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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thursday Night: Live Show + Double Eviction

Happy Live Show Day, BB addicts!! w00t w00t!!! :D This morning, there will be no Overnighter. Me and Bella (my dog) have to make a 10 hour drive out of state. I *will* be back online in time for tonight's live show!! Wouldn't miss it for the world!! :D

This morning on the live feeds, the HG's will be woken up by BB, they'll eat breakfast, have normal chit-chat, get ready for tonight's show, do an HOH lockdown for an hour or so, continue getting ready, maybe some last minute game talking, then the feeds will go off until after tonight's show.

Tonight is the Double Eviction:

Matt is slated to leave tonight, then the HG's will have to play for a new HOH, have their Nominations Ceremony, play their POV Comp, do the voting, then the 2nd live eviction for the night...& then play for HOH again.

Join me back on the blog tonight at 7pm EST when I will open up the chat room as usual! West Coasters, feel free to watch the show here!!

** Hi, this is SuzieQ, Jamie's proud mom! :) Jamie wants you all to know that she's running late, and that I'll update the winners here for her.
As Jamie says, stay tuned....

Evicted from the BB House is:


Winner of HOH #1 is:


Nominated for Eviction are:

Brendon & Ragan

Winner of the POV is:**


*** Britney is replacement nom. ***

Evicted from the BB is:


The New HOH for the Week is:


*** HOH not played on the live show tonight. ***

8:08 BB Time: A Message from Jamie......(posted by SuzieQ)
"Hey everyone, I'm just arriving at my destination and I'm beyond tired after what turned out to be about 14 hrs. of driving. I'll get a gooooood night's sleep, and be back with you in the morning for the Overnighter.
In the meantime, enjoy the feeds!"

So Jamie arrived safely. Thanks to all who helped make tonight go so well! You guys are great! But I already knew that, because I'm a BB addict too, and I read this blog and all of the comments every day. Have a great night, everyone. :)

**If you don't have the feeds & you need'em, you can get'em right here!! There's bound to be drama, backstabbing, and new deals being made tonight!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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