursday. Nobody knows where Ragan's head at in the game, which could be used to his advantage. Ragan said he wishes they were in the Final 2 together.

Matt: "Well, DUH! Me too." (laughs)

Matt said he's never been on the block outright: always the replacement nom (3 times).

Ragan said that after this week, there can't be any more backdooring (since everyone will be playing in the Veto). They both agree that every POV Comp from here on out is going to be super important to win.

Talk turns to the HG's studying & knowledge of dates/events/comps/etc. Ragan thinks Britney is very knowledgeable and that the guys should be scared of her. Ragan then said that he hasn't shared any of his house knowledge with anyone in the house. Matt then told Ragan that if he (Ragan) doesn't win the game, he'd like to see Lane win it.

Matt & Ragan then talked about how it's weird/funny now that when the two of them go outside in the backyard, everyone else goes inside and heads up to the HOH room. Matt thinks it just might be awkward for them (knowing they're voting out Matt) and feeling bad for getting rid of Matt's best friend in the house.

Ragan: "They're cowards."

Ragan told Matt that his first misstep in the game was not keep Kristen, because she would have helped break up the boys. (**Ironic that nobody listened to her when she told them all that. lol)

2:15am BBT:
Have Not's Room
Hayden/Enzo/Brendon (sleeping)

Right before Enzo was about to go to bed, him and Hayden did a fist-bump and whispered that they cannot let Ragan win HOH.

Ragan (who is in the bedroom next door), laughs loudly.

Enzo: "Oh my God!"
Hayden: "Shoot me now, bro."
Enzo: "Whatchu laughin' at? Your boyfriends going home."

More laughter from Ragan/Matt in the other bedroom.
Brendon wakes up.

Enzo: "Watch, they're not gonna be laughin' Thursday night!"

By 2:22am BBT, Hayden/Enzo are reviewing saboteur messages.

Hayden: "Day 42 says..The pair is still in the house. 1 male, 1 female. Then day 44, he says 'Tomorrow, there will be a competition'.."

The boys spent the next hour going over more house facts/events/comps/etc.

And that's it for the Overnighter!! Not much game talk last night. Matt is going to the jury house tomorrow..Matt is aware he's going to the jury house's pretty much a done deal at this point. The question is, is Matt going to do/say anything to try to save himself? Or did Ragan's talk with him yesterday (in the Cabana Room) sink in the idea that it's a loss cause to even fight? Hmm!! Let's see what the day brings!! :D

Stay tuned...

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