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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning to all of your BB fans!! :D Wow, what a crazy past 24 hours on the live feeds!! If you haven't checked out the blog at all yesterday, I definitely encourage you keep scrolling down and read Afternoon & Evening posts! The BB house is..well..a little weird lately. lol ;)

Yesterday's POV Comp was a "How Bad Do You Want It" comp, leaving Enzo in a penguin suit & all his clothes donated to charity, Lane won a phone call from home, Brendon got his head shaved and has to be chained to Britney while taking a chum bath every hour for 24 hours, and someone won $5,000 and a trip...but nobody is fessing up to it.

**Update: Hayden told Lane & Enzo late last night that he was the one who won the $5k & trip!!

Also, BB10 & BB11's Jessie returned to the BB house last night after Britney opened Pandora's Box. The house got "something good" Hawaiian luau, while Britney got "something bad"..working out with Jessie for an hour. lol :P

Okay, let's see what the HG's were up to last night!!

As of 6:40am BBT, Britney & Brendon are chained together and sleeping outside on a backyard lounge. (Brendon has to take a bath in a tub full of chum every hour...full submerged, head & all!)

9:12pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

After going to the Diary Room together, the duo came out handcuffed to each other.

Brendon: "Just to let you know, we're gonna be close-lining people all night."
Britney: "We're trying to figure out ways to be inventive."

9:20pm BBT:

Behold, the chum bath! :P

Matt: "It smells like yeast."
Enzo: "Oh, sh*t! It's like something out of Double Dare!"

9:22pm BBT:

Britney & Brendon went into the Cabana Room to grab towels to make a "towel bed" outside, since Brendon will be taking chum baths all night and they don't want the HOH room to smell bad.

9:45pm BBT:

BB rang the 'Chum Bathtime' bell, so Brendon went and changed into his swimming trunks then hopped on in.

Brendon: "Here I go, guys! First chum bath!"
Brendon puts in 1 foot.

Brendon: "Ughh!! AHH!!"
Enzo: "Is it hot?"
Brendon: "No."
Enzo: "Is it cold?"
Brendon: "No, it's like..right in the middle. It's slimy!"

Brendon then steps over to the outside shower and rinses off all the chum.

Brendon: "You okay Britney? Am I getting you wet?"
Britney: "No. You need to get under the water more, though. Your whole right side is still chumy."

10:58pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Hayden confessed that he's the one who won the $5,000 and trip during yesterdays POV Comp. Lane told Hayden that Britney doesn't need to know.

Hayden: "I wanna tell everyone that I won the prizes."
Enzo: "Wait until Matty's gone."

Lane then told the boys how he told Britney that they (Hay/Enzo/Lane) want her for Final 4.

11:25pm BBT:
Backyard Lounge

Being chained together all night, the two have been talking non-stop and seemed to be genuinely bonding. Kinda nice to see. :)

Britney said she knows that someone won the $5k and the trip, but nobody is telling her who and it's pissing her off.

12:32am BBT:
Pool Table

Matt has been saying all night that he thinks the POV comp was "a setup"..rigged..and not in his favor. Talk then turns to who the renom might be: Matt said he's worried that Britney will put up Matt instead of Ragan. Lane (lied) and said that Britney likes him and probably won't put him up.

(**FYI: The plan is to still backdoor Matt this week. He will be the renom tomorrow during the Veto Ceremony.)

2:00am BBT:
Hot Tub Area

Enzo is saying that he's been trying really hard in comps and just coming up short. (1 question away from winning this weeks HOH & being 14 seconds off during the Stockade comp.)

Matt: "You've been getting the short end of the stick in these comps."

Matt said that during this POV comp, his buzzer didn't matter how hard he would pound on it. (That's why he thinks it was rigged.)

Matt said this week is gonna suck because he thinks either him or Ragan are going up & one of them are going home.

Talk turns to Brendon. Matt said that it's so weird to see Brendon/Britney actually getting along, especially after Brendon told Brit that her fiance is banging other girls at home while she's on BB.

Matt also said that he thinks Enzo will win the $25k America's Vote this season because Rachel told them "people love Enzo" when she got released back into the house.

2am-4am BBT:
Backyard Lounge

Brendon & Britney talked until 4am BBT. They talked about everything from Matt, to who won the $5k & trip (which, ironically, Britney said she doesn't think Hayden won it), and everything in between.

Britney said they need to get Matt out this week: he's not HOH, he didn't win the POV, he doesn't have a Diamond Veto, and they have votes. Now is the time to get him out while they can.

Brendon continued to take his chum baths when BB would ring the bell every hour.

4:02am BBT:
Matt/Ragan said they need to find a way to make Britney think that it's better for her to make Hayden the renom. They said they need to talk to Britney once Brit/Brendon are no longer handcuffed to each other.

**That's it for The Overnighter! :D Starting the Morning report shortly! As of 8:48am BBT, all HG's are sleeping except for Brendon/Britney. Brendon just took another chum bath, showered outside, got in the hot tub to warm up, then they went inside for Britney to go pee.

Brendon then brushed his teeth, Brendon grabbed some more towels for their lounger outside, and put down the awnings in the backyard per BB's request a few minutes ago.

9:38am BBT:
All HG's still sleeping.

Stay tuned...

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