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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Saturday to all you BB fans out there!! Yesterday, the HG's had the Nominations Ceremony where Ragan & Enzo were named this weeks noms. Ragan is the target this week and it all comes down to today's POV Comp. If Ragan doesn't win, then Ragan will go home. If Ragan does win the POV, then it looks like Britney will be the one going home.

Okay, let me go see what the Fabulous 5 were up to last night and I'll be right back with The Overnighter! :D

**While I gather up the Overnighter, feel free to check out this week's article from Drew, the Big Brother Cynic if you have not yet done so!

"Final 5 Breakdown"

*NOTE: If your live feeds are blacked out this morning, it's not just you. The feeds went to blacked out around 7am BBT. As soon as the technical error gets fixed, I will be sure to let y'all know!

UPDATE: Feeds are back on! :D

(Keep refreshing every 5-10 mins...)

8:03pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Enzo asked Hayden if he (Enzo) wins the POV, if Lane will put up Britney & Hayden said yes.

Hayden: "Well, he could put me up, doesn't really matter (because either way, Ragan's going home at that point)."

Enzo is still worried that Lane won't put up Britney at any point in the game. Hayden said that Lane wouldn't betray them for Brit.

8:18pm BBT:
Quad Cam

Lane/Hayden at the dining room table.
Hayden told Lane that Enzo said he's worried that Lane won't ever put up Britney. Lane said that Enzo has nothing to worry about. (Basically saying that he will put up Britney if he has to).

Ragan is in the backyard, going over detailed facial characteristics of HG's as he works out.

8:55pm BBT:
All HG's

BB told Enzo that he can take off his penguin suit at 9pm BBT. Enzo wanted to do a ceremony of the end of his penguin suit days. lol :P

Enzo: "Welcome to the shun! Do you wanna start Britney?"
Britney: "I'll start. Penguin, it's really been an honor having you in the house. I think you brought a whole new ambience to the atmosphere of the house, it's been really great. You brought a lot of laughter in our lives, now it's time for you to be shunned."
Enzo: "Thank you."
Hayden: "Penguin, it's been great having you around!"
Lane: "I think you need to get into Nasa, learn how to fly..I'm gonna miss you Penguin!"
Ragan: "Penguin, you always just came up a little short. If you would have done your job, you would have got out Brendon sooner. Thank you penguin for everything!"
Enzo: "Thank you."

Enzo: "I'm not really gonna miss this guy (the penguin suit). I lost everything..I lost my clothes...I have one shirt to rock now."

Enzo then starts to address the pool duck, which he named "Howie the Might Duck". lol

Enzo: "I just wanted to let YOU know, that this (costume) isn't real and I'm not your daddy. So, with that said, I will shun the shun!"


Enzo: "I'm free! I'm free!"

9:44pm BBT:

The boys talked about how they trust each other 100% and are going to the Final 2 together.

They both agree to get Ragan out this week, then Britney next week. Hayden said that it'd be best if he wins the next HOH just in case Britney wins the POV. Hayden also said that if Enzo wins HOH, then Britney cannot win POV. (Hayden is trying to avoid being on the block no matter what.) They also agreed that eithe of them (Hayden/Lane) up against Britney or Enzo in the Final 2, they'd lose. (They want Ragan..then Brit..then Enzo out, leaving Hayden/Lane for F2.)

**That's it for the Overnighter! The rest of the night, the HG's talked non-game stuff, Ragan studied until he went to bed, and all HG's were in bed around 2am BBT. As soon as the HG's wake up, I'll start the morning post! :D

Stay tuned...
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