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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House

The HG's pretty much slept right through the morning, so I'm just gonna start the Afternoon post. lol :P BB woke up the HG's at 12:15pm BBT.

Matt told Ragan that he wants to have personal convos with each HG before he leaves tomorrow. (Sincere talks? Or twisting up peoples game play kind of talks? We shall find out!)

Currently on the live feeds...

12:40pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

All HG's are roaming around, waking up for the day. :)

12:42pm BBT:

Talk is about the show Survivor.

12:49pm BBT:

Enzo: "So today is the day the world finds out that I'm in a penguin suit." (**Tonight's the POV Comp/Veto Ceremony episode).

Enzo: "I mean, the 24/7 people know,, my wife is gonna sh*t a brick when she finds out I donated all my clothes to charity."
Matt: "She probably already knows. I keep thinking that you'll get your clothes back. It's just too crazy (to not get them back)."

Matt goes inside.
Hayden/Ragan join Enzo on the BY couch.

Talk is about tomorrow most likely being a Double Eviction and how long they think they might be locked down for BB to set up tomorrows HOH comp.

Ragan goes inside.
Brendon comes out & the 3 boys start quizzing each other.

Enzo: "Let's start at Day 35..."

Britney then comes out.
Britney said she doesn't think anyone is gonna want to take pictures today. (**She gets her HOH camera today.)

Enzo said that today is his wedding anniversary. (**Happy Anniversary!!)

1:07pm BBT:
Matt has joined the backyard couch crew. Talk is about boxing.

1:17pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

All 4 feeds are on Lane is reading the back of the cereal box to Matt. There's questions with A/B/C answers.

Lane: "The box doesn't lie! So you think a snail is faster than..?"

1:32pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

The boys discuss about putting Brendon up and telling him he's just a pawn. (**We've heard this from Enzo a million times this week already. Nothing new here.) Both of them feel that they're safe it Brendon wins HOH this week.

Hayden: "But we still gotta start winning sh*t."

They go right back to quizzing each other in case it's a Before or After comp tomorrow.

Hayden: "Do we get Brendon or Ragan out? ...if we put them up together."
Enzo: "If it's a physical comp, then we gotta get rid of Brendon. (If it's a mental comp, get rid of Ragan)."

Brendon comes out. Game talk stops.
BB: "Enzo, please go to the Diary Room."

1:45pm BBT:
It's HOH picture time!!!..which Britney doesn't really care about. lol She's more anxious to blog, which she can't do until she gets at least 12 pics.

Britney didn't take the weekly Cabana Room pic of all the remaining HG's. :(

2:08pm BBT:
Matt used the chain from the wall decor that broke off a week or two ago and used it as an earring.

Enzo went outside and "made" the floating duck in the pool. He was calling him "Howie the Mighty Duck".

Enzo: "You just got MADE today!"

2:15pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Ragan said he wants to maybe target Britney this week. Matt said, for personal reasons (because she backdoored him), he'd love to see Ragan gun after him..but that breaking up the boys would be a better strategy.

Matt: "Either one would make me happy, though!"

Ragan is really curious to why BB let the HG's sleep in so late today. He thinks something is up.

2:21pm BBT:
Pool Area

Convo is all over the place with the boys: from the duckie in the pool being "the darkhorse" that's gonan win BB12 (*lol), to when Double Eviction will take place.

2:51pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Matt/Ragan are on all 4 feeds. Matt said he was overconfident in last weeks HOH (when he threw the comp). Matt said he doesn't care what his family thinks or what viewers thought of him: he wanted to play the game the way he wanted to.

Matt: "If they like me, awesome! If they don't, I don't care."

Ragan is rambling on & on about game strategies of past BB HG's.

3:35pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Random chit-chat. Britney said she said in the Diary Room that "this house is so crazy, that I'm about to have lunch with a penguin! Never thought I'd say that!".

Stay tuned...

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